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  1. Jaja! Increíble como Arma 2 Mod Hud, AH-64D la mejor arma que tiene Arma 3, gracias por tu tiempo y work chicos ...
  2. Hello man tahnk alot for you work, is posible, just me play, multiplayer coopilot switch on auto pilot and take the thermal view , and shot with out the choper move around ???, I cant no do it, you up day is same to the Armaholic?? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32485
  3. Thank alot, for you time and work guys , this mod make to Arma 3 better game , amazing, amazing, mod.
  4. KENNETH03

    Respawn tents not working?

    Yea the new up day, the respanw vehicle not work like the old one markert
  5. I glad Re open again the best simulator mod Arma 3 have, loud sound inside cockpit is to hard, outside is to minimum sound, need "balance" in side to out side please, thank man alot for you time and work, amazing mod
  6. KENNETH03

    Nord, Arctic circle map II

    Amazing map men, can you up day more new picture man please,thank
  7. I play DCS World now, is realy amazing, but I like Arma 3 to, the AH-64D Apache for Arma 3 by Nodunit and franze for me is the best MOD Arma 3 have now, thank man alot, for you time and work here, you MOD make to Arma 3 better game
  8. Hello man, aamzing work you make here, you consider make new model to "DCS Worlds", is not like Arma 3, is realy hard work, look they have forums to https://forums.eagle.ru/?langid=1
  9. KENNETH03

    A-10 Warthog Series Standalone

    Amazing man, happy new year for you to, looknig for new old green camo skin, thank alot
  10. On multiplayer killmarks ,before destroy alot tank, the score was 2 and 2, maybe have some bug, guys must need destroy some tank fird to appear the tank score, need choice the mark and save, then you guys see the mark on plain
  11. Muy agradable haber algún hombre insecto, añadir el cohete AIM-9, no en la pantalla de aspecto http://postimg.org/image/6bm71lcpl/ff803fa2/ and tryto add the score tank, not see on plain, no score before destroy the tank
  12. Nice man, thank, but link AWS v.15 please
  13. Madbrop Map is not working. Why? What is this? Screenshot: link look man
  14. KENNETH03

    A-10 Warthog Series Standalone

    I cant wait for old green camo man, amazing jod man, very awesome, thank alot for you time and work here, make to ARMA 3 better game