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  1. drstighd


    I still need help
  2. drstighd

    Keep falling to the ground while walking or running.

    Remove MOCAP and Enhanced Movement.
  3. drstighd


    I reinstalled the game, it worked, the next day it says the same error..
  4. drstighd


    I have done that, i will now upload everything. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9p9bbtcffz3p7je/ArmaReport_Log_20160410T113359_Callum.zip?dl=0
  5. Every time i try and launch my game
  6. This starts the server twice
  7. Im having a problem, it is not letting me choose the 'arma3server' process, i select it and then 'Start Monitoring' but the process to monitor switches to the cmd process that i use to launch my server?
  8. Is there a way to configure this to TADST?
  9. drstighd

    [DRHD] Arma 3 Life [Promotion]

    A quick question, am i aloud to 'Bumb' posts?
  10. Hello, my name is DrStigHD/Callum Brown and i'd like to welcome you to our Arma 3 Life Lakeside server! In our server, we have many features that the community would love! I am going to explain some! We have; The ability to call other players in game! The ability to switch task force radio channels with the click of a button! Special perks for certain items in game! Lots and lots of different textures like a galaxy Lamborghini! Custom HUD Way points! A job system like Garry's mod RP (Players control the economy and jobs.. AI in place for when that's not available. LSMO [Lakeside Mayors Office] If you're intrested in joining our community, visit our website​ or come to our teamspeak at ts.drhdgaming.co.uk
  11. drstighd

    Why are life servers receiving so much hate?

    Completely agree with this post..
  12. drstighd

    New Server Invade and Annex

    Seems quite nice :)
  13. drstighd

    Intro To Endless Warfare Server

    Seems nice
  14. drstighd

    Ominous Gaming [OG] A3L Roleplay & Milsim

    Lol... Using 'updates' to bumb thread..