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    CS student.
    i'm working with Arma 3 for about 3 years now.
    i started out in the Altis Life Scene.
  1. RageBone_

    Server Persistency Options

    Hi Nelson, second try so please excuse the short description. Arma internal. profileNamespace saveProfileNamespace The server has a profile too. Extensions simple, write to file KillzoneKids file extension, write stuff to a file. Read stuff through loadFile or preprocessFile or preprocessFilelineNumbers makefile_dll DataBase extDB (1,2,3) One and Two are outdated and Torndeco doesen't support them anymore. One and Two were used by Altis Life, King of the Hill, and Exile. Curent AL uses version 3, but i'm basically not up to date. Had okish documentation, better then nothing. Ton of AL help threads if you have problems. Has other features. ExtDB1 Fork ExtDB2 Fork Saved from the Flames. ExtDB3 original, up to date, documented. Arma2net Outdated to be honest. EasyDataBase No experience with, just found it on Github. Those are all that i could think of or find in a few minutes. Hope that helped! Sincerely Rage
  2. Small Update. Restarting the server and apt-get Updateing and also updating arma made a difference. Now, it still crashes but only sometimes, shortly after the shutdown command was issued by my Unit-Testing Framework SUnit. At least it now doesn't render the server unusable. Crashlog: [step 6/7] 20:38:29 Mission read. [20:38:29][step 6/7] 20:38:29 Connected to Steam servers [20:38:29][step 6/7] 20:38:29 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [script] initServer.sqf" [20:38:29][step 6/7] 20:38:29 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] BIS_fnc_missionFlow (0 ms)" [20:38:29][step 6/7] 20:38:29 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] BIS_fnc_initParams (0 ms)" [20:38:29][step 6/7] 20:38:29 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] BIS_fnc_initRespawn (0 ms)" [20:38:29][step 6/7] 20:38:29 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] BIS_fnc_reviveInit (0 ms)" [20:38:29][step 6/7] 20:38:29 "SUnit start tests" [20:38:29][step 6/7] 20:38:29 "SUnit test finished successfull in : 0 Ticks." [20:38:29][step 6/7] 20:38:29 Game started. [20:38:29][step 6/7] 20:38:29 ../lib/Network/networkServer.cpp OnClientStateChanged:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! [20:38:29][step 6/7] 20:38:29 Mission id: 944f1059c56426a7496ec0f227dc93a174649b13 [20:38:39][step 6/7] 20:38:39 "---------------------------------- SUnit Meta Data -------------------------" [20:38:39][step 6/7] 20:38:39 "active Scripts" [20:38:39][step 6/7] 20:38:39 "[2,0,0,0]" [20:38:39][step 6/7] 20:38:39 "---------------------------- SUNIT: Shuting down the Server after : 46.138 Ticks-------------------------" [20:38:39][step 6/7] 20:38:39 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] sunit_fnc_startUnitTests (9748 ms)" [20:38:41][step 6/7] 20:38:40 ../lib/Network/networkServer.cpp ClearNetServer:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! [20:38:41][step 6/7] 20:38:41 [20:38:41][step 6/7] 20:38:41 String id 2362 is not registered [20:38:42][step 6/7] 20:38:42 Critical:Destroying running thread! [20:38:47][step 6/7] Segmentation fault (core dumped) [20:38:47][step 6/7] Process exited with code 139 [20:38:48][step 6/7] Step Start server (Command Line) failed Oklog: [20:32:59][step 6/7] 20:32:58 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [bIS_fnc_preload] ----- Initializing scripts in TanoaNetwork -----" [20:32:59][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [recompile] recompile BIS_fnc_missionTasksLocal" [20:32:59][step 6/7] Attempt to override final function - bis_fnc_missiontaskslocal [20:32:59][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [recompile] recompile BIS_fnc_missionConversationsLocal" [20:32:59][step 6/7] Attempt to override final function - bis_fnc_missionconversationslocal [20:32:59][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [recompile] recompile BIS_fnc_missionFlow" [20:32:59][step 6/7] Attempt to override final function - bis_fnc_missionflow [20:32:59][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [preInit] BIS_fnc_feedbackMain (13.0005 ms)" [20:32:59][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [preInit] BIS_fnc_missionHandlers (55.0003 ms)" [20:32:59][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [preInit] BIS_fnc_getServerVariable (0 ms)" [20:32:59][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [preInit] sunit_fnc_testNo1 (0 ms)" [20:32:59][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "init Server start, include follows." [20:32:59][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [bIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler] Stack as been updated with ID (onUserConnect) for Event (onPlayerConnected) executing Function ({}), Replaced: (false)" [20:32:59][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [bIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler] Stack as been updated with ID (onplayerdisconnected) for Event (onplayerdisconnected) executing Function ({}), Replaced: (false)" [20:32:59][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [preInit] server_fnc_init (0.999451 ms)" [20:33:00][step 6/7] 20:32:59 Connected to Steam servers [20:33:00][step 6/7] 20:32:59 Mission read. [20:33:00][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [script] initServer.sqf" [20:33:00][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] BIS_fnc_missionFlow (0 ms)" [20:33:00][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] BIS_fnc_initParams (0 ms)" [20:33:00][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] BIS_fnc_initRespawn (0 ms)" [20:33:00][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] BIS_fnc_reviveInit (0 ms)" [20:33:00][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "SUnit start tests" [20:33:00][step 6/7] 20:32:59 "SUnit test finished successfull in : 0.0019989 Ticks." [20:33:00][step 6/7] 20:32:59 Game started. [20:33:00][step 6/7] 20:32:59 ../lib/Network/networkServer.cpp OnClientStateChanged:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! [20:33:00][step 6/7] 20:32:59 Mission id: 896bf3143f14694be838f3e308feb37ac8e04aa6 [20:33:10][step 6/7] 20:33:09 "---------------------------------- SUnit Meta Data -------------------------" [20:33:10][step 6/7] 20:33:09 "active Scripts" [20:33:10][step 6/7] 20:33:09 "[2,0,0,0]" [20:33:10][step 6/7] 20:33:09 "---------------------------- SUNIT: Shuting down the Server after : 101.667 Ticks-------------------------" [20:33:10][step 6/7] 20:33:09 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] sunit_fnc_startUnitTests (9970 ms)" [20:33:14][step 6/7] 20:33:13 ../lib/Network/networkServer.cpp ClearNetServer:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! [20:33:15][step 6/7] 20:33:15 String id 2362 is not registered [20:33:15][step 6/7] 20:33:15 [20:33:16][step 6/7] 20:33:15 Critical:Destroying running thread! [20:33:17][step 6/7] 20:33:16 Extensions: [20:33:17][step 6/7] Process exited with code 0 please excuse the editing delay.
  3. Hi Guys, my server keeps crashing, and i don't know why. preinit : server_fnc_init was checked and experimented with multiple times. Server RPT Error Log .......... [19:44:38][step 6/7] 19:44:38 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [bIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler] Stack as been updated with ID (onplayerdisconnected) for Event (onplayerdisconnected) executing Function ({ [19:44:38][step 6/7] diag_log format[""User Disconnect %1"",[_id,_uid,_nam,_jip,_owner,_unit]]; [19:44:38][step 6/7] 19:44:38 Mission read. [19:44:38][step 6/7] true breakOut """"; ------------------------------------------------------------------- [19:44:38][step 6/7] }), Replaced: (false)" [19:44:38][step 6/7] 19:44:38 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [preInit] server_fnc_init (0 ms)" [19:44:38][step 6/7] 19:44:38 Connected to Steam servers [19:46:30][step 6/7] Segmentation fault (core dumped) [19:46:30][step 6/7] Process exited with code 139 [19:46:30][step 6/7] Step startServer (Command Line) failed Look at the time-stamps, huge gap of 2 min. How it should look: [18:40:02][step 6/7] 18:40:01 Mission read. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [18:40:02][step 6/7] }), Replaced: (false)" [18:40:02][step 6/7] 18:40:01 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [preInit] server_fnc_init (0.999451 ms)" [18:40:02][step 6/7] 18:40:01 Connected to Steam servers [18:40:02][step 6/7] 18:40:02 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [script] initServer.sqf" [18:40:02][step 6/7] 18:40:02 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] BIS_fnc_missionFlow (1.00327 ms)" [18:40:02][step 6/7] 18:40:02 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] BIS_fnc_initParams (0 ms)" [18:40:02][step 6/7] 18:40:02 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] BIS_fnc_initRespawn (0 ms)" [18:40:02][step 6/7] 18:40:02 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] BIS_fnc_reviveInit (0 ms)" [18:40:02][step 6/7] 18:40:02 "SUnit start tests" [18:40:02][step 6/7] 18:40:02 "SUnit test finished successfull in : 0.000999451 Ticks." [18:40:02][step 6/7] 18:40:02 ../lib/Network/networkServer.cpp OnClientStateChanged:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! [18:40:02][step 6/7] 18:40:02 Mission id: ff28a5e3defbe44ec920a25294baa495f0f0b7de [18:40:02][step 6/7] 18:40:02 "Mission: Init Server fired" [18:40:02][step 6/7] 18:40:02 Game started. [18:40:12][step 6/7] 18:40:12 "Player/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] sunit_fnc_startUnitTests (9928 ms)" [18:40:14][step 6/7] 18:40:13 ../lib/Network/networkServer.cpp ClearNetServer:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! [18:40:14][step 6/7] 18:40:14 [18:40:14][step 6/7] 18:40:14 String id 2362 is not registered [18:40:15][step 6/7] 18:40:15 Critical:Destroying running thread! [18:40:15][step 6/7] 18:40:15 Extensions: [18:40:15][step 6/7] Process exited with code 0 Analyzing what should folow after : [step 6/7] 18:40:01 Connected to Steam servers missionsided initServer.sqf looks like this: /** * Arma-Factory - © by SpacePlay.DE * Authors: Emil, RageBone * Description: Main Initialisation */ diag_log "Mission: Init Server fired"; if(!(_this select 0)) exitWith {}; Anyone an idea what could cause this crash? Thanks in Advance!
  4. in engine support for scripted event-handler. i have invested a fair amount of my time into the Bis functions surrounding scripted event-handlers, and they are awesome and pretty useful. But, thay are a security risk in multiplayer. but let me demonstrate you some use cases. As keyboard input handler: (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventhandler["keyDown",{ [missionNamespace,"keyDown" + str (_this select 1), _this] call BIS_fnc_callScriptedEventHandler; }; that line works pretty flawless. On every Key-press it will execute code registered on the event "keyDown??" ?? is the number of the key that was pressed. In the case of Q: "keyDown16" if i'm not mistaking the number. If there is no code registered on the event, the time that the code takes to execute and stop is fairly low, thanks to the getVariable[] fail safe that will return empty code. This has a huge advantage about common Switch style approaches. If faulty code is added on a key-press, only that code won't work, instead of breaking the hole switch structure and resulting in no scripted key inputs. It is decentralized and allows for more modular structure of the misson. Stack-ability of event-code causes no worries of multiple different codes being executed on one event. Another interesting idea is to use use this like instance methods, for example: [cursorObject,"pickUp","something Usefull"] call Bis_fnc_callScriptedEventHandler; would grabb code that is added to it under that event name of the object, making this behave like a instance method like in java for example. The advantage of this is that the object would carry the code that it picks it self up. i find this kind of neet. i Admit that this is not such a good use-case when you are doing mods, and AddActions also compete with this aproach, but knowing about this can be usefull. Now to the Problems of this and why i want a in Engine support for this: The way scriptedEventHandler works is through get and setVariable. That basically makes it a variable code execution. If you happen to be able to inject code into arma, the last question is how to execute and get that evil code running. As an Attacker, it is pretty easy to assign new and own event codes, and there is no problem getting those executed if the mission-maker uses scriptedEventHandler. this basically makes it not MP compatible. A scripting command would bring the benefit that Admins can setup BattlEye for it preventing evil usage of it. Additionally, events and the code set on them should be finalize-able to prevent deleting or overriding. Maybe a remoteExec like config whitelist wouldn't harm. thx for reading! Sincerely RageBone
  5. RageBone_

    Apex preview broken

    Hi, the Apex preview files are broken on Linux, and i assume that they are broken on mac too. If you try to launch Arma with the Apex Expansion Content, your game won't start with the message: Data file is too short "......" Expected ... B got .... B this effects all the Apex files, if you delete one, the next one is the reason of that message. Considering that some forums said, that data file to short means corrupted files, maybe through the download, i re downloaded the files 3 times, i even switched between Dev and the Normal Branches to have tried everything. I would have done moor, but i cant because all the content is compressed in .EBO files, therefore i cant try and mess around with uncompressing and re-compressing, maybe renaming, and such stuff. At last, i would like to thank you guys for making the Apex preview available on the experimental ports! Sincerely RageBone
  6. RageBone_

    Linux 1.54 no 5.1 sound

    I also have audio problems. Distro is Mint. Interestingly i had it running without problems for a few days, and after i turned on pulse Audio it bugged again.
  7. RageBone_

    Arma3 available for Linux

    Hi, one of those bugs is that Arma uses its own clipboard for copy pasting. That works, but its not awesome! A shared one would be better! Thx!
  8. eventhandler on animation Phase change. And maybe a rework of the cfgFunctions compile function. functions_f\initFunctions.sqf Currently it only goes down the class three for 3 layers. Atleast as far as i understand the code, but i looked twice, so i'm pretty sure that its the case. Example: I addmit that this is not critical and i don't even know why i should structure it deeper then 3 classes but please ? Recursion ? Anyone ?