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  1. Vrae

    Turn the Turret

    in Vehicle init: gunner this dowatch [7300,7888,36.44]; in Gunner waypoint: deletevehicle this; waypoint timer : 10 seconds.
  2. _bpos = []; _origin = ((get3DENSelected "object") select 0); {_bpos append (_x buildingPos -1)} foreach (nearestObjects [_origin, ["House", "Building"], 50]); { _bp = selectrandom _bpos; _bpos = _bpos - [_bp]; _x setpos _bp; } foreach (get3DENSelected "object"); The code is used in the 3den editor CONSOLE to place the SELECTED units/objects to all buildings in 50m radius. You need to select your units in the editor, then press ctrl + D to enter the console, then you run the code. Works with editor placed buildings/fortifications. the units will be put into nearest buildings, the 3den markers will update AFTER testing the mission, to make them stay you should put {_x disableai "PATH"} foreach units this into the composition of the group
  3. a simple script to change faction allegiance retaining their waypoints here it changes AAF to fight for opfor faction if you want them to fight the LDF INDG = allgroups select {faction leader _x == "IND_F"}; { _groupold = _x; _groupnew = createGroup east; (units _groupold) join _groupnew; _groupnew copyWaypoints _groupold; } foreach INDG; // -------------------------------------------------------------------------- /* null = [] execVM "INDtoOPFOR.sqf"; */; drones work fine, helicopter behaviour issues - transports don't unload troops as per waypoint
  4. Okey, so thanks to the people here I arrived at a solution I used a 'sphere 100cm' object (without the texture so it is invisible) to hang the laser target on, in the init I put: _laserTarget = "LaserTargetE" createVehicle (getposatl this); _laserTarget attachTo [this, [0, 0, 0]]; _EHmissle = _laserTarget addEventHandler ["IncomingMissile", {[(_this select 0)] spawn {sleep 10; deletevehicle (_this select 0);};}]; the enemy craft should lock on the laser target, drop a misslie on it, 10 seconds after the laser is deleted so the plane can move to another target I copy the ball/sphere wherever I need the enemy to blow a hole, thanks
  5. just place 2 triggers trigger1 - this one will cover the area you want civillians counted conditions are: CIVILLIAN, PRESENT note that it doesnt matter if the trigger fires or not, you just need it to monitor the list of civillians within the area trigger2 - this one checks how many civs are alive in trigger1 condition field: {alive _x} count (list trigger1) < 15 result: when the amount of civs in trigger1 area drops below 15, trigger2 fires OR you could just have one trigger to check how many civs are on the map like {_x side CIVILIAN} count allunits == 0 there is a few more ways to go around that depending what you actually want to do
  6. Are you sure you sync the right waypoint with the trigger? sync-ing replaces the condition of a waypoint's completion, that means you need two waypoints, wp1 is where they need to stay put and this is the waypoint you sync, wp2 is the waypoint they're supposed to attack in any case i hate disabling the AI simulation of movement since it renders them defenseless and in cooperative your commander might just lead you to them before they get a chance to ambush/reinforce
  7. Personally if i can avoid adding scripts i do without them, this is how I do enemy artillery using 2 waypoints and a trigger let's say you have 3 OPFOR mortars that need to guard a certain area //trigger name: PERIMETER1 setup: REPEATABLE, BLUFOR detected by OPFOR now give the mortar group two waypoints close to the mortars //waypoint1 type: scripted condition: triggeractivated PERIMETER1 activation: TARGET = GETPOS (list PERIMETER1 call bis_fnc_selectRandom); {_x commandArtilleryFire [TARGET,"8Rnd_82mm_Mo_shells", 1];} foreach thislist; //waypoint2, remember that it must be close enough to waypoint1 to cycle with it type: cycle countdown: <whatever delay between shellings you want> result: Blufor enters an area, gets spotted by any enemy, mortars pick a random trespasser and fre at him
  8. Vrae

    Helicopter waypoints

    scenario1: if your team uses waypoints then the only thing you need is synchronizing a GETIN waypoint of your team with a LOAD waypoint of the helo result: the helicopter lands and waits for your team to board, then moves on to the next waypoint, the helipad is always useful to add scenario 2: you are hellbent on not giving waypoints to your team, you need to add to the helicopter's waypoint activation this line: this land "GET IN"; now your waypoint needs something to complete it so you either sync it to radio alpha trigger or in the same waypoint's condition field you put some sort of code, for example: {_x in vehicle this} count (units player) == {alive _x} count (units player); result: the helo lands and waits for player's team to board and takes off once your guys boarded personally i dont trust the advanced waypoints i.e. LAND
  9. //leader's init line {vehicle _x setpos formationposition _x} foreach units this; then you just randomize the leader's position using map markers