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  1. poweredbypot

    Role Whitelisting

    @Spatsiba Thank you! This is the solution I had found and planned on using if I was, in fact, just imagining things.
  2. Wasn't there an easy way to whitelist a specific role to a specific player UUID? I searched through everything in the wiki and O'mighty Google and I can't find it. I did find one other thread in here for a method that uses a script to grab ID's and choose roles to block, but that seems much more involved than what I need. I swear years ago I was able to simply add a parameter to the mission.ext under the role in question and provide the UUID. It may have been A2:OA that this was done in though.
  3. poweredbypot


    Just an update for those who care, my server is currently running a modified version of the default "Altis Central Pyrgos Gulf 16" map. The scenario runs as COOP, however, and in addition, the enemy AI is powered by the ALiVE mod instead of WL. I have also added Enhanced Movement and Enhanced Soundscape as optional mods, and I plan on adding C2 and/or Drongo's Command to facilitate those who are not very handy with default AI commanding. Asaayu's Super Simple Custom Cover script has been added to the mission to provide a more dynamic method of fortifying locations. fn_Quicksilvers Soldier Tracker mod has also been installed to provide a more "near future" friendly battlefield intelligence system similar to Blue Force Tracker. As things progress I will modify the request system to add in custom cover credits, custom gear boxes and more. I would also like to modify the request system to call in allied groups and see if I can get ALiVE to take over them for our advantage. I am always hunting for more scripts and mods that can be added optionally to suit player tastes. As this mission reaches completion I will be adding other missions to the rotation that use a similar framework, but start to introduce my own custom sector chains. I firmly believe a lot of what people see as the stagnation or decay of a WL match can be mitigated simply by slight modifications of the mission dynamic. Everyone is welcome, and I want any feedback anyone is willing to offer short of "piss off"!
  4. poweredbypot

    Asaayu's Custom Cover Mod

    @Asaayu Brilliant, thank you!
  5. poweredbypot


    @Jezuro I apologize if I have asked you any of these before but here goes! 1) can the request system handle requesting a group? Let's ignore what would be done with the group for now, I just want to know if it could be done without breaking things. 2) is there any way to modify the amount of CP awarded per kill? 3) Is there any way to "reset" a player that JIP's over an AI slot? It's super disorienting to spawn in mid-fight with purchases you didn't make. I would simply disable them but some scenarios need that early help when there isn't a constant player population.
  6. poweredbypot


    @Beagle,@raikkonen2270,@captaindawson I agree with a lot of your sentiment on the stagnation of default WL. I would love to see any of you try the mission running on my server and hear any opinions you may have!
  7. poweredbypot

    Asaayu's Custom Cover Mod

    @Asaayu I love this script, and I thought you might want to know I feature it in all of the missions running on my server. I was wondering, does the script remove objects left by players on disconnect? And also, can JIP players see/ teardown objects placed by others before they joined? Also, I need a way to add "credits" to a player either as a reward for completing objectives, or to be purchased with other currency like Warlords CP for example; is this a possibility?
  8. poweredbypot

    Soldier Tracker ( Map and GPS Icons )

    @fn_Quiksilver That would be awesome, I have a server running and all the missions have your script in them. If you need any help with debugging work or testing let me know!
  9. poweredbypot


    Hello Everyone! I have lurked around this forum thread for quite some time, and a few of you may remember me mentioning that I make a lot of custom Warlords missions that I someday hoped to put on a server. I have come in again to tell you all that I have in fact started up that server, and I am working to get as many of my WL iterations setup in the mission rotation. It will take me some time to produce each version, so please be patient but with me and in time there should be no issues with "getting bored" with the same old thing. I do plan to open additional servers in time that will use CUP terrains, RHS assets and the like. I am also very interested to hear any feedback from the community for any mods or scripts that will serve as fun additions or variations. The server can be found at and I will do my best to get a discord server and website up shortly. In the meantime please feel free to direct any feedback to me here directly via PM (please don't clutter the WL thread) or via steam, username also PoweredByPot.
  10. poweredbypot

    Soldier Tracker ( Map and GPS Icons )

    @fn_Quiksilver Love this script. That needs to be said and read all on its own. With that out of the way, is it possible and are you willing to consider an addition in which enemy units can be revealed to a player who spots them? And further to share this information with allies if say both units have a GPS and there is a friendly UAV in the air?
  11. poweredbypot


    you also need to make sure that you change the asset list definition from "A3DefaultALL" to I think "RHSDefaultAll". If that doesn't work let me know, someone else was asking about issues with RHS and I haven't tested it in a very long time.
  12. poweredbypot


    Warlords does definitely benefit from a Headless Client from an efficiency standpoint, and functions nearly exactly as dvdbrewster is hinting at. However, writing a methodology INTO warlords would be a very time consuming process, AND would not be functional if you wanted to play warlords with nearly any other mod that adds or modifies units. Furthermore, someone has already done a great job to build a system that can do all this work for us AND is cross compatible if you want to dabble with other mods as well. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/184485-werthles-headless-module/ WHM does a fantastic job of converting WL AI units to a headless client, or evenly balancing them across five if you choose. It works with every mod I've ever thrown at it, I once successfully ran an Altis WL mission that used ALiVE AI instead of WL units, and had nearly 2500 "virtualized" (ALiVE) units all working seamlessly spread across four HC with server FPS at 47-49.
  13. I hate to necropost, but I have this same problem and it is driving me insane (although it isn't actually detrimental as far as I can tell). It started after one of the little patches preparing for the big one back in May.
  14. poweredbypot


    @dvdbrewster There is a steam workshop mod called "Werthless Headless Module" that can distribute WL AI to headless clients. Last I tested it there were no performance/functionality issues. @target_practice I have tried unsuccessfully on a few occasions to get a server going, but never a steam group and you're probably right that would help a lot. The real issue though is that I cannot afford to pay for a hosted server, and neither can most people as they average $20-$40 a month for a decent player limit. Hosting off my own box I can only support about 6 players before things become unbearable.
  15. I'm working on a mission where the starting player base location has a garrison of units I have manually placed in particular positions and orientations, and when they die I would like them to respawn in that same position after a delay when they die. I can only figure out how to do it for the entire side which creates many undesired results.