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  1. Update alert! The dev team has expanded, and thus new features and fixes are coming more quickly now. v0.7.5.3 - Tweaked: Gendarmerie now spawn with less ammunition - Fixed: Garrisons would not load after second save - Fixed: Weapon attached items would duplicate on transfer - Fixed: NATO would mark you wanted when standing was HIGH (thanks to forum users for finding this one!) - Fixed: Further fixes to warehouse save/load - Fixed: Dead bodies would not completely be removed on AI loot - Fixed: Money would reset to zero if you talked to a civilian after initiating a drug deal
  2. Latest update has overhauled missions (now "Jobs"). They are generated dynamically based upon what is happening in-game. Suggest you jump into Discord to chat about OT / get help starting out!
  3. The main thing with Overthrow is that we want it to work how you would expect it to in real life. Thus, in prior versions, you could recruit CIVs off the street at any time which seemed a bit ridiculous / too easy. Imagine shooting up a town and then going "hi, want to work with me?" and they say "yes, but for $250". After implementing the standings requirements, we added a refugee camp (placeable building at FOB) which "attracts" scared civs from nearby and makes them recruitable sans-standings (imagine that they have received food, medical care etc and are now all "these guys arent too bad!"). We also added the recruitment tent (like a mini barracks)for FOBs that lets you recruit fully armed resistance fighters on the spot. We are still balancing how this works. Missions as they currently appear were only ever a placeholder and have been replaced in the version being tested currently; as are shops. Strongly encourage you to join us on Discord - both for help in getting started and also to contribute to the ongoing development of the mod :)
  4. Hi, I'm assuming you mean that perks, stats, cash etc have not carried over? Transferring saves in this way isn't something we recommend / support. You could jump in the #support channel in our Discord and ask around as some players have had some success with this.
  5. Just on these points: There is no "arbitrary time limit" - you likely got overrun and outnumbered in the town. Securing the town is the objective, not just killing all the dudes. Real battles are rarely to the "last man". The coloured circle that appears on the map will tell you how you are faring. There's no "magic" - NATO utilises AR-2 Darter drones to search for insurgents. Keep your eyes peeled. Static MGs manned by AI will make short work of them. You can also purchase your own UAVs to hunt down and direct strike teams on the mortar sites, too. I'll look into the looting issue - I tend to just let them finish before moving on I guess. Thats a limitation of Arma I'm afraid. You may notice as time goes on that NATO will start to recognise you more easily whilst in ATVs, cars etc as your exploits become more known - red dead redemption style. Upgrading your stealth perk helps with this.
  6. Overthrow quite complex - we have a large team of contributors with gaming and real military experience advising us on how to model a revolutionary environment. It leads to a dynamic and complex set of variables with many different possibilities (as in real life). There's a short primer on standings here too, in case you didn't see this: http://wiki.armaoverthrow.com//wiki/Standing Overthrow is a revolution by one armed group, not a populist political movement. The local populace may not share your revolutionary wishes, at first. Civilians, being the gentle creatures that they are, might want to be rid of NATO - but they definitely don't want bullets whizzing through their huts. While oppressive, NATO have been keeping the criminal elements at bay for some time and have the biggest guns. They know that violence always brings more violence - hence the standing drop. Killing NATO drops stability; Killing criminals increases stability. When stability drops, ordinary Joe citizen that isn't all that happy about his life may take up arms and join a gang (this all occurs dynamically) to seek his own fortune. The Gendarmes are very much a tool of the puppet-NATO government that has been installed, and are very much on the same side as the soldiers. Its often smarter to let NATO and the Criminals duke it out first, and then fight the victors (or wait until the coast is clear and loot their bodies!). Let NATO take the blame for all the bullet holes in peoples front doors! Standings can be improved by doing things to help the villagers (missions are still WIP), and owning the local radio tower which plays smooth reggae musics and propaganda. I hope that makes sense.
  7. Hello, Great to hear that you're excited. While it is possible to play Overthrow in a "classic" SP scenario, quite a few features will not work as well as they do when playing in a SP LAN server. These include the "Resistance" menu and finances, respawning, etc. Our home-built persistent save function does a lot more than the ARMA save - which we don't recommend you use at all (it will miss things, weird things will happen over time, etc). There are no save "slots" so each persistent save will overwrite the last. They do save to a file however, which you are free to create backups of if you wish. So, in short - dont use Arma saves, do use self-hosted LAN for SP and persistent saves. Feel free to jump on one of the 3 public servers hosted in Australia, Europe, or the USA to see OT in its full glory!
  8. Mod update! v0.7.4.2: New: Altis Campaign New: Bandits rewritten. Civilians will now form gangs that grow in size. New: NATO garrisons guard towers with HMGs. Towers added to various Tanoa objectives. New: Very basic Jets DLC support (may spawn at an airfeld) Tweaked: APEX DLC no longer a requirement Tweaked: Resistance HMG garrisons will take up tower positions where available. Tweaked: Lots of optimizations and platform improvements under the hood Fixed: NATO would often get stuck and not trigger a QRF without restart Fixed: Lots of other bugs
  9. Hi there, Glad you are having a good time. The answers to your current and future questions can be found here: http://wiki.armaoverthrow.com//wiki/Main_Page If you are still stuck, there are lots of helpful people in the Official Discord chat (and new releases are announced here first!): https://discord.gg/R3ghxge To help you get started: You need to maintain a presence in the town to re-build stability. You can do this yourself, with recruited AI, or by building a Police station (if you have funds!). Having control over the local radio tower also helps, as it will play calming reggae musics to the villagers. Selling weapons is a little harder - you need to control one of the ports on the map. The closest one to the starting location is at Lijnhaven. In the early game, you will find selling things like rangefinders, radios, morphine, etc to local shopkeepers much more profitable. There is also a market for illegal items such as ganja/blow - buy low and sell high! Real estate can be quite lucrative, buy when stability is low and watch your rental income soar once things have calmed down again. Having said all of that, you probably want to buy a warehouse and stockpile your guns there - you will need them when you start arming your revolutionary army! Regards, Foofski -Overthrow Dev Team
  10. I've added the gameplay video to the first post. :)
  11. Why not both? The current beta is focused on developing the beginning and mid-game challenges - protecting your homeland from other outside interests will form part of the end game. ;)
  12. Hi, it is designed for both single player and co-op style multiplayer games. It should run on a dedicated server just fine. Unfortunately getting 40+ players on a public server to work together toward the common goal of "taking Tanoa back for the people" is not feasible at this stage. The files you need to run Overthrow on a dedicated server can be downloaded from our Github page. If you need help in getting things set up, come and chat to us on Discord or Facebook. Foofski
  13. Thanks and sorry to hear that - we will look into your error rightaway (seems new). EDIT: I can't reproduce this, if you can provide any more info that would help. For now, you could try starting a local MP server. Theres an in-game tutorial and a wiki on the Steam/Github pages to help you get started :)
  14. Overthrow is a dynamic [SP/CO16] revolution simulator campaign built for ARMA 3. Description: Overthrow simulates undertaking a grass-roots revolution against an oppressive NATO occupation of your home. Altis, Tanoa (Apex required of course), and Malden are currently supported. Start in a in a small town with nothing, and fight your way to remove the occupying NATO forces from the Island. There is no single way to Overthrow, which is what makes it exciting and unique. Head on combat, guerrilla tactics, or economic domination are all possible. ACE and CBA are required, and Advanced towing is integrated. Our overall focus is to ensure that all player actions matter, and that things behave generally as you would expect them to in the real world. It was inspired by the great times we had playing the original "Antistasi" dynamic campaign. We would love you to help us test our mod, and help guide future development. Updates (24 July 2017): APEX no longer required, and an Altis, Malden campaigns have been added. Get ready for more community-map additions soon! Current Version is, released 15th July 2017. Updates are coming out frequently as new features are added and fixes completed. To install: - Steam Link --> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=774201744 - GitHub (download full source) --> https://github.com/jabberzac/Overthrow To get in touch: - Facebook (general help and chat) --> https://www.facebook.com/armaoverthrow/ - Discord (keep Armazac company) --> https://discord.gg/QGQ5gf4 - GitHub (report issues / view wiki page) --> https://github.com/jabberzac/Overthrow/issues - Reddit --> http://reddit.com/r/armaoverthrow General features: - GTA-inspired wanted/stealth system - Dynamic political system with regional stability - Buy and sell just about in any-game item/vehicle/weapon for currency - Reverse engineer and build items and equipment for your revolution-machine - Complete jobs to gain faction reputation and access to blueprints for valuable equipment - Capture towns and military objectives - Dynamic economy/Regional pricing/Trade - Buy, sell and lease real estate with prices affected by regional politics - Fast travel to any owned real estate or camp (configurable with difficulty settings) - Manipulate the markets with guns or piles of cash - Recruit and arm civilians - Designed to work in both single player and multiplayer - Committed to creating a living and breathing landscape where anything can happen - Ongoing development and addition of features - Support for more maps planned This addon includes the following scripts: - VCOM AI - by Genesis92x - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25381 - Advanced Towing - by Duda - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30575 Warm Regards, Foofski and the Overthrow Dev Team
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    I hope you don't mind me posting this here - its just a little machinima type music video/trailer that a friend made for his mod. The song is infectious! He used splendidcamera for all the effects etc.