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  1. I can fire AGMs at ground vehicles using "T" to lock targets and the missiles hit their targets, but there's no target indicator box only the text message when I press "T", and of course the vehicle explodes when the missile hits it. Is this a bug or am I not setting up the avionics correctly? Update: I got the target indicator working, now the missiles all land about 100 meters past the targets. ?
  2. In Arma 3 helicopters, there's this flight path indicator, the little ball that moves around to indicate which direction you're flying or drifting towards. Not many helicopters actually have that capability, so in the interest of keeping my fly time as realistic as possible; is there a way to disable the flight path indicator, or just make it invisible?
  3. LuckyArma

    Arma 3 too small for fixed wing

    I'm looking for the total experience, realistic graphics for aircraft and terrain and buildings, and a realistic flight model as well. I mean, if company A can do one, and company B can do the other; why isn't there a company C that does both?
  4. LuckyArma

    Arma 3 too small for fixed wing

    I have DCS World, but the terrain just doesn't compare to Arma 3 It would awesome being able to fly the helicopters from Arma 3 in Google Earth with ground view terrain like Arma 3 has. Maybe in another life, or a parallel universe.
  5. Altis is the largest map in all of Arma 3, sure it's fine for helicopters and ground troops, but get in a fixed winged aircraft(even a small Cessna) and Altis gets small really fast. I long for the day when someone combines Arma 3 with Google Earth. Arma 3 graphics with Google Earth full world terrain. Yes, that's what I want.
  6. There's no keybinding for it; however, you can use the scroll menu that opens with the mouse wheel, and select "Turn Collision Lights On".
  7. LuckyArma

    Screen lag

    This happens while I'm flying. Every 2 to 5 seconds the screen sort of freezes for a split second, then continues. Needless to say, this is very annoying. There's something writing to disk causing this. My questions are; what is writing to disk, and how do I stop it?
  8. I created a simple mission/map in the editor, place a few helicopters in there at Altis so I can get in heli and just fly. I loaded the map, then opened MCC and spawned in 4 friendly AI's some distance away, so I could fly out there and see if they would get in my helicopter. So I fly out there to where the friendlies are, but when I'm on approach to land they open fire on me; wtf?! Why are friendlies firing on a friendly helicopter???
  9. LuckyArma

    You've played to much Arma when:

    You've played too much Arma III when you decide to take helicopter lessons, get your PPL, and buy a helicopter. I play too much GTA V also. I think about stealing cars all the time.
  10. LuckyArma

    Weapon tests

    I didn't know the snipers were that well hidden from thermals. Nice.
  11. I've probably asked this question before, if so it hasn't been answered, and no one reads posts that a year old anyway, so I'm asking again in hopes that someone has gotten it right. I've tried a couple of Bell 47 (UH-13) mods, but they don't work in Advanced Flight Model, they'll start up, but no matter how much collective you add they won't get off the ground. Is anyone using a Bell 47 mod that works in advanced flight model. Or even a R22 mod would be nice to see. How about a Safari 400? Please?
  12. I bought a Logitech Force 3D Pro off of eBay, and it's got no power going to the stick. When I first hooked it up the stick jumped just a little, then I tried again and it came on, but the stick went all the way right and foward then stayed there. I tried setting it up but windows 8.1 wouldn't identify the stick, just unidentified device, so I disabled that one and I tried reconnecting it, then it has no power at all. Any idea what happened? Could be the pcb has burned out trace? I looked but couldn't see anything on the traces, but the backside of where the USB cable connection is pinned into the board looked a little yellowed, but not burned, more like aged glue or something, but not really burned. I cleaned that up a little, and the connections there look good. Maybe a motor burned out, or diode? Is there a way to check the circuit, maybe a program that will trace through and tell me what's wrong?
  13. LuckyArma

    My anti torque pedals are all or nothing

    I hooked up the new pedals and they're working the way they're supposed to. Thanks for the tips anyway though.
  14. LuckyArma

    My anti torque pedals are all or nothing

    @GrumanThere is no (analog) option for pedals in Arma 3. Windows does nothing to change how the pedals are set up analog or otherwise. To be honest I don't see that calibrating in windows does anything at all. Then again Windows(Microsoft) has a nasty habit of making things obsolete long before their usefulness has expired. I have a new set of pedals due arrive today, so maybe the issue will finally be solved.