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    Authority 20 player coop.

    Your first link worked for me this time. Very odd. Maybe it's on the steam side, or something strange happened as it was published. When I can herd all the cats we'll give it another go. Thanks.
  2. -ORION-

    Authority 20 player coop.

    I deleted, resubscribed on the workshop, same error followed by the Arma crash. I tried to use your dropbox link but it says "the folder 'mission' does not exist."
  3. -ORION-

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Here's the google drive link to a screen snip of the error: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzeykD-t8cxsZUVvRzJ2UDJBVTQ This happened on Tanoa Authority. We didn't try your Altis version.
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to have two UGV drones activate a trigger when they are moved into a designated area. I have named the drones bob and rob. I tried using the a && b command but I keep getting this error: Error &&: Type Object, expected Bool What would be the best way to activate the trigger when BOTH drones are in the designated area? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello all. I imported one of my missions into the Eden editor and found an issue that needs fixing. The task in this case is destroying radio towers. I set this up in the 2D editor by creating a trigger the size of the tower, choosing not present, and then grouping it (f2) to the actual tower. This creates a static object activation type, which suits my needs perfectly. I cannot seem to group triggers to terrain objects in the Eden editor, so I can't get that much needed static object activation type to appear within the trigger parameters. I've tried using the map mode in the Eden editor, but there is no option there either. Right clicking, selecting "Connect," and "Set Trigger Owner," still doesn't give the option to group the trigger to static objects. Any ideas? I'm probably just missing something. Thanks in advance.
  6. Whenever I check out a new terrain, I like to take out the Little Bird and practice landing in all sorts of locations. I've recently decided to polish up my simple, ad hoc "missions" and publish them as workshop scenarios for others to use. My issue is a minor one, but still annoying, and I suspect there's a simple solution for it. I've set up LZs with triggers across the terrain that recognize when players land in the designated areas using this in the condition box: {_x isKindOf "Helicopter" && isTouchingGround _x} count thisList > 0 I then have a hint pop up telling the player they have successfully landed at such and such landing zone. All works well, except that each player on the server sees hints that don't pertain to them. Peter activates a hint after landing at LZ Alpha, but Paul and Mary see the hint as well while flying to their own LZs across the map. Is there a way to modify my above expression so trigger hints are only activated for the pilot who did the triggering? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thank you Revo. Works great so far with the limited testing Ive done. In the future (when we can adjust trigger height), would I just set the height to zero? How would my above expression change for my condition box? Cheers for the help, of course.
  8. -ORION-

    Using a Description.ext ?

    Hey captainblackbeard, what revive script do you guys usually use and have you implemented it without any issues?
  9. I too am getting that revive error, whereas prior to Eden update I wasn't. Hopefully someone will come up with a fix.
  10. Just tested this. The only issue is backpacks for SOME players are duplicated on revive. Very odd. When respawning there seems to be no issues, just on revives. Once or twice a revived player was given their default class backpack in place of the one they chose from the arsenal. The one they were wearing before being revived remains on the ground. And by default class backpack I mean the backpack that came with the character they chose at the server lobby screen. Any ideas larrow, tankbuster, or others?
  11. Hence my example, and my labeling it nameofgamelogic, and me stating that you can name it whatever you want, just like the variablename. But hey, whatever helps folks out.
  12. Nevermind, got it working with some major help from Caboose816. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. For any fellow noobs who want to link map objects to triggers post Eden update (in this case, to destroy them), here's how we did it. 1. Find out the classname of the object you want to destroy. You can use the Eden editor to find objects pretty quickly, especially using the search function. Say we want to blow up one of the large comm towers on Stratis. Type tower in the search field of the editor and then place a few of them until you see the desired tower. Hover your cursor over it and voila, there's your classname. In this case, the large comm tower is Land_TTowerBig_1_F. Alternatively, you can use this very handy page to find virtually every object's classname and it's image: http://https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Assets 2. Create a Game Logic and name it. 3. In the Game Logic's init field put the following: variableName = nearestObject [nameofgamelogic, "***CLASS NAME OF OBJECT***"]; The variableName can be whatever you like, as can the Game Logic name. For our tower example it will look like this: tower = nearestObject [logic1, "Land_TTowerBig_1_F"]; 4. Create a trigger 5. In the trigger condition field put the following: !alive tower; 6. Enjoy Again, credit to Caboose816 for helping me out.
  13. Can somebody explain step by step how to use nearestObject in lieu of grouping a trigger to a map object? I'm just trying to blow up buildings and radio towers on Stratis.
  14. I quickly tested as well with several different arsenal loadouts and multiple respawns. Seems to be working. Haven't tested it with revive yet though - my Arma buddies are at work. Also, it seems to revert to your current loadout at the time of your death, i.e. if you used all but 1 magazine for your MX, you'll spawn with only 1 mag. Same for rockets/missiles, pistol mags, etc. I'm sure this follows for all equipped gear, but I only spent a quick few mins with it. Many thanks to R3vo.
  15. Is that really all that's needed to retain our virtual arsenal loadouts after revive/death/respawn? By the beard of Zeus, if this works..... For SP and MP?
  16. Syntax error sorted! Thanks to KK and ted_hou for the help on that one. Now if anyone has any suggestions for the the audio issues, I'm all ears. Perhaps someone knows some optimal video dimensions or aspect ratios? I can only seem to find the occasional mention of folks using 16:9. I'll experiment, but if any of you have dealt with this issue before, feel free to chime in.
  17. Hey all, just a couple quick questions from a bonafide A3 editing noob. Thanks in advance for any help thrown my way. Ive been tinkering with adding an intro video and establishing shot to the start of a mission. After cobbling together code from several (old) forums I've come up with this: init.sqf: [] spawn { scriptName "initMission.hpp: mission start"; ["A3_intro_video.ogv", false] spawn BIS_fnc_titlecard; waitUntil {!(isNil "BIS_fnc_titlecard_finished")}; [position player,"Will the BIS A3 forumites be kind to this lowly mission editor?",100,200,45,1,[]] spawn BIS_fnc_establishingShot; }; The good news is that both the video and establishing shot work. The bad news is while previewing the mission, the video's audio cuts in and out annoyingly and I get this error: [bIS_fnc_titlecard] #1: false is type BOOL, must be STRING. "" used instead. Any ideas? Does the error have anything to do with the audio cutting in and out on my .ogv or is it just a syntax problem? Video is 1920x1080, 60 fps, 10 seconds in length, and converted from a shadowplay .mp4.
  18. Oh I see, no need for the , false]. Thanks for clarifying ted_hou. I'll need to give that a try once I'm at my pc. I'm not convinced this will sort the audio issues, but clearing that error is half my battle.
  19. Thanks KK, Although, I wish I knew what you meant. Perhaps you could translate to noobspeak? How would my original code be changed? I'm guessing that this will clear the error, but do you think the audio issues are related to my funky syntax?
  20. Ah thanks for the reminder SavageCDN. I should have mentioned that the file plays perfectly in VLC player.
  21. Hey Skruis, are you still developing Athena?
  22. I am also curious about this one. Some of the revive systems have drag and carry options, although I'm not certain on the AI to AI functionality. The animations can also be pretty ridiculous as well.
  23. -ORION-

    Adding Markers

    This is an excellent question. Hopefully someone has sorted out an answer??
  24. Holy hell. This seems like an astounding amount of work. Well done, and thanks for the continued development.