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  1. No real previous relationship, other than he commented on my dead thread about my project saying he wanted to do something similar. That ignited tons of messages from people asking about progress, asking me to get involved, etc, but I wasn't interested in continuing the project, but I also didn't want to constantly be having to tell people why I didn't want to continue it and so on. And I'd feel like a jerk if I ignored people's inquiries as well, I don't want to be an ass to people who legitimately have questions, but there were a lot of them. I asked the forum admins to lock the thread since I wasn't continuing the project. Ever since then he's made this claim of me having some secret campaign I won't share with the community, which simply isn't true. Again, it's just more annoying than anything, because I get people messaging me on steam asking about it and then accusing me of being a dick for not sharing it with them like I'm some sort of elitist or something. But like, what they want literally doesn't exist lol, so how am I supposed to share it?
  2. I don't really care about calling him out at this point because he's nuts and believes something that's not true. But here's additional evidence I've tried to get him to remove his claims I made something I didn't. Again, literally no clue what he's gaining from this, other than annoying me.
  3. I commented on the workshop item, both the first time and this time as it's been re-uploaded with the claims still in the description. But my comments were deleted and I can not longer comment, probably due to a block. Not really sure what the individual is gaining from it, but it's annoying me and I feel bad people are not only being misled, but also when I have to tell them it doesn't exist and they subsequently believe I'm being an elitist or something and won't share my work... my work that literally does not exist lol.
  4. Kind of a weird question, but the results of this person's claims are annoying me in a roundabout way. An individual on Steam has a workshop item up with a claim that I, Mynock, have a "private SOCOM campaign" and that he hasn't stolen anything from me yada yada yada. Here's the thing: No such "private" campaign exists. I never made one. Yet this causes a lot of messages to me asking for access to it, and then people getting upset accusing me of lying when I tell them it doesn't exist. Said individual has blocked me from communicating with them. It's frustrating to say the least. I'm not even making Arma missions anymore. But every time he re-uploads this workshop project I get flooded for months with requests for access to this non-existent thing I never made.
  5. Not sure exactly how you would write it without playing around with the editor myself, but could you perhaps count the number of active mines, and once that count reaches zero, the trigger would fire?
  6. Yeah, RHS USAF specifically I think has the shot guns if I'm remembering correctly. Gave ya an upvote on the mission too, so now you're under pressure that it won't disappoint me when I'm able to play it lol
  7. I think RHS has a shotgun or two, not sure about an auto shotgun though but I think it has a couple breaching pump-type shotguns. Machete I have no clue. Isn't there an ax in the game as a prop? Or am I imagining that?
  8. Calling me wise is probably a mistake lmao, but thanks homie. Off-topic buuuuuuut your longboat script got me thinking if maybe there's a way to use some of that code to replace the statics on vanilla vehicles like the offroad and the new jeep looking thingy that has a static with ones from mods through scripting vs a new model entirely. Anyway, I've got a catastrophic failure going on right now with a windows update that's screwing my system, but once I get that ironed out I'll give this mission a go. Also don't read into the ratings too much cuz they're screwy. My Bariga mission shows 5 stars for me in my workshop, but 4 if I search it. It's never consistent, and even with 100% positive ratings, you have to hit certain thresholds for it to bump the count. Pretty sure like 175+ is required for 5 stars. It's a dumb system, like I said don't buy into it, but I get you have a steak at stake (hah, I'm so fuckin hilarious).
  9. Not an option for me. 7 has worked fine until now, and I'm sure once I figure out the issue it will continue to work fine. I'm also not asking for Windows help FYI, I'm after suggestions to avoid having download 6gb of an update every time I want to play Arma until I can fix whatever is going on with Windows because of this weird quasi-loop situation I've been forced into. Perhaps that's not explicitly clear from my original post.
  10. I'll try to make this brief and coherent. Arma updated to 1.82 yesterday for the tanks DLC, and coincidentally Windows 7 had an update. The issue is there's something about the Windows update that wrecks my computer, rendering it basically useless, but because it's a "critical security update" I can't opt-out of the update, even turning off Windows auto-updates and all that. It pre-downloads and installs the update each time I start my computer, and all it allows me to postpone is the auto-restart, but only up to 4 hours, meaning even if I put the computer in sleep mode, when I go to bed it restarts on its own and loads this update that turns my computer into a useless pile of components. Now how does this relate to Arma? Well the only way to get my computer to work again is to boot into safe mode and do a system restore every time I want to use it... Because Arma's update was the same day, it means I have to re-update to 1.80 every single day because I'm restoring back to a point before I have the new Arma update, so it gets deleted every time. So, any thoughts on how to bypass that when I'm forced to restore every day right now until Windows does a hot fix or their support team gets back to me (which let's be real, they will be of no use)? I know right now I can't avoid the windows roll-back every day, but I'd like to avoid having to re-update 6GB every day for Arma if there's a way to avoid it.
  11. Mynock

    Delete Map Objects?

    Be careful using the new editor module to hide hundreds or thousands of objects in an area if the mission has the ability to be "saved" (either through autosaves or manual player saves). I've noticed that trying to do a game save with tons of objects hidden by those modules cause the game to lock up and it spits out thousands of errors relating to the objects you have hidden. To more directly answer your question (well, sort of), when I tried hiding about half of a map, I noticed only minor improvements (like 1-3fps on average maybe) but it was a fairly small map. On a larger map you may notice a bigger difference. Ultimately I couldn't implement it though because of the save game issues I discovered.
  12. Mynock

    [Poll] Arma 3 Third-Party DLC

    Something like Tac-Ops I'd spend money on. Felt like I got my $5 USD worth out of Tac-Ops. Assuming it would be 3rd party and the trade-off would be more content for less money (since, in theory, it's not being produced by a full sized company like BI), I'd probably give it a go. Maybe 7 or 8 missions for $5. Sure why not. Everything else I want to play with for the most part is already covered by mods in existence. Some mods might be lacking one or two assets I'd like, but why whine about then when you have so much else. Doubt I'd spend money on another map unless it was something really unique (was thinking a winter map, but there are already several good mod ones anyway). Don't really like the whole 2035 thing anyway so assuming new faction DLCs or whatever need to be in line with vanilla Arma 3, I doubt I'd purchase it (unless it added more, like LoW did with the new logistical stuff). I can't do air, vehicle, or sea combat to save my life, so not too interested in that stuff in terms of assets. Idk. Single player infantry based stuff is basically all I do. I'm a simple guy. Edit: I'd pay $5 for a "Tac-Ops Tanoa" type DLC. Feel like I never use a map I paid $30 because the campaign was short and "meh" in single player, and I've only played a couple half decent user-made scenarios that use the map. Not using CTRG though, but like NATO regulars.
  13. @Greenfist your newest picture reminded me of that armachinima of "rambo" miller lol
  14. Will this work for missions as well? I get really sick of getting messages from people that they played a coop version of my mission and it didn't work and now they're demanding I fix it when I don't make coop missions in the first place...... Would be nice to figure out who is (poorly) modifying my missions for coop when they're not supposed to be. I know people are going to steal crap from scripts or whatever without asking, but I'd simply like to stop the angry messages that my mission doesn't work when they are trying to play a modified version I didn't even post...
  15. Awesome, thanks. Going to have to look into that one. Really like that look for the AK.