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  1. YanYatCheng

    Fail to play video on monitor

    Thankyou very much, it works perfectly.
  2. YanYatCheng

    Fail to play video on monitor

    still unsolved.
  3. YanYatCheng

    Fail to play video on monitor

    That error message is removed, but the video is still corrupted I've downloaded a ogv player and the video seems fine with the provided one
  4. YanYatCheng

    Fail to play video on monitor

    The code can be downloaded from the armaholic link, there's a bunch of scripts and files. And the same error code appears even when the video playes normally. So I guess there's nothing to do with that.
  5. -SOLVED- I'd like to play a video on a screen in editor, I've searched for multiple sources and solutions and failed to make it work so far, so please don't reply "there's alot of tutorial if you just google it" I've tried to use scripts from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gewndfow7lk&ab_channel=KillzoneKid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oypa1peiBYQ&ab_channel=ArturMerc but everytime I've tried to load I get a DirectX11 E_INVALIDARG crash instantly. Until I try this, and very old script: https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29895 I've managed to play the sound with the video, but the video is corrupted like this below: The script have 3 ogv files for example, every one works as intended, but when I replace any ogv files with the video I want to use (ogv of course), the video corrupts, but will still play and you can see something moving in the video. Anyone know how to fix this? or have a better way to play a video in game? Thanks in advance.
  6. YanYatCheng

    Cargo Ship Project (Static)

    what type of ship will the next one be?
  7. YanYatCheng

    Cargo Ship Project (Static)

    there's a few important parts missing: -Funnel -Main mast -engine control room also, most merchant ships have 1 engine only, rooms are also too small. there also shouldn't be any access under main deck to the bulk carrier's cargo hold. and yes, that guy was right, textures are bad. you can see through walls and doors.
  8. YanYatCheng

    ArmA3 server issues

    Disclaimer: I've never learn stuff about IT and server, so please excuse my ignorance about this subject. My team has recently setup a new server in China, Guangzhou. Since we have multiple player living outside the firewall, we decide to setup two internet for our server: a international line to HongKong and a normal internet line. But our server cannot run two line at the same time, running the HK line will cause intense desync/high ping issue to users inside the firewall. But running the mainland line will cause intense desync for me only (living in HK). It's weird that I have 27 ping with no package loss when pinging the server but still suffer intense rubber-banding/desync. Also, when the server enables connection with both line (different IP), everyone can only find and connect to the HK line IP. p.s. I have a friend also from HK with the same internet provider, optical fiber 1000m, but without any desync issue. A member from Canada also report there's no desync issues on his side p.p.s. My internet is a 1000m optical fiber internet, with a LAN line connecting directing to my computer, my computer works fine with a stable 30FPS@max settings p.p.p.s. Our server is owned and setup by one of our member. Question1: how to setup a server that can connect with both line (HK intl&mainland)(player can connect to the same server via two IP address) Question2: how to I stop this desync issue?
  9. YanYatCheng

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    anyone having problems recruiting insurgents? I used them a few time and now it stuck at 1 insurgent available for me to call in, I've tried sleeping a few nights off but it never replanished the "recruiting" feature also doesn't work
  10. Missing Man Formation ArmA3 Milsim community Air Combat Command performing missing man formation flypass in honor of the artists and directors of Kyoto Animation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyoto_Animation_arson_attack Mod: Firewill AWS, FIR A-10, FIR F-16 Photo from: ChiefDBA314
  11. YanYatCheng

    Arma3 Videos

    How to make a already "OP" missile more "OP"
  12. YanYatCheng

    A-10 Warthog Series Standalone

    there are bugs with Mavericks: - Only AGM-65D/Gs can be selected to fire - Mavs missing target very frequently - Mav model with CCD seeker (IRL) will not lock on "cold" target also, CCIP gun pipper does not compensate for bullet drop
  13. go play the latest F/A-18E/F mod instead
  14. From a place you will not see, comes a sound you will not hear. Holdover 2-point-4, wind, left point-3. Send it. Addons: SPS equipment, SPS AI AXMC