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  1. Reaper_

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Item class names; I am trying to re-wright my rearm script to work with the helicopters in the RHS mods but I am having an issue finding the class names for the Chaff and Flares. I thought there was a post somewhere (my not have even been these forums) that listed cfg class names for all items used in the mod. I found most of them on the RHS website but haven't found it for reloading chaff and flares. Can anyone point me in the right direction.
  2. I am looking for the Cfg Class name for the Chaff and Flares used on the Helo's for RHS, USAF and AFRF. I am sure they were post here once but a search is not turning up anything. Anyone know what the class names are?
  3. Reaper_

    CH Mobile Headquarters

    I see this script still works but does anyone have a working function code to be able to grab the layout of a custom fob? This function only grabs on or two items now.
  4. Reaper_

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Really enjoying your mod SENSEI, works well with every mission I am working on and have even download and tested it with other ppls missions. Good job with this, very simple and easy to use (knock on wood) so far. Also have a question for you, When deploying the FOB the supply crate that is first placed, where would I find the file that has the crates init field? I see you have the virtual armory working on it once its deployed but I need to add some more code to it and am having a problem finding the file to edit. Thanks
  5. Ok Thanks, thought so but they way things have changed from the last time I was in the ME thought i better ask.
  6. So has anyone figured out how to get the support modules working in MP on a dedicated server?
  7. Reaper_

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    So far the only thing I can find in the .rpt file is the below error. "
  8. Reaper_

    Insurgency - Tanoa

    Have a question, I have been using your mission on our dedicated server and other then a few bug you are working on it runs fine. Question is, how did you get the support modules working for dedicated? I have a mission I have been putting together for a while now and can get the support modules to work if I host the server but as soon as I move it to the dedicated server they quit working. Whats the fix for that?
  9. Reaper_

    Insurgency - Tanoa

    When you first join the lobby you have the option to disable AI. How do you go about disabling them for good? Use to know but the editor has changed so much.
  10. Reaper_

    Insurgency - Tanoa

    In the last version the Recruiting loads but never populates with any units to recruit.
  11. Reaper_

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Is there an option in the userconfig to allow turning off Arty support? I looked but might have missed it. Update; When I call in air transport it lands, I get in, it sits there for about 2 mins then kicks me out and fly's away...... Is there something I should do before getting in?
  12. Reaper_

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Ok thanks will take a look and see what I find.
  13. Reaper_

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Ok thanks, also how can we change why type of air frames are used for trans port and maybe change the Arty rdy timer as well?