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  1. US CAG Operators, mid 2000's, Iraq Mods: CUP, Gear Collection / Delta, RHS, DHI, DIreone poses, Whiplash poses, Nikoaton poses, ZL2, ZSL, Rismarck's poses, Polpox's artwork supporter, PD Uniforms (Old)
  2. Air excercises keep going over Tanoa's skies during RIMPAC 2023. Mods: Polpox's Mods, Firewill's mods, F-35C mod.
  3. HMNZS Te Mana escorts USS Freedom, USS Winston S. Churchill, USS Lassen, USS Khe Sanh, USS San Antonio off the coast of Tanoa during RIMPAC 2023. New F-35Cs joined VFC-111 to be stealth aggressors during the air excercises. Mods: Polpox's Mods, RHS, HAFM Navy, Firewill's mods, F-35C mod, CUP.
  4. South China Sea, DDG-81 Winston S. Churchill goes hunting. Mods: Polpox's Mods, HAFM NAvy, CUP.
  5. Altis Police conducts an operation against some local smugglers in the fight against human trafficking in the Mediterranean. Mods: Polpox's Mods; Whiplash, ZL2, ZLS, Direone, Nikoaton's, TFR, Rismark's Animations; CFP Factions; Resist Campaign; Fingolfin's Altis Armed Forces; NiArms; RHS; C.O.S.;
  6. Norway, October 2018. A Sea Hawk departed from USS Khe Sanh recovers a small USMC patrol during NATO Excercise Trident Juncture. Mods: Polpox's Mods, RHS, BAF, Firewill's crew gear, CUP; Whiplash, ZL2, ZLS, Direone, Nikoaton's, TFR, Rismark's Animations;
  7. Edo_94

    Emitter 3Ditor

    Big congrats for this great mod, and thank you!!! Love everything that makes easier create scenes :D
  8. Suez Crisis, 1956: Israeli Dassault Mysteres and British Gloster Meteors fly over a composite patrol of the Parachute Regiment and the Legion Entrangere, close to a destroyed Egyptian column. (IRL one British squadron was equipped with the last night fighter version of the Meteor, different from the one depicted here). Mods: Polpox's Mods; Whiplash, ZL2, ZLS, Direone, Nikoaton's, TFR, Rismark's Animations; IFAIO_LITE; UNSUNG; Faces of War; Dust Sabre's Mods; DHI BDUs.
  9. The Altis Civil War ended in 2009. In 2019 US and NATO Spec Ops are still on the ground to fight what remains of the guerrilla and organized crime. During a patrol, followed by some journalists, US Special Forces come under heavy fire. Mod Used: Polpox's Mods; RHS; Eden Objects; NIArms; Whiplash, ZL2, ZLS, Direone, Nikoaton's, TFR, Rismark's Animations; BAF; MilitaryGearPack.
  10. Late 2020's: USS Freedom about to leave Tanoa's waters and FONOPs in the Asia-Pacific to head back home. In the meantime on-board shooting of Top Gun 4 has started. Mods: F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet 5.0, Polpox's Mods, Firewill Growler and MQ-81 Harpy, Navy Reskin of vanilla HElicopters
  11. Italy, 1943. German paratropers under fire from British bren . Mods Used: Faces of War, ZL2, ZSL, Rismarck, Direone, Whiplash Poses, Polpox mods
  12. Altis, 2035 Mods Used: POLPOX Artwork Supporter, ZL2 Animations
  13. Edo_94

    NATO Replacement HQ

    @eduardcommando I'm very sorry to hear you were forced to such a big change. Thank you far all the work you've done and I wish you all the best for your future and the one of your country.
  14. Germany, 1945, Operation Veritable, 6th Guards Tank Brigade. A Churchill Mk.III of the 4th Motor Battalion Coldstream Guards undergoes repairs while a column of Shermans of the 2nd Armoured Battalion Welsh Guards passes by. Mod Used: Faces of War, 7Y Assets WW2, Michael Freaking Cera's Retextures, Rismarck's Poses, ZSL Static Poses, Direone's Poses, Whiplash Static Animations, Nikoaton's Animations
  15. Italy, September 1943. Elements of the 7th Armoured Division (1st Battalion, Rifle Brigade; 4th County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters), 22nd Armoured Brigade; 65th (Suffolk & Norfolk Yeomanry) Anti-Tank Regiment) garrison a small village on the outskirt of Salerno during the aftermath of Operation Avalanche. Mod Used: Faces of War, Rismarck's Poses, ZSL Static Poses, Direone's Poses, Whiplash Static Animations
  16. Infantry of the 9th Australian Division on patrol during the Huon Peninsula Campaign, New Guinea, 1943. Mod Used: Faces of War
  17. Horizon Islands Air Force Special Air Squadron conducts a night strike against the local drug cartel. Mods Used: RHS
  18. Edo_94

    US 75th Rangers

    Hey Guys, that chestrig is great! Two questions but please don't take them as requests. The job you guys are doing is stunning and everything you will ultimately release will be happily greeted, so thank you for all your work. As someone already said, will the chestrig come with a holster too? And any chance to see the chestrig on a PACA?
  19. Hi all, I'm totally new to modelling and even more new to bring models in the game. I recently finished a model of an Arleigh Burke Flight II, that i would like to bring in game as a simple model, I'm not interested in particular functions. I left nonetheless the space to place two vanilla CIWS. I was in contact with CTFRaven but ultimately he stopped answering. So here I am, asking if someone is willing to bring my model in game, dealing with all the texture stuff: I set the materials and the colors but i don't know how to properly bring the textures in game. I used blender and then 3dsmax. The model is high poly and divided in multiple parts.
  20. Edo_94

    US 75th Rangers

    I've followed this topic from the very beginning and I must say that the progress is outstanding! many compliments guys. Moreover, if you manage to bring that AVS with that holster in game you would be my heroes guys, definitely a dream becoming true, and I think I'm speaking not only for myself.
  21. Edo_94

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Hei! I think that chest holsters for light vests and belt holster for heavy vests would be the best solution :)
  22. Many congratulations Firewill!!! This is amazing! Finally we can have a complete Nimitz :D
  23. Edo_94

    NATO Replacement HQ

    Keep up the good work! Your mod is great, and desperately needed I would say: can't stand a nato faction that doesn't use the classical 5,56 NATO ammo :D
  24. Training flight over Fulda, Germany 2035, US Navy SEAD Mission over Altis Mods used: PMC Terrains, Firewill mods