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  1. Hello Community, I'm having a problem with Armasync on our Linux (Debian) server. When starting Armasync with the Java file the window is just grey. The buttons still seem to be there and clickable but one can't see them. I also tried using wine with the exe file but that didn't work either. Already reinstalled java and also installed an older version- still no joy. (Also deleted arma 3 sync and redownloaded it, no change in that behaviour). Do you have any ideas?
  2. KiritoKunGF

    3den Enhanced

    I am using the preview version of 3den Enhanced right now and I guess it works fine so far, but I have a little "problem" with the Radio that comes with it. I have a lot of songs in the 3den Radio, due to a little music mod of myself. The problem is, it is really annoying to add every single song by drag and dropping. It may be a good idea to give the ability to SHIFT+A or SHIFT+Click to select many songs at the same time to be able to drag them over. I know that this is not an issue, but I liked the idea of the earlier 3den Radio, because it went through all the songs and if you don't like one, you can just skip 'em. Edit: I also just found an issue with scrolling down in the "custom playlist" part of the 3den Radio. Even after selecting a song on the right side I can't scroll down with my mouse, I have to use the white bar on the right to do so.
  3. KiritoKunGF

    3den Enhanced

    I'm using your mod too, it really makes things ALOT easier, thanks man! Looking forward to the update.
  4. KiritoKunGF

    Flushing file error

    Pretty much "suddenly" have the same problem. Ill try to find something to fix it, I will message you when I found something! EDIT: Found a "Fix", or how you want to call it. The Mission should be stored in the MPMissionsCache folder, try to delete if. If it says "Its in use" just close arma, try to delete it again. That worked for me!
  5. KiritoKunGF

    BMR Insurgency

    Just the same as in post #382 described, you have to comment out lines 120 to 135 in the init_player.sqf!
  6. Great work so far, I really like it :) To give you an idea on making that "lagging behind" of the cannon thingy disappear, might be using the CBA_fnc_addPerFrameHandler Function. It might be helping :) keep on the work! I like it!