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  1. Thanks for your interest The Atak T129 model is ready. I added it for new version. But "TAI HURKUS C" is a training aircraft. And I don't required to add its model. Also Altay Tank, Bayraktar Tactical UAS, BMC Kirpi are ready to Oxygen. Also AH-1W with Roketsan Cirit : https://sketchfab.com/models/051b02452de84b0b9bad4734f01b160d And you can vote under this topic. "What type of vehicle models would you like to see in TSF v0.2" http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/760047636/135514507322684270/ You can watch the developments on our Offical Facebook Page
  2. Thank you very much. Why not ? The sound is good. Yeah we can extend with Azerbaijan army.
  3. Turkish Special Forces : Turkish Army v0.1 HAS BEEN RELEASED ! Please support us. Click,download than you will see the quality. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Steam Workshop : DOWNLOAD Website : www.turkishspecialforces.com Armaholic : Not available right now Facebook Offical Page REQUIREMENTS CBA A3 Available Units Infantry Commando Gendarmerie Special Forces Police Special Forces Gendarmerie General Directorate of Security (Turkey) Underwater Offence Team Special Forces ISAF Naval F. Air Forces Available Weapons MPT76 G3 HK33 MG3 PKM JNG90 M4A1 M16 Tools will be available with upcoming DLC M60T Tank Leopard Tank Otokar Arma 6x6 ACV300 M113 M270 BTR60 Police Cars C130J CH47 F35 MI8 AH1W UH60 AS-532 Cougar Bayraktar IHA (Bayraktar Drone) Tools will be available with upcoming DLC SVD MP5 MK48 M240-M249 M110 RPG7 M9 Baretta Zigana T AK Series M107 M16-M4 Series M24 STRINGER Special Thanks TUMOD TOK CLAN Some Photos :
  4. yawdamper

    Tank Tracks Stucked

    What's wrong ? And it's max. speed 18, but i set maxSpeed=72; in the config.cpp
  5. Thanks for information. Its #BOHEMIA's fault :) I hope they will fix it at new update. And ; I did it. I used a loop for delete and add new module (random) .
  6. Thank you,Its good idea,but I must be changeable.For example when you spawn anywhere,your teammate must spawn another place
  7. Hello. I'm using "BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition" command in my mission. When I captured to sector, this command will start...Then we can spawn captured sector. But When I Spawn on the captured sector, I always spawn at the same location.I want to "random spawn in the area". I know that must increase the radius that "BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition" command. This is the question : How can I set BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition' s radius ???
  8. yawdamper

    Headgear Problem

    Thank you so much.
  9. yawdamper

    Headgear Problem

  10. yawdamper

    HELP About Addaction

    The first script is , "Active Bomb" is working. But the second script is "deactivate" is not working. After clicking deactivate button; I see hint "Patlama Iptal Edildi"; after 30 sec. I see explosion
  11. yawdamper

    HELP About Addaction

    Any Help about this ?
  12. yawdamper

    HELP About Addaction

    How can please tell me ? I need a script active and deactivate to bomb.