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  1. Hi there - maybe we can help us together? Or we fusion our Projects - i´m the comember of the Arma 3 Airwolf mod which is actually on hold because we need modellers and scripters . Concerning your nickname - you are a german too? anyway maybe you are interessted than contact me ? Or what you think about - i putting a link to the channel on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSzqZa4BNLOokWqGrljLNYQ Greets redwolf1983 from arma 3 mod team
  2. I want to let you know that the Airwolf-Mod will come back for Arma 3 Lonewolf has the credits from Rangarion to release it for Arma 3 - i working on a Texture Upgrade for the Interrior - but we need Help to realize it. We want to start a Team for the Mod We need scripting Help and someone to Make 3d Modells because we want to do a Complete Mod not Just the Airwolf Chopper. Im actually working on the Homepage and i will post soon some News about it . It would be nice if someone are interested to Help us Here is a little Teaser for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KePH8r1yaaE
  3. redwolf1983

    Airwolf for Arma 2

    it´s a little late but what RANgarion means is that the work is done by lonewolf and rangarion , xpetit has copy it . Iám a OFP ,and ARMA Veteran and so far i know - existed 3 Mods for OFP XPETITS Version for Arma 2 - its based on the mod of RANgarion and Lonewolf - the PBO has the same name. But anyway - i want you to know that Lonewolf had the credits from RANgarion to bring back the Lady (Airwolf) to Arma 3 - Lonewolf and i will work on a arma 3 version - on lonewolfs channel are 3 Videos show the actual state I can´t post yet (new member) but when the trial peroid is over i start a Topic - i´m working on the website and then we post some news - but we need help - we need a few people to help us - a scripter etc. we want to start a team to bring airwolf to 2k16 Greets redwolf1983
  4. redwolf1983

    Odd video issue

    Are you sure that your Hardware is Fine? Sounds for me that something faulty
  5. redwolf1983

    Can't See Servers

    Hope your Problem is solved - if not check firewall settings ;)
  6. redwolf1983

    bad performance on laptop

    @ RangerDog maybe u running with the IRIS GPU? My friend have the same problem once - make sure you use the NVIDIA GPU Have a nice day
  7. redwolf1983

    Major sound bug in all ARMA games!

    Hi did you solve your problem? have you tried dxdiag? what are the results Greets