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  1. Where do I find the ID button in the Eden Editor? It was there in the 2D editor but now I can't find it anywhere. How will I aquire the IDs for buildings?
  2. Restarted my PC to let things refresh. Then I went ahead and placed a unit and set it to the player, then hit play. The problem persisted exactly as it had before. I also tried playing with the tick box for the previous player unit. Gosh why ;-;
  3. 1. My mission is based around Air Station Mike-26 as seen very small in the center of this image. 2. When exporting to both SP and MP and trying to play, results in apparent and instant death of character and failure of the mission.
  4. Created a mission, went perfectly fine. Tested constantly through the entire creation. Only simple modules and scripts used. Suddenly the screen is locked in the sky when I preview the mission. All I had done between the preview working and not working was add some empty props like signs and chairs! I even tried to remove said items but there was no luck. I spent an hour rolling back my changes but to no avail. This is exactly whet I get when I hit "Play SP" from the Eden Editor: