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  1. Hi Dwarden,


    Thinking about upcoming Ryzen 3000.


    Ryzen 3000 will be a floating point FPU monster according to latest Benchmark leaks. 


    Is ArmA3 more int or more float heavy? Would love to know!


    Thanks for you time!

  2. Mahatma Gandhi

    We need AMD Ryzen Benchmarks! Share your toughts!

    Clawhammer, the RAM is your only problem! I get 58FPS in YAAB with standard preset on a 2600x + RX470 + @3600MHz RAM. Either get your RAM frequency up or toss the RAM and get some good one. Slow mem like yours is your worst enemy in the yaab benchmark. I use the 3200MHz CL14 G.Skill FlareX 2x8gb
  3. The only issue hier is: Voila, you spend more money already than I have spent for CPU, Mainboard and Graphics Card alltogether (against the 9700k). If you take the 9900k you spend more on the CPU alone than I did on CPU, GPU, RAM and mainboard. It really depends on what you are willing to invest and where you want to go with it. Are you only playing ArmA3, is you budget high enough to be able to afford fast RAM AND the Intel CPU, do you have to go lower on the GPU because you run out of budget etc etc .... If you do have the budget to buy all these High End components, it is the best solution. If you don't, its not a good solution. In most cases I still see people buying an 8700k/9700k for ArmA3 overclock it to 5GHz and combine it with the cheapest RAM they can find on the Market just to find themselves having best average FPS. e.g.: My 2600x is by the way not overclocked at all... it's actually undervolted and at auto clock. @Valken We will surely test the Ryzen 3k with ArmA3. I will let you (guys) know what to expect.
  4. Thats perfectly true for Intel based Systems also. my favorite for ArmA3 is still the 2600x + 3600MHz CL15 Kombo. Thats very fast and ultra smooth gameplay for little money... But if you're a fan of Intel, i understand that its not only about $ and frametimes.
  5. Seriously considering to buy one of those to have a mobile ArmA3 device to visit friends. https://www.anandtech.com/show/13830/asrock-at-ces-2019-deskmini-a300-worlds-first-amd-ryzen-mini-stx-pc-launched its 8cm x 15cm x 15cm and AsRock annonced to claim 120 USD for it in the US. Thats dirt cheap given it comes with case, board and PSU. It fits the 2400G which according to Youtube does pretty well in ArmA3.
  6. @Groove_C Nice overclock! Does anyone have such a CPU here? @Valken You can look up memory latency ladders of any CPU on Userbenchmark e.g. 7700k, 8700k, 9700k, 2700x and 7900x (I havent checked whether in these runs here specifically the CPU or Ringbus or Mesh etc is overclocked ... one needs to pay attention there of course) But cache performance alone is a poor indicator as of course BP performance and cache sizes play a huge role. Also cache hierarchy and Inclusive vs. non-inclusive vs exclusive cache organization matters. If you want to make performance extrapolations, its save to say that comparisons within one uArch are good but not between uArches (e.g. Coffee Lake vs Skylake-X vs Ryzen) Maybe @Dwarden can give an idea of what to expect from large caches (e.g. 32mb L3 in Zen2 or the eDRAM in 5775c).
  7. @Groove_C Thanks for making this comparison. I made another one based on the same leak of the ZEN2 ES sample from last week. I compared it to the current incarnation of the Zen µArch. Of course this always needs to be taken with a grain of salt. This is an ES with non final AGESA and UEFI Firmwares and it only clocks at about 3.7GHz. Yet, I think it appears that the outsourcing of the memory controler in Zen2 will roughly cause a 10ns Latency penalty over the Zen+. On the other hand, its pretty save now to assume that Zen2 will double L3 Cache and will come with 32mb L3 Cache that performs fast at a latency of only ~10ns. So for ArmA3 there is good and bad. RAM Latency gets worse, double (32mb 10ns L3!) Cache will however for sure absorb many cache misses. Its very hard to predict what the result will be. With some friends we are just about to start some small RAM Review Channel and I am sure we will be able to review Ryzen 3k soon after release. And I will make sure we include ArmA3 ;-) Will let you know! Mahatma
  8. Mahatma Gandhi

    We need AMD Ryzen Benchmarks! Share your toughts!

    Give them 1.4V and try to reduce those timings further. Every bit helps as you can see. You can also check out the Ryzen DRAM Calculator as a tool to get values that should work with your RAM. Here's a tutorial P.S.: Flashing to the latest BIOS might also help to achieve better timings.
  9. Mahatma Gandhi

    We need AMD Ryzen Benchmarks! Share your toughts!

    You simply bought the wrong RAMs. You are lightyears away from what I have with 3600MHz CL15-14-15-14-26-40 + short subtimings. This is how ArmA3 scales with RAM on a 2700x Ryzen: Best option if you want to get max performance is to sell them and get 3200MHz CL14 FlareX and optimize timings.
  10. Mahatma Gandhi

    We need AMD Ryzen Benchmarks! Share your toughts!

    Retrospectively, the RX470 4gb I have was a very decent buy (back in 2016). Last weekend, we have been playing the "A long way" Coop mission and I am on average well above 80 FPS, mostly 90-110FPS with the "Very high preset" + HBMO @ strong and View Distance set to 8000m. The GPU shows a constant 100% load, so I am GPU bound, but at this level... It simply does not matter anymore to me. I am to old meanwhile to see a difference between 80 and 120 min FPS. The most important aspect to me is that it is completely smooth. Fully even frame times matter much more than 15% average FPS. I have always hated these stutters in the OFP/ArmA3 engine and this is the first build I got completely rid of them. So Kudos to AMD for finally bringing an affordable and fast platform with many cores to the marked. If ArmA4 ever comes to market, I might go for the Ryzen 3k if necessary (lets see how the enfusion engine works). Luckily, they announced that it will be a drop in replacement that works on any current AM4 Board and apparently, it will even upgrade the Boards to PCIe Gen4. Nothing else to wish for. By the way, in the other thread, you wrote that the 2600x only gives 35 FPS @ Ultra setting. I checked that yesterday, too. So with Ultra Settings applied and no reduced View Distance (no S-key) but disabled AA (otherwise the RX470 is a hard limit) I end up with 46.8 FPS on average in YAAB but it remains fully smooth. Don't ever be cheap on RAM if you play ArmA ;-) Thats the most common mistake people do when configuring their systems.
  11. Mahatma Gandhi

    We need AMD Ryzen Benchmarks! Share your toughts!

    @Groove_C Yes, It seems like it. And this was with every background programm closed. For sure I haven't seen any stutter since I have this system but while benching with 4 cores, I have seen noticeable stutter which are in the results above. Not sure Ryzen 3k can be any smoother to be honest. But yeah, I am also looking forward to a YAAB Bench with one of those. My next thing is the GPU, as I don't play yaab all day and in real world, I am entirely GPU bound now. Or I just stay with what I have and enjoy ArmA
  12. Mahatma Gandhi

    We need AMD Ryzen Benchmarks! Share your toughts!

    Alright, I did use the Altis Benchmark and benched 3 times each 6C/12T, 6C/6T, 4C/8T and 4C/4T. The result by Fraps for the first 60 seconds is basically identical. Even between Full 6C/12T or 4C/4T However, if you look at the frame run, 2/3 runs with 4C/4T or 4C/8T have huge spikes. Here a representative one: Heres another one: 6C/12T are all smooth So it seems that you need more than 8 Threads to avoid stutter entirely, but this might be a wrong conclusion as threads from ArmA3 might jump CCX more frequently and this might be the cause. But you can also see the 1% low Frametimes go up from 4C/8T to 6C/12T
  13. Mahatma Gandhi

    We need AMD Ryzen Benchmarks! Share your toughts!

    @Valken I am very happy with the system and I can absolutely recommend this platform for ArmA3/in general. The price/performance tag is pretty outstanding. But yes, RAM is a very contributing factor at least on the AMD Plattform. So if one is thinking about upgrading to the Ryzen platform, don't be cheap on the RAM. One saves a lot on the CPU already. Although expensive, 3200MHz CL14 modules make the cut over 3000-3200MHz CL16 which you cannot clock or further optimize timings. But I am also surprised, because your RAM is pretty competitive, too. With 2400MHz CL10 you have identical latencies to my 3600MHz CL15. I can do some core count scaling over the next week if thats of interest. My feeling is, it matters most for the frame times, in particular if other software runs in the background (e.g. Skype and Relive or my Dropbox sync). The average FPS result is likely stable down to 8 threads, as long as nothing else runs in the background.
  14. Mahatma Gandhi

    We need AMD Ryzen Benchmarks! Share your toughts!

    Regarding the particularly smooth frame delivery on Ryzen. I can try doing this, but my concern is that YAAB is not reproducible enough for frame time measurements. Any suggestions for a handy tool to measure frame times? The L3 is fully available to all cores, however it is split in two blocks (2x8mb). Each block of 4 Cores (AMD calls that a CCX) have local fast access to 8mbL3 and somewhat slower access to the 8mb of the other CCX. If I disable cores, I can do that in pairs only (8, 6, 4, 2) because they get disabled symmetrically (at least this is true for my Board). That however means that distant access might become more frequent and bias the result. Not sure that is a trivial question to solve this way. But sure, if there is a handy tool to measure frame times, I can give it a shot.
  15. Mahatma Gandhi

    We need AMD Ryzen Benchmarks! Share your toughts!

    @Groove_C @oldbear I have just switched the system to a 2600x which allowed me to clock my RAMs to 3600MHz. The upgrade made a huge difference. I got another + 20% The YAAB result with the CPU at stock and the RAM @ 3600MHz in 1080p and Standard preset is: Rest of the System is still identical: Now Ryzen 5 2600x (stock) (before Ryzen 7 1700 @3.8GHz) Radeon RX 470 4gb Asrock X370 mITX G.Skill FlareX 3200MHz CL14 (now overclocked to 3600MHz CL15) Samsung SSD Enermax Triathlor 300W