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  1. Missing Man Formation ArmA3 Milsim community Air Combat Command performing missing man formation flypass in honor of the artists and directors of Kyoto Animation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyoto_Animation_arson_attack Mod: Firewill AWS, FIR A-10, FIR F-16 Photo from: ChiefDBA314
  2. YanYatCheng

    Arma3 Videos

  3. YanYatCheng

    Arma3 Videos

    How to make a already "OP" missile more "OP"
  4. YanYatCheng

    A-10 Warthog Series Standalone

    there are bugs with Mavericks: - Only AGM-65D/Gs can be selected to fire - Mavs missing target very frequently - Mav model with CCD seeker (IRL) will not lock on "cold" target also, CCIP gun pipper does not compensate for bullet drop
  5. go play the latest F/A-18E/F mod instead
  6. From a place you will not see, comes a sound you will not hear. Holdover 2-point-4, wind, left point-3. Send it. Addons: SPS equipment, SPS AI AXMC
  7. Snow Wings Addon Used: RSKL Eurofighter (ArmA2 mod), Winter Chernarus
  8. Pugachev's Cobra ADDONS USED: Su-35 Flanker E
  9. I just got info that F/A-181 Land to carrier Arrest Max Allowed Speed = 275kmh When Jet DLC first release, the landing speed for a correct AoA with full flaps landing config is around 210kmh, but after one or two updates, the landing speed changed to 275kmh ± 5kmh (in game data says 265kmh on speed = 275kmh AoA too high (too slow) = 270kmh or below AoA too low (too fast) = 280kmh or higher So, with the wire snap speed at 275+, and a correct landing speed at 275kmh ± 5kmh, you will have a big chance of getting a wire snap even landing in a perfect way, which I tested it for a long time and have years of carrier landing experience in ArmA3. Can any devs answer this question: Is the setting intended or just someone forget to change the data? Before update: After update:
  10. I've been using .300WM from RHS with Advanced Ballistic for a while with the help of ballistic table and now decide to move on to ballistic computer. Unfortunately, there isn't a right ammo for me to choose with default .300WM setup, so I need to setup all the data by myself from the start. So far I've got the C1 data and other stuff, but I am now stuck on calculating drag and the computer never calculates the right data. Is there any sniper expert that can help me with setting up AtragMX?
  11. no, F-35 have integrated EW sensors and jammers, their AN/APG-81 radar can also use as a burn-through jammer. as the E/A thing, Hornets are named F/A is because they are a combined model of A-18 and F-18. Even the current jet Growler use EA-18G instead of E/A-18G because of reasons
  12. They need to fix old stuff before making more new stuff.
  13. YanYatCheng

    Scopes zeroing

    If you are using ACE: Set vanilla zeroing to 100 Check your ballistic computer or range table. Your angle of adjustment will be in MRAD (AKA mil.), use page up/page down to adjust your ACE zeroing. (ignore the "-" in the range table) Done
  14. I was playing around with artillery support for my mission in editor. place down everything need: >myself with a laser designator >synced to "support requester" >synced to "support provider" >synced to M109A6 artillery by RHS requested a GPS guided round on a building: missed by 20-50 meters requested a Laser Guided round on the same target, lasing it with laser designator >tried painting on top of the building >tried painting on the wall facing the incoming direction missed again is that just game value setting error or something wrong with the game logic?? I've tried with the vanilla artillery and same thing happen (I am using ACE mod) I've read some info about the real guided round and it's really accurate with spread around 5 meters, was I expecting too much on ArmA?
  15. thanks, no error on generating layers, thankyou very much