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  1. alred

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Special thanks for adding berets for VdV and helment for Spetsnaz!
  2. Very nice guys! Keep up the good work!
  3. alred

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Could you perhaps make some berets at least for VDV? What kind of VDV without blue beret?
  4. alred

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    The only Russian parts I see here are Flag and the AK(Actually not sure if that AK is even made in Russia). Rest is obvious US/NATO equipment.
  5. Keep your suggestions to your self. Thanks.
  6. That's because you have not seen what its capable of. As it stands now Veteran mod with medical system can consume scripts, some or all of them. This is very inconvenient.
  7. alred

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Finally an update! Took a while but better later than never. I am sure you do not take requests, but really some criticism. Making VDV units without their beret is least to say is strange, same goes for MVD with their red beret and exactly same goes for spetsnaz without their helmets. I would urge you people to look into this and add into your mod as it then will make it more authentic.
  8. Hi! Just want to say thanks for creating such great map! Me and a group of people really enjoyed it! It took us 2 days 18 hours and 28 minutes to complete whole map, playing casually. Additional mods to complement this map, we used were: ALIVE,MCC, MAS mods, TRYK's mod, JSRS, . ALIVE to add sense of the map being alive and MCC mainly to remove dead bodies and destroyed machinery from the map, MAS and TRYK's for gear and JSRS for sounds. Few comments or wishes if you will, we have made from the observations while playing. List: 1. Bots spawn behind you( can be frustrating, you just cleared house and bot just comes out of it behind you) 2. Bots reaction is lightning like and aim is very good, from 1km can head shot you. 3. Not sure whether you have that function, but dead body as well as destroyed vehicle could be deleted in a fast manner, every 2 minutes or so. We use MCC to clean, but can be tedious task sometimes. So some swift corpse cleaner would be great. It will release server resources. Since dead bodies and their equipment is not really needed while having an arsenal available. 4. Bots are walking through doors and walls. 5. Whether it is possible to make it optionional to have OPFOR side instead of BLUE FOR and make BTR 70-80 from RHS as mobile re-spawn. That would sum it up. Thanks again for the great map and keep up the good work!
  9. Hi! Great mod! Wanted to provide some feed back. It would appear that when server is running, the healing system does not work properly. When someone is getting shot and drop as wounded, you can not heal them because there is no menu. We have tested it on bots as well and it would appear that just after you shot bot, you get menu to heal but split seconds after it, it disappears. Judging from visual state of the bots, ei when they are shot they have blood all over them and once menu goes away, blood goes away too. So theory is that perhaps something to do with the wounded animation change stages, and once last stage happens, they have full health automatically and so menu is not available. Hope that makes sense. Another point is damage seems to be a bit high in terms of you and environment, like trees and fences. So if you fall off fence or ride into tree 20km/h you will get knocked out. Also when you get menu to appear and you drag wounded, person then dies automatically. UPDATE: We have tried same on another server and healing system works alright. We will commence more tests tomorrow and I will update on it tomorrow.
  10. Hi! Great mission! Me and a bunch of people really liking this mission. We also added Alive to it and it is now awesome! Only problem with it is that is when Alive is spawning own bots, the resources get over capped. Another problem is with a bit of lag on the map, so if you are interested, then may be you can take a look into that, if not, well then not. Another thing, is if I can, I would like to request feature with tickets, for instance when you start, you get say 20 tickets and you can replenish them by say taking towns and if you get killed then it will be -1 ticket and if all tickets are gone then mission is lost. Would it be possible to implement? Thanks!
  11. Hi. Just little feedback. If I set up dedicated server with key verification, it wont let anyone in, if I remover verification, it lets everyone in. So it would appear that there is problem with key.
  12. You have no idea what you are talking about. Play a bit then talk. Thanks.
  13. Hi! Very nice mod! One thing I wanted to ask is whether it is possible to make backpack empty. Because when I go to the arsenal, I get it filled with things like magazines, smokes and granades, might be usefull, but many people I play with and myself, like to fill in backpack with own load out.
  14. I'm not entirely sure and I think this question should be answered by mod devs, but as far as I noticed it throws gear out of your vest and backpack if you, put either wrong type of the magazine in it or too many of its type has been placed in the vest or backpack. Also look at the weight indicator in your inventory, if it is max, then it will throw out what is above the limit.
  15. During my attempt in creating mission via editor, using BIS zone and AI spawn modules I have encountered following issues. First I place zone module, link it with game logic and trigger together with sides that can capture zone, next I place BLUFOR AI respawn module. When I run game, I see zone on the map and can capture it and ai can capture it, AI respawn module also respawns AI and AI moves to the zones that do not belong to their faction in order to capture it, so far it is working fine. However, when I use trigger to delete vehicle or disable simulation on one of the modules, be it zone module or ai respawn module, after that, other ai respawn modules cease to work and no longer continue to spawn AI. AI that spawned but did not get any orders before delete or disabling of the module happens, stand still doing nothing. Have anyone encountered same or similar issue and know how to resolve it?