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  1. CQ "Close Quarters" Greetings Arma lovers! TRG is proud to announce the development of a new multiplayer mod for Arma 3 called "CQ" due out in 2016. CQ provides players with a truly immersive and challenging yet rewarding competitive experience unlike any other in Arma 3 to date. Our aim is to allow players the chance to showcase their true skill in a faster paced highly competitive environment designed for smooth gameplay. We aren't talking about a shoot house in the desert of Altis, we are talking about a state of the art 3.9 million sq ft Arena designed for live fire combat sports events. All of CQ's assets are being made by TRG, with the exception of character, gun and uniform models, which we will reskin. One thing to note about the smooth gameplay comment, I mean this from the perspective that we are a two man team doing all the work, making all the models that make up the world, doing all the graphics and code etc and because of this we have total control over every element and we are following every know performance rule so the resulting performance has been exceptional. One thing that is unique to us is the "tightness" of our geometry, which allows some amazing shots through the tiniest of spaces, it really makes everything feel so much smoother. This also applies to moving around the map, we are being very cautious to not create any areas that feel "catchy"... I really feel players will feel this when moving around CQ's environment. Visually we are taking it to the next level through the UI, Dialogs, etc. Everything from the Audio and Visual presentation to the custom self updating launcher has been painstakingly developed to be as efficient, smooth and beautiful as possible. We have also developed an immersive story line so the player feels connected to and invested in their character in CQ. We have dynamic events that happen in numerous stages of the game, not just the gameplay itself, that will either reward the player or punish them depending on what the scenario is. We want playing CQ to be an experience. The Story: In 2031 human cloning has been perfected. Failed government support for human drones in the battlefield leaves defense contractors without a use for their multi-billion dollar project. Meanwhile the world's population grows tired of the same old results from boxing and full contact sports. Investors reach a deal with the cloning team in an effort to curb the fan base's need for bloodshed. In 2032 corporations began cloning the worlds best fighters with the intent to create live fire combat events and televise it. In 2033 through heavy lobbying and large campaign donations the use of human clones in televised sporting events became legalized and "The League" was formed. Construction immediately began on a 3.9 million sq ft arena to host the live fire combat events. Now, it's 2035 and The League is the most popular sporting event on the planet being broadcast to over 1 billion homes nightly and is the highest rated show in television history. Due to the nature of the events using live rounds, the only spectator seats are custom bulletproof skyboxes that were snapped up by the ultra wealthy as soon as the plan to build the arena was announced. Making the skyboxes an extremely valuable possession. The greatest fighters themselves enjoy success beyond their wildest dreams and are the biggest celebrities on the planet. However, there can be only one "Champion" and the competition for that spot is fierce. Being "The Champion" is more coveted then being the president and most will say has more influence over modern society. Now, the question remains... who will be The Champion. CQ is a Close Quarters 25 vs 25 Team Deathmatch mod for Arma 3 that features fast paced combat, progression, objectives and the ability to be totally unique through numerous custom skinned items and guns. CQ will feature leader boards and stats tracking so everyone can see who the best of the best is. Features List: Levelling system that unlocks new weapons, skins, abilities and cosmetic items Extensive Persistent Stats Tracking (Kills, Deaths, Wins, Losses, etc) Leaderboards (Current Match and Global) to keep track of who is the best of the best. Perks you can obtain to make your character more powerful in the Arena Kill Streaks to reward you for dominating in a match Achievement system that rewards you with custom items, in game titles, etc for accomplishing tasks or milestones Large selection of cosmetic items, gun skins, headgear and facewear to customize your character Random objectives/events during the match to increase competition Robust UI/HUD system with visual alerts for important info Unique game play setting with a unique storyline make CQ one of a kind. Custom Map, Custom Objects, Self Updating Custom Launcher Spawn Protection and No Friendly Fire make spawn camping a thing of the past For more information and current screenshots etc visit our website @ TRG Website: http://therevolutiongaming.com
  2. You really should check names before choosing one. You have chosen the name of a long standing community that owns the domain name "therevolutiongaming.com". I would like to request you pick another name as not to confuse people in thinking this is connected to us. If you have any questions feel free to message me.
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    ArmA Hunger Games

    So another Battle Royale?
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    Arma 3 Bowling

    This is already in that new $30 to play Arma life mod Caiden is making.
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    BHI Mods Discussion thread

    Perhaps I should have worded it: "Sorry folks, but you simply can not in any way shape or form *LEGALLY* use/copy/distribute/modify/derive from/etc/etc/etc copyrighted material without proper licensing or consent from the property owner." Sorry to hear you got the typical response, even though it was expected.
  6. foamytrg

    BHI Mods Discussion thread

    Sorry to see this happen but you guys are making the right choice. The folks on here want this mod thus making them blind to what could actually happen to you guys if you keep working on it. They don't have any risk in asking you to risk yourselves. I don't understand why they can't understand ownership is ownership period. There are no loopholes and there are most certainly no instances where it's ok to copy/use someones copyrighted property without their express consent. Folks don't seem to understand how much time this stuff takes and to spend all that time working on something that can be taken at anytime when you could spend that time doing something that can't be taken away seems more like gambling then modding. Sorry folks, but you simply can not in any way shape or form use/copy/distribute/modify/derive from/etc/etc/etc copyrighted material without proper licensing or consent from the property owner. Also, keep in something in mind... now that you have contacted Disney they know about you so if this mod ever starts up again without their express consent... well... yeah.
  7. I was having the same issue so I did some testing to see if I could narrow down the cause. What I discovered is, it seems to be a Git issue. If you add a folder from a Git directory it causes the error. If you move the files and folders into a Non-Git folder the error doesn't occur. Now I am guessing many of the folks that would use this software also use Git so this is a problem. Having to move files from a git directory to edit them and then having to move them back to Git to update Git is definitely not ideal and could easily create file version confusion.
  8. I don't understand this logic. They own the entire SW IP not just the new stuff so it doesn't matter what movie something was shown in, property is property.
  9. By no means am I saying companies "will" I am simply pointing out they "can" and "have" done it to folks. As stated, it really depends on the level of attention/cash it generates. You may or may not know this, but these companies actually have legal teams on staff, so it's not as if they are paying them "more" to pursue legal action. It comes down to the scale of the infraction and the time available to the legal team. Often times they will farm out this smaller stuff to the newer legal team members to work them in to the companies legal process under low profile situations while possibly getting some restitution in the process. Not to mention it helps deter the small guys who feel they can fly under the radar by going after some of them. They look at it as a cost measure to stifle the lower end usage of their IP's. I pointed out D, because I have done work for them in the past and they are very aggressive. You may not think so by the cute image they portray but they are not cute and cuddly when it comes to their brand and it's owned IP's. Again, I am not saying they will, but they most certainly can so food for though to content creators using hot IP's in their work.
  10. Just google Scapegaming.
  11. Well honestly most media/entertainment companies feel the same about their IP's so it isn't just D. It more or less comes down to crossing a line that you don't set where it is so you have no idea if you crossed it or not. I mean you could get away with it, have fun and all is well. Or... you could get sued into oblivion, you just never know who is gonna catch wind of something and take action. There is that inherent risk anytime you step on someones IP and do something with it publicly.
  12. It sounds like you are trying to convince yourself you aren't a threat and that it's ok because other people are doing it, which has never been a sound legal defense... ever. Do you think D's lawyers will care? Sorry to say but anytime you are stepping on the IP of an entertainment company and not getting sued you should consider yourself lucky. There was a private wow server community that thought Blizz wouldn't come after them either, key word is "was" they got sued for 88 million, yes they lost as if there was any doubt. Nobody said you can't do it, hell you can shoot people if you really want, but there are consequences if the powers that be decide they aren't having any of it. Is it really worth it? *I* don't think so but then again I don't have millions to pay lawyers either so it's not a table I would sit at in the first place.
  13. Entertainment companies are some of the worst. It's a common practice for these companies to make deals with artists that put ownership of the creative IP into the hands of the company, not the artist, then it licenses the artist's own work to them so they can do things with it, which the company then takes another cut of. D may appear all cute and fuzzy but make no mistake they are an entertainment company through and through. SW is their golden cow and they are gonna protect that money making machine from theft. That mod you speak of is lucky so far. If it ever generates a few bucks and/or some attention creating some blood in the water the sharks will come. Then again maybe they never hear from them, who knows... 50/50 chance. All I know is I never gamble with those odds.
  14. I am not talking about the mod makers here. I am talking about the owner of the Star Wars franchise, Disney. And Disney doesn't F around with their IP, you can NOT use ANY Star Wars IP without licensing it from Disney, otherwise they reserve the right to sue you into oblivion. You know what a copyright is right?
  15. They most certainly can, it has nothing to do with the fact it is not a port of their actual model. In a legal sense you are using their branded IP (intellectual property) you can not recreate anything in likeness to Star Wars without infringing on a copyright. if you want to use anything Star Wars related you have to buy a license to do so.