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  1. @TeTeTe - In some cases the aircraft is not selecting targets and the machine gun crosshair isn't appearing. I'm starting to believe it's a conflict with RHS.
  2. As I was telling TeTe in private - with the recent updates the Hornet is jittering, randomly stalling, not wanting to target targets... We've had to ground the craft due to an inability to keep power at low altitude. It's a real shame because it was our go to for CAS. We are running 1.70.
  3. VerdicAysen

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Please do not patronize me. That is not an acceptable method of communication. You are free to disagree - but plain and simple for people who care about this DLC this is not an acceptable level of production.
  4. VerdicAysen

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Coming from a unit that is primarily a Strike Fighter Squadron I was very disappointed by this DLC. While the Radar features and improvements are a major game changer, the DLC being provided itself is sub par at best and a major disappointment for an entire unit that's using John & Saul's actual F/A-18E/F Hornet's. The Wasp itself is a very weak in the "fighter" role. Featuring no Afterburner capability and being very slow in the thrust/weight ratio category. The Wasp loses massive amounts of energy in the turns, anytime a hard left or right bank was called for i'd drop a third of my power in a couple of seconds. Trading energy in the Wasp is compounded when going into the "vertical". This means if you attempt to take an enemy into the clouds you will trade off your forward momentum and not only can't "maintain" speed but you lose it in dividends - if one were to sustain the climb they'd stall out and fall. The USS Freedom features no amenities for storage or organization. Lack of working elevator's, IFLOLS, hangar bay, etc is a massive disappointment for a unit that utilizes the USS Nimitz daily. As a result we had to take a Command vote on whether or not this pack was worth buying. Not only was it a no from the general category but taking the assets into testing with the development branch proved out that the airframe and carrier themselves were a liability to our operational capability. It's unfortunate, as we would love to make use of the new radar capability - but the air frame for BLUFOR is painfully lacking, and the carrier it's to ride on is even more bare bones.
  5. I am not sure if anyone else is seeing the same issue. However I thought it would be pertinent to put this out there that if you have multiplayer missions or "templates" created from the 32-bit executable of Arma 3 that they were not loading on the new 64-bit version. It hadn't occured to me that the missions themselves might experience issues. However, rebuilding them using the 64-bit client seems to resolve the issue. If anyone can highlight more detail on why this is, or if there is an easier way to remedy the issue please feel free to elaborate here.
  6. For the moment my pilots are shifting to the MH60S-DAP-4 Pylon helicopter. It pales in comparison, but I just can't have the other 30 players play on 32bit for a single mod. Hopefully things get fixed.
  7. VerdicAysen


    I am anxiously looking forward to adding this to the fleet! Keep up the amazing work and just know that the Ice Talon's Carrier Strike Group is chomping at the bit on this one. :)
  8. You know fellas. I've been trolling the net for awhile now looking for an extensive guide on what all of those ACE Settings Mean, what numbers you can input for each line, the scales for each, and what they will actually do to your game if you set them each way. It isn't in the ACE3 Wiki. In fact, with the exception of just explaining what each Framework does, there isn't any real documentation on what the ace serverconfig.hpp is capable of holding in any real detail.
  9. Aged 18+ Players - Exceptions on Case by Case 34 Strong and Growing Fast! Tons of Opportunities to Play! Many Squadrons & Special Forces Teams Represented! **** WARNING*** We do expect you to read our forums upon the approval of your application for instructions on getting into our TS and game server!! HMLA-469 Vengance, VMFA-211 Avengers, VFA-83 Rampagers... these are just some of the squadrons of varying specialty that represent Carrier Air Wing 7. We also boast a Marine Raiders, and the Marine 2nd Armored Battallion Iron Horse. We even maintain a representation of the 160th SOAR elements from the Army! You want to see large scale combined arms combat? That's what we bring you. And we bring it in spades. Join a group of highly specialized, highly motivated players that play with teamwork above all else. HOW TO JOIN: Head to http://icetalons.enjin.com and submit and application on the left hand side bar. If you are accepted, there will be a few threads to check out on the forums for instructions. :) Billets Available: 2x Helicopter Air Crewmen (MH60R-Seahawk 4 Pylon DAP) 2x Marine Corps. Fixed Wing Pilots (F/A-18 E Hornet) 2x 160th SOAR Army Combat Medics 1x Marine Corps. AH1Z Viper Pilot 1x Army Det. AH-64D Gunner 3x Marine Corps. Tank Crewmen 2x Navy SEAL Demo Experts 2x Army 160th SOAR Riflemen Command Billets available based on merit and experience. CORE TENANTS: Every member has a specialty. From day one of your entry you choose a profession that you will perform for the unit in one of our four detachments. We need Marksmen, Explosive Specialists, Air and Ground Medics, Aircrew, Rotary and Fixed Wing Pilots, Boatswains Mates, Gunners Mates, Tank Commanders and Tank Crewmen. These options are open to you day one, and your promotion will be based off of how hard you train, meeting attendance requirements, and your ability to create a rapport with your team mates. Tech: Yes we have it. An 8 Core 8 GB RAM SSD + HDD box humming along that will be handling our Arma 3 Operations, Teamspeak, and FTP File Repository. Mods: Yes we have them. Download Arma3Sync and follow our forum instructions for connecting to the repository. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22199 Ice Talon’s Mission Goals: Our goal is to create a scalable membership structure that brings you combined arms gameplay and the ability to operate both autonomously in your elements as well as together as a larger team when the need arises. From river battles to storming beach heads you’ll be on LCAC’s, inserting into dark forests via Little Bird, calling in a Naval Destroyer’s armament, or marking a jets attack path with red smoke. What we Do - What we Expect: We train people in specialties as a necessity. It's part of our responsibilities to you. If you already know Arma, you’ll teach Arma. If you suck at flying but want to be pilot, you’ll become one if you show commit to training. Want to operate a tank? Shoot a sniper rifle? CQB? Here you can learn, practice, and formulate with the unit as part of making the unit a better place to play. OP TIMES: Eastern Standard Time aka GMT -5 from 8:00pm EST to 10:00pm EST. Op Days will be Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. ATTENDANCE: We require that you attend twice a week.. BEHAVIOR: We have a zero tolerance policy for racist, sexist, and cruel behavior. Don’t do it. Seriously. Links: Website: http://icetalons.enjin.com/ Recruitment TeamSpeak: http://itcsg.ts.nfoservers.com Password: talonstrike My Steam: Verdic (With the Ghostbusters symbol). PM me on Steam or hit us up on the TeamSpeak if you have any questions.
  10. I guess that explains why some of my pilots were expressing concern that they would set a GPS Target and couldn't lock onto it. Also in some instances they and I were finding that we would not be able to reset targets. So if we did one, the target would not CLEAR Active TGT. The script would give you the white text about it b eing done, but the GPS Graphic would still show it there and it would still say the old TGT was ACTIVE. Therefore you would be unable to set a NEW TGT.
  11. VerdicAysen


    Also totally fine with giving real test data. I work as a Systems Admin in r/l and was attached to VFA-83 during my service years. More than willing to see this strictly as assisting the creator.
  12. Awesome, thank you! Apparently the mod still has some other bugs we found while testing it for our server. Like if you die you lose the crosshair and the blue text no longer pops up and you can not interact with all the switches until you log off the server and log back in. We also found that the helicopter would hang in mid air for the pilot upon death and never hit the ground. We had to turn down the mod from Live due to these issues.
  13. VerdicAysen

    CH-46 Knight

    Awesome to see the 46 Echoes getting their due. Great job guys.
  14. VerdicAysen


    My squadron doesn't have Growlers, they were actually just a plan before I finished my time in service. Though, a friend of mine works with them now as an AE. :) This is a great idea for a mod and I can't wait.
  15. All, I've been digging through texture files in an attempt to find files that will enable the installed AH-64D Apache mod to function properly in Arma 3 when utilizing the TSD NAV mode. This is supposed to display a live feed of the map to the chopper complete with markings. The problem is, I have no idea what file i'm looking for amongst a few hundred .paa's - nor do I know how to determine the overall dimensions of each map that my unit runs! Help from Terrain specialists? https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/190178-ah-64d-apache-longbow-for-arma3-by-nodunit-and-franze/?p=3033873 ^ Referenced thread here.