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    [Solved] Public Zues Debug Console

    >voted admins< That is exactly the point. Yes I realise that you can vote your self and wait for people to join in, Yes I realise that you can use a script injector to force vote. If a person is democratically elected as per the way it works. I'm all for giving the elected admin the ability to ban people till the next server restart. The only change needed is to enable a function for the player base to silently rebel against a bad admin.
  2. dragonspride1995

    [Solved] Public Zues Debug Console

    I compleatly dissagree with the argument that the temp bans were a problem. A game is only good if it is structured and some times you have to get someone off. You kick them, they come right back in and put explosives around a base. Yes it is possible to be abused, so what? A better way to fix this problem would be a silent vote kick that doesn't read back to the administrator. As far as I'm concerned public Zeus is now dead. Bohemia has removed all the tools that allow the good zeus's/admins to get a good game going.
  3. ok so it is spawning in the debug zone of the bottom left of the map
  4. Necro, so I've tried the post made by opec666 the problem is that the vehicle garage is not binding to the vehicle garage marker and is spawning at a unknown random point on the map.
  5. dragonspride1995

    Why do so many have a problem with thermals?

    Necroing this because it is still relevant and I don't want to start a new post. The problem with thermals is that their is not a good way to hide from them, especially on alitis. If you jump into a jet, and turn up your view distance you can see everything, clear as anything. This is realistic, what isn't realistic is that their is no heat dissipation. For example of this, if you are laying down for a long time, your body in a thermal sight, your clothing would not be as obvious, as some one in motion. Because of body heat, and friction. Also, Vehicle game play is terrible. If you are in a vehicle it is glowing white even if the engine is off and never turned on. Once you get out however it turns off and goes dark. Oh and PS I already know about the HALO Spartan armor added in the apex DLC. It looks stupid, and is only available for fanboys like me who dish out money on it. Bohemia needs to add in the following. - Heat Dissipation - Cover Blanket [for infantry that is prone] - Thermal Netting [for tanks that are stationary]
  6. dragonspride1995

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    @Wyqer NERDGASM!!!!! Wishlist tho. Assassination missions Randomised Sub Objectives More ways of gathering intel More challenge to the mission without making AI tougher (example, more complicated objectives.) Better Building System. With much more variation. Expanded progression system?
  7. dragonspride1995

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Is this mod still in development? I love it but it does not feel complete in its current form. It could also use some set up for ACE advanced, and more features and side missions.
  8. dragonspride1995

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I didn't see any forums specifically for feature requests so I guessed this would be the place. Basicly I would like the ability to sort the arsenal by weapon type. As you already have sort by mod, and alphabetical order.
  9. Damn I'm looking all over for more hunter (M-ATV) Varrients but I can't find any!