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  1. EssacCrown168

    A2/A2:OA beta CorePatch 01.03.2016

    There's a little question about Attack Helicopters, why the AH1Z can take more than 120 rounds 25mm APFSDS hit , but AH-64D can only take 60 or 70 rounds hit ? And why the AH1Z got a radar ?
  2. EssacCrown168

    Let's keep Arma 2 alive

    And big thanks for update 1.64
  3. EssacCrown168

    Let's keep Arma 2 alive

    Hope that one day add in the Multicam Uniform for U.S Army and MARPAT Desert for Marine, and M163 AA gun (Arma 1 Version), Green version of Stryker's family (Arma 1 Texture), Add a Commander seat for M1128 MGS .and M35 Cargo Truck for Army (Arma 1 Version). M113 with M120 Mortar, M2/M3 Bradley in Green version. MQ-8 Fire Scout for Army (Like OH-6J ULB).AGM114 HELLFIRE Attack on Top mode for AH64D. and M30 DPICM for M270 ,M142 HIMARS for Marine . And keep update after every modern combat in Syria , Iraq ,Africa, Asia ...
  4. EssacCrown168

    Night Strike Help

    This mission was too hard ... I've already try it over and over again, place bomb, carry the FGM148... ... No way success And Im wondering is there any official suggestions about this mission ? Bohemia wanna teach us something about infiltrade ?
  5. 1.I have a mortar but I don't want anybody to disassemble it. How can I do ? I've tried this removeaction Disassemble; but it's not working. 2.Is there a way to disable the Artillary computer ? 3.I'm gonna put the "Laserdesignator_mounted" to M1A2 commander I've already put these this addWeapon "Laserdesignator_mounted";this addMagazineTurret ["Laserbatteries",[0]]; into the M1A2 init ,but the Laserdesignator was attach to the gunner position .
  6. EssacCrown168

    UAV/ULB and ATV bugs

    1. MQ9 and AH6J cameras stuck ,But my mouse has no problem 2. ATV always stuck when I drive it to the wild, then Q,W,E,S will not gonna work, But I can still heard the sounds when engine increase.
  7. EssacCrown168

    Chenaurus Map

    Add :Even the building crashed ,soldiers can get inside to conceal themselves ,and that will be more effectively than the building is undamage .but in Arma ,there are some of invisible things block the way in .
  8. EssacCrown168

    Chenaurus Map

    I suggest to BIS to rebuild this map for these reasons : 1.There is a lot of buildings can't be entered .The 2nd floor shooting position and observation post is very important to urban combat . 2.There is a lot of buildings get bugs when blowed up ,for example invisible wall ,or invisible hill .sometime even hand grenade will make it happen . 3.If you hit some of trees down on downslope of a hill ,they were not fall down to the ground but floating like they are lie down flatland ,And some of trees grows up so high and the tree root is out of dirt . 4.the biggest city Chernogorsk will make most players lag ,especially Sniper ,Marksman and Binoculars .
  9. EssacCrown168

    A2/A2:OA beta CorePatch 01.03.2016

    In Takistan grid 053093, there are some of Earthen rampart ,When you blow anyone of them, that will become to an strange position, and we can look through from another side, Everyone is the same. but:the Empty_Objects(Fortifications)_Earthen rampart made in Editor don't have this bug, so can you Bohemia just remove that Earthen rampart in Takistan map when next update ?
  10. EssacCrown168

    A2/A2:OA beta CorePatch 01.03.2016

    1st. when a bullet penetrate glass, the fragment will hurt the people who's behind.even sometime they will get killed.Especially when I shoot the people who is in a car. the bullet were not hit on center of mass, but the fragment from glass may hit throat, eye, pulse or something else important.(I've bought a DVD [make ready with Paul Howe] from Panteao. So I share it to ya.) 2nd. Why the M1128 Mobile Gun System have no commander seat, and when I conduct commander of M1 Abrams, I can't order to switch to Saber or HEAT round. 3rd. One Surefire tac light will blinds people for a second when low light (or no light) environment. but in Arma 2 ,we need at least 3 . 4th. When I wear in AN-PVS 7, everything close to me in my visual should be blurry texture(for example the A3 Iron sight or pistol sight), only the red aimpoint in M68 CCO and The center of EOTech (the HOLO sight)is clear bright. But can we operating telescope with our AN-PVS 7? I never saw that before, but I saw someone mount AN-PVS 14 onto his ACOG. but they are totally different NVGs.(I didn't test them, so it's just a question, not an suggestion )
  11. Thx a lot, but could u tell me how to work on Arma 2 ? I didn't found Arma2.cfg file in directory
  12. I have the same problem now, Really hate cheaters whos play in the match in LAN. any method to stop em now ? they're not only in Arma 3, also in Arma 1 and Arma 2.
  13. EssacCrown168

    this needs a fix

    Sorry but I just cannot make new topic,So I reply in yours ,thx 1.How to "Deploy IR strobe" or Satchel Charge into a vehicle or the character of ourselves? (so the spec ops can track the enemy vehicle by NVG at night .or the Terrorists could make the suicidebomb) 2.How to drive MQ9 for landing so I can refuel or repair it ? (If can't drive it ,could I order it to landing airport or somewhere ?) 3.In Arma2 campaign, I saw he projector shows briefing for the mission. How to make a script or something to shows the view from UAV's camra ? (So I can make sure all the officers will understand what happen in AO)