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  1. Problem solved - switched over to Debian 8, now it works.
  2. Is there a list of distributions and versions, that are not compatible with dedicated server? I ask this, because i have a running server on openSuse 13.2 64bit. All is working fine except the Voice Over Net (VON). Im not able to talk inside the game ... and VON is not disabled (disableVON=0) and the Codec is standard (10). Is there some libraries needed for VON? I doesnt find anything in journalctl or other logfiles, that something is missing.
  3. I got the same problem on my side on openSuse 13.2 64bit. My config is the same like you, and so on, VON is not disabled and the Codec is on 10. But ingame, nobody is able to talk. Are there some specific programs needed?