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  1. I really like this DLC but I miss some stuff I expected to have and also have seen in screenshots. I have the feeling some vehicles have a lot of hidden features I would like to activate such as, build up the antennas of the FuFü M113, Fuchs and BTR, use the sirens from Polizei and Feuerwehr vehicles, pulling down the front shield of the Fuchs, usable crane of the Bergepanzer and so on. It feels very unsatisfying to have all these things and features but you can't use them because they don't have keybindings or no functionality. Also where are the helmets with grass on top? Otherwise than that I really like the DLC so far, the map is a little bit dull at some points but I can understand that performance wise, the sounds of some vehicles could be improved but the overall feeling is great. I'm looking forward to see new stuff implemented over time, especially Helicopters and general improvements and maybe the Biber will have a comeback too^^
  2. For me, this project was never about being playable or not. It was always about what is possible to build in Arma 3. I'm following this Map for almost a year now and I was always impressed by your work and the creativity you have. I knew for about half a year that this amount of detail will be a problem for the performance. You guys made one of the best Map Projects for Arma, but Arma isn't ready for it, yet. Now a little part in german, sorry for that. Leute, ich wünsche euch viel Glück auf eurem weiteren Weg, es ist schade das ein paar von euch von der Arma Modding Szene distanzieren wollen, aber ich kann es durchaus verstehen. Ihr habt meinen vollen Respekt für die Arbeit die ihr geleistet habt verdient, und ich freue mich durch jeden quadratmeter der Karte zu bewegen und jedes Detail zu bewundern. Vielen Dank für eure Leistungen.
  3. What's the status? Any developement?
  4. Hey there. I have a question about the Blowout script that comes with the Namalsk map. What I want to do is to create a script that a certain Player can activate the Blowout sequence, most likely with the scroll menu. But, the problem is that I have no experience with scripting in Arma. It would be damn awesome if somebody could help me out with this one.
  5. Is this a serious question? Other Players can hear you of course if you are in the same TS channel.
  6. cman1337

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    2,2GB? I mean I like JBAD Buildings but stuffing it together with the Map folder is never a good idea in my opinion. At least seperate it for those people who already has JBAD and maybe do a CUP version for those who doesn't want JBAD Buildings. As long as that I will stick to A2 Namalsk.
  7. Lately my Clan and I have some problems. Whenever we are want to play and join our Server we get the message "ACE3_ballistics not installed." and we get thrown out back to the lobby. Nothing changed, we just got the message one day. I think it is a issue with the newest hotfix from BI, since then we have those problems. It's really annoying because whenever we have a firefight our frames drop to nearly zero.
  8. You need to use modules for that. In the ACE Medical Module you can modify everything. Another question. What is the purpose of CPR in the Basic System? Also it should be that CPR in advanced is more effective. Sometimes people get hit in the chest by an AK of RHS and are instant "dead", we then have to use a First Aid Kit to bring them back. Is it possible to add something like an Defibrillator to get their heart back to beating or waking them up, because Epi doesn't really work when there is no heartbeat for a couple of minutes. Also, is there a plan to bring back the fast roping from Helicopters and the cook off with tanks we had in AGM?
  9. The MG36 is "already" in the pack. Just mount a G36 with a bipod and get the Beta C mag in and you have your MG36, yes it's that simple. You don't see the Beta C mag visually but you have 100 shot.
  10. You must have the Range Card in your inventory and then with the self interaction menu you can view it.
  11. Yes I know that, I played it with AiA before and it did work fine on our Server. Now with CUP it became instable. We did not change anything except replacing AiA.
  12. This Map became very buggy with CUP_Terrains. Airport Road is now a small dust stripe and the game breaks here and then.
  13. cman1337

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    About the Mi-24. I really like the new sound of it even when it's a bit too low pitched imo, but the start sequence and when you turn it off sounds like the soundfile is coming straight from Arma 1. The transitions between the diferrent rotor speeds aren't smooth at all. Is it still WIP? The new sound of the AH-1Z and the CH-53E are awesome though.
  14. I have following Problem. I updated the map but I still have those old Police stations. Is there a script or module to activate the new version?
  15. Since the update I can't use Ammo or Repair Trucks/Containers. Anybody else have problems with that or know how to fix it?