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  1. IIIXJokerXIII

    Arma streaming is divided. Should it be?

    I agree I think I'm going to start streaming everything Arma to the Arma 3 channel that way we have more then just mostly life servers streaming. I get so many people on my stream thinking the only active servers left are life servers now days lol. I've always seen it as if we can get more players playing any kind of Arma stuff equals more mod devs that fix and make better assets for everyone in the Arma series.
  2. IIIXJokerXIII

    Arma streaming is divided. Should it be?

    Thanks for the reply and the reason I'm posting here 1st is because your opinion and the others here will matter to me more. If this community likes it the way it is now I won't even push it, but if more people here feels like me then I will. As to watching the games vs playing them I totally agree but we can't over look how streaming help us all. Just look at how many new players the Arma Series picked up because of streamers like Dslyecxi, Jester814, FRANKIEonPC, & SovietWomble
  3. Is it just me or does anyone else feel this way. I still play/stream Arma 2 & Arma 3 with it's expansions and mods. I have people all the time commenting on my streams "I thought this was dead! I didn't know people still played this" or "What is THIS! I didn't know you could play this in Arma". At 1st I just overlooked it but now I see more of what's going on. I stream to many platforms so this maybe why I've noticed it. Many of the streaming platforms have the arma games broken down to the expansions or just force them into some "Other" category. If anything was ever wrong with Arma I feel this is it. I think the streaming platforms should just have an "Arma Series" category where you have everything from people playing Milsims to life/dayz mods that way people can see Arma is more than and any one of these alone. The Arma series for me has been so great because I can play a MilSim; fight in wars over the years then go kill some zombies or aliens in both A2 & A3. Having the forums broken down is one thing but as to streaming it hurts the arma community IMO. I feel we should push to get the streaming platforms to combine all of the arma stuff to just one category called "Arma Series". Well this is my opinion tell me how you all feel about this?
  4. IIIXJokerXIII

    Do people still play?

    I say keep Arma 3 and Arma 2 I love these games but imo I never seen Arma 3 as an upgrade to Arma 2. It's like Super Mario 3 & Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island both are Super Mario titles with some of the same content but the games are so different yet both are fun. I still have a private Arma 2 server running and code on it daily but every weekend I stop the coding so me and my friends can go shoot up the town! Besides Arma 2 just got it's last patch and that's a plus for people that like to mod and not worry about the next patch breaking stuff they made.
  5. I've downloaded mods for years from Armaholic and I've never seen any issues. I feel they are safe and their community is really helpful with mod/code issues. Don't take my word check out their forums you will see really nice group of guys over there.
  6. I've seen a issue kind of like this and the fix was to run Steam in Administrator Mode. After you have Steam in Administrator Mode Right click on Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead under Steam and click on properties. Now on the Local Files Tab click the Verify Integrity of Game Files Button. Once that has finished click to play Arma 2 OA and when it asked to install Army of Czech do it. Remember to make sure your steam is in Administrator Mode when installing this dlc. Hope this helps good luck!
  7. Not sure if it has a class name that was added on later patches but the gun model is located here weapons_E\m4a3\m4a3.p3d I added it to my mod by just making my own cfg for it. class cfgWeapons { class M4A1; // External class reference class M4A3 : M4A1 { scope = public; type = 1; displayName = "M4A3"; model = "\ca\weapons_E\m4a3\m4a3"; }; };
  8. Any help on this one would be greatly appreciated. I have added some new M203 smoke colors and they all work fine. The issue I'm having is when I reload one of my new colors in the upper right HUD it shows as White. I've tried adding names to cfgs but no luck so I'm clearly doing something wrong If anyone has any ideas on this to send me in the right direction would be a great help. I've added a image below with a red arrow pointing to the word White that I would like to change as I have the Orange M203 loaded but it shows as White. https://imgur.com/XXlxc6z
  9. IIIXJokerXIII

    Anyway to check when a player leans

    Not sure how I would go about eventhandlers with inputAction but if you have an idea to get me started I will see what I can come up with
  10. IIIXJokerXIII

    Anyway to check when a player leans

    Thank you so much you all lead me in the right direction. I need to get you guys a beer! This is the base part of my code here but on mine I have it to force INTERNAL for other things like freelook and stuff. [] spawn { while {vehicle player == player} do { if ((inputAction "LeanLeft" > 0) || (inputAction "LeanRight" > 0) || (inputAction "LeanLeftToggle" > 0) || (inputAction "LeanRightToggle" > 0)) then { XMCPV_PlayerCombatModeTimer = 120; while {XMCPV_PlayerCombatModeTimer > 0} do { if (vehicle player == player && cameraView == "External") then {player switchCamera "Internal";}; XMCPV_PlayerCombatModeTimer = XMCPV_PlayerCombatModeTimer - 1; if ((inputAction "LeanLeft" > 0) || (inputAction "LeanRight" > 0) || (inputAction "LeanLeftToggle" > 0) || (inputAction "LeanRightToggle" > 0)) then { XMCPV_PlayerCombatModeTimer = 120; }; uisleep 0.10; }; }; uisleep 0.10; }; }; Video of the code in actions Youtube Video
  11. I need a way to check if a player is leaning left or right or an event/trigger when a player leans left or right. I've search for a way to do this for a few weeks now but no luck. If anyone has any ideas will you please help point me in the right direction The reason I'm trying to do this I would to make it so when a player leans left or right it will force camera view from "EXTERNAL" to switch camera "INTERNAL". Again thanks for any help on this!!! Things I've looked at animationState but that didn't work. Maybe there is a way to see when a player does this? but I know some users use custom keys so I'm not sure how to go this way. I'm so lost on this one lol keyLeanLeft[]={16};keyLeanRight[]={18};keyLeanLeftToggle[]={272};keyLeanRightToggle[]={274};
  12. IIIXJokerXIII

    Whats happened to this community

    Fighting aliens, that was the concept, he says. Wow I never knew that so Arma 3 was a military simulation made to kill aliens...does that mean Arma 4 will be like GTA a military simulation to jack tanks.... oh dear god I'm not sure how much more I can take
  13. IIIXJokerXIII

    Whats happened to this community

    Yea I'm not sure who the guy is that made the call to make ArmA 3 with concept stuff, but I'm guessing he seen 1 to many sh17y BF/COD commercials and thought it would be a great idea for ArmA. If that guy can be tracked down he needs to be took out behind the wood shed and whipped with a stick! :icon_slap:
  14. IIIXJokerXIII

    Whats happened to this community

    This is my 1st post and Hello all! I think I can give some valid feedback here as I’m new to this community. I’m 37 years old and 1st let me say how I got in to ArmA. I was watching someone on Twitch and he was playing the DayZ mod while waiting on another game. After seeing the guns and vehicles I knew I had to play it. I bought the CO version and downloaded the DayZ mod. After about a week I was done with that and it was almost enough to make me stop playing the game. The community was very unfriendly and the DayZ mod for me well let’s just say it’s not my cup of tea. So I went and bought all of Arma even the Take on Heli’s. :D I’ve come to love the game very much so much that I now have over 2000 hours played in less than 3 years. I’ve also bought more then 30+ copies to give to my friends. I stared playing around with making a mod long before I knew the rules about Arma mods. See the 1st communities I joined lead me down a bad road when it comes to Arma mods. I would say it was more like share anyone’s code without asking the creator if you could use it. I didn’t really like this but on many forums that’s just how they do it. I’m working on a mod now that has code I got from other forums that I will never upload until I’ve personally found the creator of every bit of code that I didn’t write and ask them if it’s okay if I use their code. I think they are many players like me stuck out there on these bad sites because they have not found the goods ones yet. When I stop playing Arma OA and jumped on the Arma 3 version I was not real happy with the modern warfare. But I do see how that appeals to the young players. I’m more of a 60’s-90’s military theme guy myself and I started working on my old Arma OA mod again. Back when I 1st started making this mod I was so lost and most of my google searches took me to sites that were not very good for Arma IMO. See I own a gaming community and having a good community starts with having the best resources and information. But having the best resources and information is useless if you don’t have an easy way to navigate them. Just as important is the way you conduct this information and the clear rules you provide with those resources. The best thing that could happen to Arma at this point would be a much more user friendly website setup for file sharing with a clear understanding agreement for the mod content you download. This would be something the user would have to agree on before downloading any content. In this agreement it could have both BI and the mod creator’s terms. But it's now good to be a member of a website with a + view of Arma and it's community for once! B)