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  1. GalacticTwinkles

    Hold Action Intel Pickup

    Ah, didn't realize it was just adding something to the remoteExec! Awesome. Thank you!
  2. GalacticTwinkles

    Hold Action Intel Pickup

    Not too familiar with making functions JIP compatible, sadly. I mostly just make scripts for my missions so I haven't looked into it. Wouldn't know where to start, really. :/
  3. Awesome! I don't script in units much, but I'm sure this will be helpful to others who do! ...And if I ever need it in the future. :D
  4. GalacticTwinkles

    Hold Action Intel Pickup

    A diary record would cause an entry to show up under the briefing section, but only for the player that "recovers" the intel. You could put this for the on completion code: {(_this select 1) createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Title of Entry", "Details of entry here."]]} I copied and pasted your code and put that in and it worked for me. There's lots of formatting options for createDiaryRecord as well. You can put images in even. Hope this is what you're looking for!
  5. GalacticTwinkles

    Hold Action Intel Pickup

    What do you mean by "intel picked up"? What exactly the completion script supposed to do?
  6. Ah! SelectRandom! I could not think of or find that command for the life of me at the time, so I just went with a switch. I'll update it now. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys! First script I've ever put up on the forums, but as far as I know no one has posted a hostage script using the new HoldAction function. I needed it for a mission and figured it may be helpful to some! I'm not sure if it works in MP yet, 2 AM so I haven't gotten to test.Tested and working in MP! For me anyway. Any bugs or blatant mis-coding, let me know! Features: Random hostage animation. AI joins player group after release. Uses Arma 3 Hostage Icons. Multiplayer Compatible (JIP should work too) Random interruption and completion dialogue from hostage. Nothing too fancy! Just simple. INSTRUCTIONS/CODE: SCRIPT: For use on units spawned via script, see @davidoss's wonderful example right here. Changelogs: For those who just want a download link: DOWNLOAD HERE (Google Drive)
  8. GalacticTwinkles

    Help using Custom Icons for Hold Action

    Love this community, they even upload empty circles for people. :D Thank you!
  9. GalacticTwinkles

    Help using Custom Icons for Hold Action

    Alright, seems like my ArmA was freaking out. Tried that but it was like...micro. Haha, probably because I was working on a mission the whole day. I'll give it a shot tomorrow. Thanks!
  10. GalacticTwinkles

    Help using Custom Icons for Hold Action

    Thanks for figuring this out...it had me stumped for a while. What size graphics are you using for your icons? Mine all seem to show up way too big. Thanks in advance!