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  1. When you drop your primary weapon, your char stand up from a prone position, how about fixing that. When you are looking at an item like weapon on the ground, you can't intuitively pick it up, how about fixing that. Never change BIS. Your game is a joke.
  2. Add some export version of the UH1D helicopter (it has to be the D version). Prefereably something other than some boring camo. Gray is ok (dark sea gray), or some funky coloring. Licencing issues? I think most helis are so boring to fly, except for the UH1-D and the MH-6 Little Bird.
  3. Make the non-satellite-view of the map (m key) viewer friendly. It is such a glaring pos thing on screen when gaming at night time. The map without the satellite photo, shows more clearly the hills and height levels of the terrain, but the super bright background color burns the eyes. The non satellite map ought to have a "50%" gray background with a brighter colored lines for the map lines showing the elevation.
  4. Housesparrow

    Why do small fences completely destroy vehicles?

    I am pretty sure Arma is not a mil sim, it just is marketed that way. I find it awkward reading about Bioware who label their upcoming game as "science fantasy". A bunch of marketing bs.
  5. Btw, I run 2x8 GB G.skill Flare-X (3200) ram, at these settings, which is also stable for me (using newer 1401 bios): At present time, I am not sure if running my ram like this at 3333 Mhz is performing better in Arma 3, than some improved 3200MHz settings I also have been using (also stable). Update: Apparently, I have a cold boot issue with running 3333MHz with 1401 bios.
  6. This is what it looks like in task manager after having played Arma 3 Sa-Matra's Wasteland: (Btw I am using a 250GB Samsung 960 evo M.2 SSD on the mobo, I have no other storage devices installed atm)
  7. Running my 2x8GB Flare X ram sticks at 3200MHz and 14-14-14-34 (previoulsy 2400MHz and 15-15-15-38 or so), my fps dropped from 38 to 37 with a couple of runs of YAAB with Arma 3 video settings set to "standard". :| Playing Sa-Matra's Wasteland, I seem to get decent fps, though I wouldn't know if it is an improvement with 3200MHz memory speed, over the old 2400MHz setting, and related latency settings.
  8. @St. Jimmy I had some crazy (and apparently somewhat unstable I found out the other day) ram overclock on my old "intel" computer (2000+MHz), and when I lowered it and retested it the other day, I had my four DDR3 ram sticks at 1600MHz, CL10 (iirc) (stock ram speed). There wasn't much of a change when testing YAAB between the two. I don't remember anymore which ram speed had the best fps, though I never tested YAAB much, so the fps might be a little random given how few times I tested it. Btw, lowering MSAA down to x2 really helps on the fps when playing Wasteland. I have a 290x on an intel machine, with 2560x1440 screen. I had to RMA my Ryzen computer's PSU, so that computer won't be running any time soon.
  9. I have built a Ryzen computer, however it isn't finished, and who knows what the temps are. A bit confusing. Anyway I did a little bit of testing. At the moment, the "Ryzen" ram is just running at defautl 2400MHz and with CL15. 2560 x 1440 i7 2700k @ 4.6 GHz Win 7 Sapphire 290x SATA SSD = 37.2 fps (standard) = 34.1 (very high) = 32.1 (ultra) --------------------------- 2560 x 1440 Ryzen 1800x @ 3.6 GHz Win 10 Asus Rog Rx480 Strix 8GB oc M.2 SSD 2x8 GB G.skill Flare X 3200Mhz, CL14 (running at 2400MHz and CL15) = 38 fps (standard) = 32,5 (very high) = 29,5 (ultra)
  10. I am still waiting for my G.Skill Flare X, CL14 3200MHz ramsticks to even ship. Estimated time to it shipping being 14+ days. :( Looking forward to test with YAAB now that I found YAAB on Steam. Below, my incomplete Ryzen build: • 1800x cpu • Nofan CR-95C passive cpu cooler (AM3) • G.Skill Flare X 2x8GB, CL14, 3200MHz ram • Asus Rog Crosshair VI Hero board (AM4/AM3) • Asus Rog Rx480 Strix 8GB OC gfx card • Samsung 960 Evo SSD (M.2 socket) • Win 10 pro on a usb stick (only to be used for gaming) • Seasonic fanless psu 520W • Cablemod's white basic cable pack for Seasonic FL2 psu • Fractal Design Define S w. window
  11. Housesparrow

    Zoom doesn't work?

    Afaik, zoom, has been buggy for years. I think I saw a twitter post recently that they are working on it. Unsure if your issue is a reference to the issues I've seen, over the last few years, where vehicle weapons have the zoom becoming stuck. Similar with infantry.
  12. I wish the grass extended further out.
  13. Housesparrow

    1.68 with lower FPS

    Is there a way I can benchmark this update to x64 client in a meanginful way? i7 2700k @4.6 GHz 32 GB, four sticks of DDR3 ram (2166MHz, 10-10-10-27) Maximus IV Extreme P67 mobo SSD Samsung 850 pro, 512 GB Win 7 Btw, playing Wasteland this morning with the new update, with few people on the server, it looked like the game client took up about 4+ GB of ram in task manager.
  14. I wonder, how does am AMD Ryzen eight core 1800x cpu, fare with Arma 3? Anyone willing to take an educated guess?
  15. Housesparrow

    Where would BIS have to go next, to top the Tanoa map?

    An all land terrain map, like Vietnam jungle all over, with some more open spots around, but not just a jungle in the center, or with patches of jungle, full jungle map, Chernarus size: • Multiple hilltops, not too small. • Rivers, running and trickling, deep and shallow. • More wooden structures, and no concrete stuff. • Sensible creation of new vehicle assets. STOL aircraft and helicopters, non futuristic. • Non-self-propelled artillery • A more refined jungle, and not like Tanoa, with either "passable" or "non passable" jungle, for vehicles. A little more variation to the density of the jungle. • Traceable tracks on the ground, from passed players and vehicles. Not necessarily a 100% whole trace, but across trace'able ground, like mud, sand, etc. • Having pre-built defensive positions already fixed to locations around the entire map, here and there. • Birds going quiet by players making noise nearby. I never experienced that on the Tanoa map. • Make an effort creating environmental sounds, that are mixed, and having variations (not just some damn and same tweet-tweet-tweet sound). • Multiple variations of the map, to offer different types of gameplay. I.e a variant with razed mountain tops (among other things), maybe more crop fields in an area, etc. • Destructible base objects, that look nice. Making destruction of things more meaningful for gameplay (like razing an area beyond repair), not just to make it pretty.