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  1. RaptorM60

    OFP.info 2.0

    Epic! Thanks for doing this. Still remember my first mod that I downloaded from OFP.info in 2005! FFUR 85 winter units + winter Nogova. I was a 13 year old kid back then! Can't wait to do that again now, 13 years later :)
  2. RaptorM60

    Portable MiniDayZ

    Good catch guys - yes, it's happening, we're working on Mini DAYZ for iOS/Android, and are currently running the game in several countries to gather feedback and squash some bugs/design issues before we launch. @gruso - sorry sir, our mobile development resources are quite limited, we're certainly not looking beyond iOS/Android releases. As pointed out, even if we had someone with time, it would be wiser to spend it on an activity with much clearer benefits to players.
  3. Hi, the only help you can send to your allies are the operations like mortar strikes and smart bombs - depending on how many operation capacity slots you have, you can request appropriate number of operations using the alliance chat. These are then used automatically when your base is under attack.
  4. RaptorM60

    I have a Microsoft Windows phone

    I personally like Windows as a mobile platform as well, but we gotta do a better job of convincing our friends into buying more Lumia phones and Microsoft needs to step up their marketing/development game - otherwise that won't change, the market simply isn't there for Windows phone apps.
  5. RaptorM60

    New engine?

    The only game utilizing parts of Enfusion (mainly the new renderer) is DayZ right now. Enfusion in itself aims to combine things that RV (Arma) engine and Enforce (Take On Mars) do best into one robust, modular engine.
  6. Released just a little over two weeks ago, our new iOS/Android game Arma Mobile Ops is off to a very good start! We've gone well over the 100 000 downloads mark today and are expecting more reinforcements soon, as we've been treated with some featuring love by Apple, making it into their worldwide lists of #NewGamesWeLove on AppStore - thanks, Apple! We've also seen the first commanding success stories, as three of our most active players won the first season of theArma Mobile Ops Player Tournament, securing some sweet resources as a reward. This months season of the tournament is in full swing, but there is still some time to climb up the league ladders - join thousands of commanders worldwide and show them that you're a force to be reckoned with! Also, Arma Mobile Ops is best enjoyed with a bunch of good friends. Team up by creating or joining an alliance and hit the battlefields. Arma Mobile Ops is available worldwide as a free download on the App Store and Google Play. If you're wondering what is it all about, Mobile Ops is our new Arma spin-off for mobile devices. In the game, you are tasked with managing your military base, protecting it against enemy raids, and building your own military force to send out to battles against other players online. Watch the launch trailer to see the game in action. You can discuss Arma Mobile Ops on our official forums, follow on Twitter or like the games' Facebook page to always stay up to date.
  7. RaptorM60


    Ouch, thanks for finding out that r/ArmaMobileOps was still private - it's fixed, guess it's a bit too late now, but thanks for starting a new one! :)
  8. Hi, no they do not - the Victory points only serve the purpose of matching people with similar level of abilities, and they are also used as the metric for the leaderboards.
  9. RaptorM60


    Hi, this link should help you get it synced: https://support.bistudio.com/arma-mobile-ops/uncategorized/207:)
  10. RaptorM60

    How to join clan

    And you also need to build the Alliance building ;)
  11. RaptorM60

    So many high levels

    Some of the users actually DID pay crazy amounts of money, but we've been secretly testing the game in selected countries before launch since late deceber last year, so that's why there are so many of them :)
  12. RaptorM60

    Upgrading second office

    If you upgrade the second Office, you'll be able to hire advanced units faster - if you don't upgrade it, it will only allow you to hire the basic infantry units in that office, which may result in overloading the first office => longer waiting times :) It is, however, a completely viable strategy to invest the resources elsewhere, it's up to you!
  13. Today, we are expanding our mobile games portfolio with a brand new strategy game for iOS and Android: Arma Mobile Ops! Offering players a smooth combination of explosive, military-themed strategic gameplay and the Arma series' authentic depiction of Mediterranean battlefields, Arma Mobile Ops is available worldwide as a free download on the App Store and Google Play. As a commander in Arma Mobile Ops, you are tasked with managing your military base, protecting it against enemy raids, and building your own military force to send out to battles. While fighting the enemy in fast, action-packed clashes for air and ground supremacy, you need to secure and manage resources in order to upgrade your base and unlock more powerful defenses, units or buildings. Arma Mobile Ops can be played as a PvP game against other players and also offers a single-player campaign. Set in the near future, you'll be visiting detailed Mediterranean battlefields where basic infantry units march alongside a powerful army of air and land drones. With each battle fought under your command, your units rank up and improve their stats, becoming a larger threat for enemy base defense structures like cannons, mortars or walls. Available as a free download, the game features in-app purchases that can help you skip some waiting times, but allows everyone to enjoy the same game-play experience. "Arma Mobile Ops rewards players for skill, patience and proper base management - there is no substitute for having a precisely composed base and a perfectly combined army of ranked up units. You just need to master the art of war if you want to win the toughest of battles" adds Jan Herodes, our Project Lead of Mobile Games Development. For the Arma Mobile Ops, we have acquired a dedicated team of developers that specialize in development on mobile platforms and for the Unity Engine. Their other projects include continuous support for Arma Tactics, as well as development and support for our browser game Mini DayZ. You can discuss the game on our official forums, follow Arma Mobile Ops on Twitter or like the games' Facebook page to always stay up to date.
  14. RaptorM60

    when is arma mobile ops coming to the uk

    Hello sir, we've just released the game worldwide! You can get it from the App Store / Google Play :)
  15. RaptorM60

    Twitter feed broken?

    Hello, thanks for the report! I notified our webdev team and they are working on a fix :)