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  1. Was this mod taken off of the workshop?
  2. Also, can't seem to join the discord from the link you have posted.
  3. A fix for the mods stopping completely on timing out/error out is to add this to the code before it starts the "workshop_download_item appID modID". @ShutdownOnFailedCommand 0 (you can set this to 1 to stop on any failed commands, this is enabled by default). Now, for my question, I'm testing FAST2 out and when I go to join the server from the arma 3 launcher, i notice that none of the mods show as required for joining, when i go to join it from launcher. is there a setting that i'm missing in FAST2 to enable that? i have mods enabled for client/server/headless and still doesn't show required mods.
  4. Have you updated the steam version with your updates? as of right now, the steam version can't get off the ground. I think it still has the weight issue.