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    FHQ TaskTracker

    @Varanon Your Website is down. Could you please reupload the documentation for your script to github or smtn?
  2. parsec

    CBRN Script

    oh my god, i love you so much. Can you carry my child please.
  3. Nvm, i am just stupid and should have use the Exile.Tanoa template.
  4. Hey there, first of all, im super happy that this place exists. Now to my problem. I am trying to add the respawns to a new map, as i used to in the past, but when i load the Exile.Altis template template, that is provided by the download, the Editor forces a new format on the mission.sqf It looks like this: ___OldFormat class Item8 { dataType="Group"; side="Independent"; class Entities { items=100; class Item0 { position[]={13237.161,20.660374,11705.338}; special="NONE"; id=0; side="GUER"; vehicle="Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer"; player="PLAY CDG"; leader=1; skill=0.60000002; }; ___NewFormat class Entities { items=27; class Item26 { dataType="Group"; side="Independent"; class Entities { items=100; class Item0 { dataType="Object"; class PositionInfo { position[]={13237.161,20.661812,11705.388}; angles[]={6.1193347,0,0.423408}; }; side="Independent"; flags=6; class Attributes { skill=0.60000002; isPlayable=1; }; id=27; type="Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer"; }; I could realy use some help here, since my server refuses to let me pick a spawn upon joining. Edit: Ive tried to load the original Exile.Altis in the Editor, which made me convert, saved it and tried to fire it up on the server. Server does start, but when i connect, i have the same issues like on my own map.