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  1. Having tested this mod out, it's a fun but completely buggy experience.
  2. Is it possible to play it without ACE?
  3. Haddedam

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Yeah. From design prespective, pilgrimage is an absolutely fantastic foundation with it's amazing and clever systems. It just needs a bit more depth One of the things that also annoys me how easy it is to sell things, you just select an action and it dissapears and you get money some time later. I always end up with 10k FF before late even if I don't sell stuff off corpses. Would be nice if there was an option where you had to carry stuff and unload them to a middle man in some town/base to get money or there was an one time use item you had to use, like fultons in MGSV that allowed selling. It would encourage more descision making and balance money a bit more. Right now towns are really only useful for loot and civillian intel which can easily be replaced with prisoners and ADM that you use to find bases and then get circles from commanders. Also would be nice if churches got some more value rather than a savepoint. Maybe emphathize the detective aspect of it that pcgamer advertised, where there's a chance you'll come across a trail of clues that point you at some other church/base/town, kinda like "sorry Mario, but princess is in another castle" which finally leads to the body.
  4. Haddedam

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Has there been any versions of pilgrimage where money has more function and civillians do more than to slow the game down? Would be nice to see civillian doctors that have a 10-20% spawn chance that heal you for say 3k or sometimes that they can sell you non weapons equipment like uniforms and such for high prices or fix your vehicle. I mostly prefer solo adventure since I like the atmosphere of not having to wait or command around an AI and I usually turn civvies off because the small amount of intel they give me and that 0.1% chance of an assassination mission is not worth 40fps when driving. Meanwhile hidden camps I sometimes only find 4-5 hours into the game after having to listen to injured breathing for a couple of hours.
  5. Honestly my only wish is for devs to do with apex what they did for full release: Add more content, more vehicles for chinese and greenfor and more weapons. Maybe attatchments for the AK pattern weapons.
  6. Haddedam

    How much would you recommend the Apex Expansion?

    I think it's a fantastic map, best jungles since crysis, actually better. Fantastic (if a bit buggy) sound effects, massive rainstorms and thunderstorms. It feels like a horror game if you're going against a viper squad in a pitch black jungle during a thunderstorm. New gear is neat, chinese rifles are best of opfor, never liked the katiba but the chinese ones feel better to use. The type115 is a cool device with udnerslung beowulf. AK's and AR15's and AR10 added, only gripe is how you hold them. Sadly many buildings are not enterable, which was one of the things I was hoping bohemia would fix. But the island is fantastic, feels like a whole nother game. Definetly a different experience. I'll rate it a very strong 8/10 and a reccomendation if you play whole map SP mods or MP
  7. Haddedam

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I've had this happen on all the maps, even altis, it happens when you're near the coast and they sometimes just end up being dropped into the sea
  8. Haddedam

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Parachuting troops from helo has been in pilgrimage as far as I can remember, It's pretty common occurance for me at leats. And I play on all vanilla And thanks for hitchicking tip ,didn't know that one worked.
  9. Haddedam

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Great. I've been using pilgrimage to get my first experience in tanoa as it is the perfect mission for that. However I found my highly sought after viper gear swimming around in the ocean in a squad of 10, and even dropping beacon and flashing my flashlight in the middle of the night didn't get them to come ashore. And as soon as I had finished diving for the guns, a helicopter flew by and dropped another squad in the ocean, ending up with a grand total of 6 squads found swimming in the sea during the whole gameplay session. Something needs to be done about that. It would be great to have some civillian helicopters spawn at airfields or for it to be bossible to hire a ferry from some static npc to take you and your vehicle between different islands for a steep price of maybe 10-20k.
  10. Haddedam


    No, it's been available online for quite a while.
  11. - AI improvements for indoors combat, making so that they don't go prone in ridiculous situations - making able for AI to be supressed, it's annoying to see them return accurate fire when they have just been shot -idle talk between AI's to make them feel a bit more real -AI acting more like human - trying to retrieve wounded and such, like in Far cry 2 -gear changing for vehicles instead of three speeds -better communications sytem that makes use of different radio types -action and command menus replaced with something better, like a pie menu or something intuitive
  12. Haddedam

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I've been having some trouble with chernarus port, had RHS, ADW, 3 mods of the HLC weapon pack running and the save gets corrupted on dev branch. Provided a really good ironman mode experience that put the fear of god in me though, so honestly not complaining. I reccomend people to try it out, changes how you play drastically. Thanks, I've been meaning to check it out for ages, but for now I found antistasi is perfect for that. Somehow it feels really alive and dynamic. I've tried turning them off but somehow settings didn't work. Uninstalled.
  13. Haddedam

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Yes I have, combat high(L), garrisons, outposts, hidden camps, checkpoints all set to 100%, and I've tried TPW but I felt it was really intrusive and kinda shoved everything in your face, especially those tactical classes that ended up being like something out of a japanese horror movie with how they always found their way back to you. Thanks for the suggestions. Only map that I've found feels active enough is chernarus, which I've started playing now again after the last time, where I folded after I realize AI sees and shoots through foilage. Now it feels quite ok and busy. Thanks for the long explanation. As a fellow dev (unfortunately not in a3 yet) I completely understand your reasoning for everything and I am real happy you stick to your vision like a proffessional instead of trying to please every fan. Do you have atleast any plans to port it to tanoa if the map is suitable for pilgrimage?
  14. Haddedam


    has anyone mentioned the improved action menu
  15. Haddedam

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    After playing this mission for around 80% of my 700 hour total playtime of arma 3, I really love this mission and it is the only one I return to. Thanks to that and since I'm worried about the future of this project with great potential, I feel like I should leave some thoughts. First off, this mission is great and I love it. The things that make it fantastic are the fact that you're by your lonesome, one person v the world. This changes the tactics forcing you to read the map, make notes and plan your journey carefully and move cautiously. It's the gameplay that you only survive if you're the one that acts and the enemy reacts. It adds some fantastic moments where you sneak upon the enemy and get out before they realize what happened. Another thing that I love is the atmosphere, just the massive open areas with you running around, alone with your toughts, keeping an eye out for that one enemy squad out there. One of the things I like the most about it is the current emergent gameplay: the best moments by far in this missions are when you go somewhere unsuspecting, planning to raid an outpost, unpack your camp, crawl onto a small hill and then you realize you're surrounded by enemy roaming squads, checkpoints and the guards of the camp, after which you have to plan how to remove the checkpoints and squads before you can get to the camp. Or when you enter a town, get out to look for that really nice red cap, only to get ambushed and surrounded by the reinforcements. Now these are all great and are the reasons why I keep playing this: emergent gameplay and being able to do things at your own pace, coming up with your own sidequests and missions. I've been so intrigued by that that during the 100's of hours of playtime, I've never even seen the brothers body. I always grow bored before I get there. it's propably the fact that the world feels dead. Definetly there's no way to reach the dynamic and alive alife that for example stalker has, but this world is a bit too bare, too desolate. WLA does it well: the entire world is bustling, everyone is going everyone, the enemy reacts to you. In pilgrimage, most reaction you get is an helicopter coming in or an squad coming in to reinforce or assassins tracking you. It is quite dissapointing to get to an empty town, garrisoned only by 1 squad. Or getting to a massive base, that is frequently completely empty.I don't like the way WLA does things, as it is too busy, fast paced and stressful, not to mention isn't all that "classy". You're always being thrown around here and there, not at your own pace. I far prefer the desolation of pilgrimage. To fix it, I'd reccomend building upon the currently existing systems: You have the reinforcement, the assassin system and the airbase system, in addition of garrison, checkpoint and strongholds. They are all fantastic and well and lovingly crafted. But not enough. Perhaps adding more systems would fix the biggest problem: imagine when you damaged a vehicle, tanks get sent in from armor depot to reinforce or a repair truck comes in. To prevent that you could attack the armor depot much like an airbase to disable the threat. If you're slow enough, enemy would have time to mount the tanks and ruin your day. Maybe instead of the empty roads, you'd have the occational convoy. Some carrying some troops to an garrisoned town/stronghold/airbase, so you could either intercept it or follow it to find where they are. Maybe have convoys of trucks and armored escorts and a helicopter, carrying vital supplies that are hard to find, like randomized weapons, UAV terminals, medkits, toolkits and other equipment. That would add a completely new type of gameplay into pilgrimage, giving you more to do. Maybe give larger towns a proper garrisson with armor, AAA and multible squads patrolling and hiding in buildings, making bigger towns a bigger risk and reward. All these changes would retain the long quiet periods that makes pilgrimage pilgrimage, but would end with bigger, more dynamic set pieces that you can counter if you choose to do so. Honestly pilgrimage is a great mission, it truly is a gem. It just needs to do what it is doing now, but more of it.