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  1. uncreatedlemon

    Realistic backpacks

    Awesome, thank you, is there any way to disable players using the items in the backpack too? Such as, if I had 3 magazines in my vest, and 10 in my backpack, I should only be able to use three, until I remove the backpack and get some more magazines into my vest. Is there a simple way to figure this out? Thanks!
  2. uncreatedlemon

    Backpack restrictions

    I'm not sure, I'm looking to hide the contents of the backpack, including ammunition if the player is holding the backpack. This is close, but I don't think it's core functionality is close enough to tweak to what I want. @pierremgi you actually helped with exactly what I was looking for, but it was taken down from the host site
  3. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a way to restrict backpack usage, unless you are accessing someone else's backpack, or it's on the floor. This would include no access to equipment or magazines that are in the backpack unless you put it down and place them in your vest. Ideally similar to the way Veteran Mod does it, there was a mod released last year, but it looks like it was taken down from the hosting website. Does anyone know a way to get this setup or a released add-on that does this for you? Thanks! Edit, I have some basic understanding of SQF if that helps.
  4. So I got it working, downloaded with a different browser, then made sure everything was taken off "read only" and it worked! You guys are doing awesome stuff with ALIVE, can't wait to see what the future brings :D
  5. I tried with adding my steam folder mod from workshop, and also with the download from alive's website. Noticed no one else has mentioned an issue with it, so it could well be a corrupt download on my end. Will try again tonight (we had storms in the area last night) when I get home. I can certainly do that, I will add it here when I get home if Spyders theory falls through. Although there really isn't that much added, an error with stringtable for English and that's about it lol
  6. Hey folks, super stoked about the new update, just having an issue with it on dedicated; Server simply wont start up and gives this error in the RPT. Tried re-installing ALIVE mod twice to no avail. Any suggestions? RPT Log;
  7. I saw that page about remoteExec, i'll be honest, it's completely confusing me. Any possibility of an example would be amazing, if not i'll continue playing around with it! Appreciate the response btw edit: Gonna give this a try ; "Join_Faction" remoteExec ["CreateDialog","Recruit"];
  8. mybad, wasn't sure what was needed; faulty behaviour: Whilst the addaction shows for the officer, nothing is happening to the target client (should open dialog or give a hint message, neither happen). On non dedicated environment, this works fine. Executing Method: we have tried it by executing it in "initPlayerLocal.sqf" and "initPlayerServer.sqf". Contents of scripts: Demotion.sqf Promotion.sqf CheckRank.sqf (Rank structure for the mission/server)
  9. Hey all, Having a little bit of an issue with a script i'm trying to make, purpose is for an officer to be able to open up a dialog that the player he's looking at can interact with. I can get it to work for when it's locally hosted on my pc, but not on my dedicated server...does anyone have any particular ideas why this may be? //setting the variables... _playerid = getPlayerUID Player; _Lemon = ["myidishere"]; //Lemon _OfficerRanks = ["Second Lieutenant","First Lieutenant","Captain","Major","Colonel"]; _getRank = ProfileNameSpace getVariable "playerRank"; if (_playerid in _Lemon) then { ProfileNameSpace setVariable ["playerRank","Colonel"]; Player setRank "Colonel"; ProfileNameSpace setVariable ["PlayerFaction","US Army"]; saveProfileNameSpace; SystemChat "Welcome back Colonel"; }; if (_getRank in _OfficerRanks) then { player addAction ["Faction Chooser",{Recruit = cursorObject;["Join_Faction","CreateDialog","Recruit"] Call BIS_fnc_MP;},"",0,false,false,"",'(alive player) AND (cursorObject isKindOf "Man") AND (alive cursorObject) AND (player distance cursorObject < 2) AND !dialog']; player addAction ["Demote Soldier",{Soldier = cursorObject;["Demotion.sqf","BIS_fnc_execVM","Soldier"] Call BIS_fnc_MP;},"",0,false,false,"",'(alive player) AND (cursorObject isKindOf "Man") AND (alive cursorObject) AND (player distance cursorObject < 2) AND !dialog']; player addAction ["Promote Soldier",{Soldier = cursorObject;["Promotion.sqf","BIS_fnc_execVM","Soldier"] Call BIS_fnc_MP;},"",0,false,false,"",'(alive player) AND (cursorObject isKindOf "Man") AND (alive cursorObject) AND (player distance cursorObject < 2) AND !dialog']; };
  10. uncreatedlemon

    KP Fuel Consumption Script

    This is an awesome script, thank you!
  11. Hey all, Still learning a lot when it comes to sqf writing / scripting...perhaps someone could help me with this one? Trying to make a squad based respawn system, it works on local in the editor, but stops working when on my dedicated. This is what I have so far...critique encouraged ;) Initialization.sqf britRally.sqf Teleport.sqf Thanks in advance!
  12. uncreatedlemon

    [COOP] Digital Infantry Combat Environment

    Hello, Was curious if anyone else is having this issue, I have all the mods required, with the only addition being blastcore effects...When I spawn in (Trying this via LAN Singleplayer before hosting on server) as anything but a Machine Gunner it doesn't seem to give me a weapon or gear...am I being stupid and missing something here or...? Asides from that, awesome mission! Really enjoying it so far EDIT: I can also spawn in with the DMR, so maybe it's having issues supplying the player with a standard Rifle?