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  1. why dont they just take the most used features of the known scripts and implement them on public zues. i mean full arsenal. inventory of cars to edit . save and load missions or at least presets. i think other people know more functions
  2. boeljoet

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    love it . wish to switch vieuw on some of the screens (driver can see what is going on behind him without reversing, commander can switch to gunner/driver vieuw/gps etc. etc.) let the gunner alsow switch his vieuw from info to optic? as some dont have outside vieuw. slammer up doesn`t have a top turret from comander vieuw ,bobcat has what it seems same issue alsow found that the tigris has 2 unusable seats and the driver can`t turn out (ps would love a vieuw from passenger seat in some of the backs of the vehicles) (maybe let the blackfish carry 2 nux class vehicles?)
  3. boeljoet

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    can`t launch drones off the carrier cant enable/disable laser or main gun on planes (not on all that is) (think this should be an option) zues module (not sure if this is going to be inplemented) brown vest is orange holding down launch should lower flaps step 1: get in a jet step 2: controll a drone near the catapult step 3: select launch step 4: get teleported to the catapult and explode love the new update and cant wait to see what kind of missions people will have
  4. boeljoet

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    i mis to see the conection between jets and infantry. how do they interact with each other??