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  1. George99

    Ocean Map

    Hi, The map size is 20km by 20km which means that is the area you can see on the map, You can still fly out of that area and it is still water so technically the map is infinite. Also I never noticed that error, I will get it sorted for next update. Thank You
  2. George99

    Ocean Map

    With the release of a NATO Corvette on the workshop, and the release of the Jets DLC and the USS Freedom I decided to make an ocean map for large scale naval battles without terrain getting in the way. Here is Ocean Map Features: 350 Meters Deep Ocean (Room for Submarines) 20km x 20km before entering debug Coming Soon: Underwater Cave Systems, Shipwrecks, Plants and Wildlife
  3. George99

    Malden DLC 2035 - Official Feedback Post

    Malden is looking amazing! Good work Bohemia!