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  1. toiletuser

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    it looks like winter outfit (winter map, mountains, oh i wish it is it), or visor gas mask!
  2. toiletuser

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    God i hope it won't be alien or zombie nonsense! I hope it's going to be Alaska/Alps kind of map with non-futuristic weapons and good SP campaign! Btw did they said when we can expect APEX campaign 'OLD MAN'?
  3. toiletuser

    My first Tac-Ops DLC Impression

    unfortunately! But beside workshop which already give me a ton of amazing missions and few campaigns i have editor and create my own missions and campaigns, however that is time consuming and lately i don't have time,i did spent 2months for 4missions campaign which i still enjoy even new updates mess it up so i have to fix it regulary. Try it ;) it's called "COLLATERAL"
  4. toiletuser

    My first Tac-Ops DLC Impression

    this was one of my fav DLC's, very engaging and fun with great atmosphere! If only there were more missions, and carrier ops campaign would be nice. AI super aiming and x-ray vision is still annoying but overall excellent DLC, more DLC's like this please!
  5. toiletuser

    Best Arma3 DLC yet

    I voted apex, heli and malden! My next biggest dlc wish are some new good SP campaigns!
  6. toiletuser

    Respect to Bohemia

    Well, my opinion is that i have no respect for whiners, if you don't like it don't buy it. Will you respect my opinion? Whining is one thing and expressing opinion regarding dlc (constructive critic) is another. But as i said my intention was not call out whiners here rather i wanted to say i'm happy to see that BI sell real content (even some don't like it, this dlc is not in my taste either) instead paintjobs and such microtransactions. I didn't come here on forum to arguee these last 3 years and i don't intend now nor in the future. Sorry if i don't reply i rarely visit forum. Bye!
  7. toiletuser

    Respect to Bohemia

    Didn't tried it yet, but i will as soon i catch some free time.
  8. toiletuser

    Respect to Bohemia

    It's nice to see that not all studios are greedy, it's nice to see BI creating actual content and sell them in humanitarian purpose unlike some other studios who sell simple colour paintjobs in price of real game content out of pure greed. I see many whine about "Laws of war" being unworthy update while part of that money goes in charity purpose. (You don't need to buy it but at least don't whine.) Update: My intention was not to start disscusion about whining, just wanted to say bravo BI for selling actual content instead charging for paintjobs or such rubbish. (no matter does someone like this dlc or not, we all like different things). Respect BI!
  9. toiletuser

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    I don't follow forums frequently so i thought some news leaked since last time i was here. Thanks!
  10. toiletuser

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    No i didn't! I own every dlc except Karts, if i knew that i would bought it, i will if it's still a go! What about Orange dlc, any news?
  11. toiletuser

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    Seems it's not july, maybe mid/end of august! (Btw that avatar, sgt.smash?) I hope it's not something like karts, rather something we'll use in game more often....civilian or logistic support (transport/cargo plane or such). Orange dlc comes second on my "anticipation list" after malden dlc.
  12. toiletuser

    Arma 3 dev team decreasing?

    arma is their flagship, they are moving team to new title (i hope aarma4) cos a3 does not need as much devs since minor dlc's are left to be done. i guess! it is a good news if you ask me
  13. toiletuser

    BI taking on DCS

    Even i would love that, it is not realistic. It would demand heavly rewriting engine for that. Also DCS is pure sim and Arma tries to be in between and for majority players. Dcs same as il2 have small loyal community supporting it so for flight simming i play them and for rest there is Arma. Maybe in Arma4!
  14. toiletuser

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    that's your opinion! about arma we agree, but il2 is far better flight sim than DCS in terms of FM,DM and WW2 theatre, only thing DCS has better is clickpits and modern AC.....i like both sims from different reasons! No need to reply cos i sense DCS forum warrior in you (from your salty response) and this is not thread for that. cheers!
  15. toiletuser

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    I'm quite positive surprised by Jets DLC saying this as a long time flight simmer (il2, DCS) and an aircraft engineer. Ok we can't compare Arma3 flight model, damage model and realism with DCS or IL2-BoS given it is not pure flight sim. But it provides a lot of fun in terms of Arma style and what amazed me was performance, i was afraid on high speeds fps performance will suffer but it is amazing even on low altitudes. My settings are on ultra and view distance on 4000-6000m, i7 6700k with gtx1070 i get 60-120fps and even more, didn't watch it all the time. Also it is quite fun flying it with trackir5 and HOTAS. There is a one things i would add while staying loyal to Arma roots and that is: -in current state when fighter went into stall it stays like frozen in one position while losing alt even moving flight controls on low (but not too low) stall speed it doesn't affect plane movement at all, it just stays frozen in one position, it would look more realistic and immersive if plane's nose or tail went down regarding center of plane's gravity and speed when in stall ,and weak reactions from flight controls on planes behaviour according to those speed. Again this is not something really important that will ruin good experience in game. Other than that i found Jets dlc even more fun than i expected so GOOD JOB BIS!