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Found 74 results

  1. Uploaded MRH Milsimtools on dedicated server and now im getting ErrorMessage: File MRHHaloGear\cfghpp\cfgvehicles.hpp, line 77: /cfgVehicles/: ';' encountered instead of '{' on .rpt Here is the entire cfgvehicles.hpp. I use NFO servers. #include "MRH_C_Path.hpp" /* ["H_PilotHelmetFighter_B","H_HelmetB","ItemCore","Default"] class H_PilotHelmetFighter_B { MRH_hypoxiaRebreather = 1; }; */ class Bag_Base; class B_Parachute : Bag_Base {}; class MRH_AADEquippedParachute : B_Parachute { displayName = $STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_AADChute; scope = 2; }; class ACE_NonSteerableParachute; class MRH_AADEquippedNSParachute : ACE_NonSteerableParachute { displayName = $STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_AADChuteNS; scope = 2; }; class Man; class CAManBase: Man { /* class EventHandlers { init = "_this call MRH_fnc_MilsimTools_EnhancedMap_replaceVanillaMap;"; }; */ class ACE_SelfActions { class ACE_Equipment { class MRH_SetAAS { displayName = $STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_AADSettingSelfAC; condition = "(([player] call MRH_fnc_MilsimTools_HaloGear_hasAADParachute) && (['MRH_MilsimTools_HaloGear_allowManualAADSetting']call cba_settings_fnc_get))"; exceptions[] = {"isNotSitting","isNotInside"}; statement = "[_player] call MRH_fnc_MilsimTools_HaloGear_AADMenuOnload"; icon = ""; }; }; }; }; //["ReammoBox_F","ThingX","Thing","All"] //["MRAP_01_base_F","Car_F","Car","LandVehicle","Land","AllVehicles","All"] //["I_G_Boat_Transport_01_F","Rubber_duck_base_F","Boat_F","Ship_F","Ship","AllVehicles","All"] #define MACRO_ATTACHAAD \ class ACE_Actions \ { \ class ACE_MainActions { \ class MRH_AttachAAD { \ displayName = $STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_ATTACHAAD; \ condition = "(!(_target getVariable ['MRH_HaloGear_itemAsAAD',false]) && ('MRH_AAD_Item' in items _player))"; \ statement = "_target setVariable ['MRH_HaloGear_itemAsAAD',true,true]; _player removeItem 'MRH_AAD_Item';hint localize 'STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_HintAADAdded'"; \ exceptions[] = {"isNotSwimming"}; \ showDisabled = 0; \ icon = ""; \ }; \ class MRH_DetachAAD { \ displayName = $STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_REMOVEHAAD; \ condition = "_target getVariable ['MRH_HaloGear_itemAsAAD',false]"; \ statement = "[_target] call MRH_fnc_MilsimTools_HaloGear_removeObjectAAD;_player addItem 'MRH_AAD_Item';hint localize 'STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_HintAADRemoved'"; \ exceptions[] = {"isNotSwimming"}; \ showDisabled = 0; \ icon = ""; \ }; \ class MRH_ChangeAADSetting { \ displayName = $STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_AADSettingSelfAC; \ condition = "_target getVariable ['MRH_HaloGear_itemAsAAD',false]"; \ statement = "[_target] call MRH_fnc_MilsimTools_HaloGear_AADMenuOnLoad"; \ exceptions[] = {"isNotSwimming"}; \ showDisabled = 0; \ icon = ""; \ }; \ }; \ }; class ThingX; class ReammoBox_F : ThingX; { MACRO_ATTACHAAD }; class LandVehicle; class Car : LandVehicle; { MACRO_ATTACHAAD }; class Ship; class Ship_F : Ship; { MACRO_ATTACHAAD }; class Tank: LandVehicle; { MACRO_ATTACHAAD }; class Motorcycle: LandVehicle; { MACRO_ATTACHAAD }; Can anyone help?
  2. I downloaded Argo 1 week ago and I am playing Combat Patrol in a server. I unlocked Nightstalker and I asked other players how to open its Thermal Vision. They told me it is N but N is not working. When I press N, nightvision opens and closes so fast and whenever I get out from scope, night vision is on. Once I wanted to open watch with O but it didn't open. I am having trouble with keys. Anywhere to edit it or is my game broken ? I downloaded it again with caution but still no change. Can anyone help me please ? (YouTube link is here: https://youtu.be/YfE0Ha5obG0)
  3. nacrogamer

    Problem with object

    I do not know why but my object in game appear a little bit transparency, i mean i can't see everything but i can see something like the object in the map , the sea or the terrain. the texture color texture are _co.paa and i add at the model forcenotalpha. here some screen of my problem. https://imgur.com/a/b9E3Wsi https://imgur.com/a/CDXw9t7 https://imgur.com/a/MEFLyTX https://imgur.com/a/3YZLOAk
  4. Hey folks, i have some problems and i guess that it have to do something with my config or maybe the addon builder. I was working on little objects to understand how I get it in the game. Im always getting it working into the Bulldozer but ingame I get everytime problems. I made two barrelbombs, they worked fine as a static object ingame. After a few weeks I came back to it and modelled an Improvised Hellcannon and added it raw without any textures applied. I want to try another workflow for the bigger objects. First configure them and make changes to the object and the config and when this work I would texture them. Problem: When I added the new object in the config and the p3d, it showed me ingame that a texture of one of the working objects could not be found. So all three objects does not show up ingame. Even if I remove the new object with the configurations. Cannot load texture Error: Dragged the objects and there is only the text: Config: My folder Structure: Bulldozer is working: Addon builder list: *.pac;*.paa;*.sqf;*.sqs;*.bikb;*.fsm;*.wss;*.ogg;*.wav;*.fxy;*.csv;*.html;*.lip;*.txt;*.wrp;*.bisurf;*.xml;*.hqf;*.rtm;*.rvmat;*.shp;*p3d Hopefully its only a tiny problem... Something I forgot. regards JeckZeRippa
  5. Alpha Breach

    Disappearing Weapons

    Hi, I'm not one to complain about games but this is an issue I hope you fix soon, while I was in the outlands on the map BATTERIE DRAUG I brought an ADR-97 and a M21 and after successfully completeing the outland run with my friend BigJoshG59 I returned to my shelter and my ADR-97 just vanished, I have a clip of the situation, I play on Xbox, my gamertag is PHNX Ryze please reply to this or contact my email erb.braeden@gmail.com and please see if you can refund it by any chance because the ADR is very difficult to get, thanks for your time.
  6. Hi guys. I really need your help. I cant find anywhere what to do with this problem.. i instaled Ace mod and Cba. when i go to boot camp i cant (shoot with javelin because there is no missile and when i want to aim, i put the launcher down. When im in bootcamp to i cant refuel and rearm my tank when im staing behind trucks. i cant use autoaim missile in heli) sorry for my bad english but i belive in that you have any solution.
  7. Hello all I love Arma 3 and have been scripting/playing it for years but... again... IT'S BROKEN !!!!! On topic now : I'm experiencing trouble with the AI group leader when the FSM is disabled _unit disableAI "FSM"; and they have waypoints. They randomly stop at a waypoint or in between two waypoints without any obvious reason. If I reactivate the FSM, then they carry on... Anyone know about this issue ? Anyone found a fix ? I'm not gonna send another message to @oukej to say the game is broken he'll kill me ­čśä
  8. Hi everyone i have an issue making a simple money script / function in my mission. I'm finding the syntax of SQF and SQS difficult to understand or comprehend in comparison to languages like java and C#. I used this sample below as a baseline but the guy who responded didn't tell the OP of that forum how edit the value of your "Bank" right now I've created a object of money with an add action that adds money to my Currency variable, but now i want to extend that to the death of 'X' unit and i came up with this. To some this code might be laughable but i don't understand why this doesn't work when executed via a units init. Any input is appreciated. _man = _this select 0; while {alive _this} do { if (!alive _this) then { //GoldCurrency = GoldCurrency + 1000; hint"DEAD"; }; }; Many Thanks -Irish
  9. Hi everyone, I found this topic And in it there is a code given by Larrow : //initPlayerLocal.sqf //Start custom loading screen aswell [] spawn { [ "MyLoadingScreen" ] call BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen; uiSleep 20; [ "MyLoadingScreen" ] call BIS_fnc_endLoadingScreen; }; waitUntil { //If there are no current loading screens if ( missionnamespace getvariable ["BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen_ids",[]] isEqualTo [] ) then { //Continue true }else{ //Otherwise log current loading screens to RPT diag_log str ( missionnamespace getvariable ["BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen_ids",[]] ); ´╗┐false }; }; _loadedTime = time; uiSleep 1; hint format[ "Finished loaded %1 seconds ago", time - _loadedTime ]; It works fine but the problem is that with the function BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen my loading screen doesn't appears and if i use the command startLoadingScreen it appears. But i need to use the function for the following waitUntil. So : startLoadingScreen ["", "begin_dialog"]; Works fine but can't use with the waitUntil. ["begin_dialog"] call BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen; Doesn't works! Can anyone help me?
  10. Hello everyone! Just to make sure - has any of you experienced the black screen issue since our last update? - Black Screen at the beginning of the encounter - gets you stuck at the waiting for players note (Last update happened at November 7th - you can read the patch notes right here: We believe that this issue was already taken care of. But want to be 100% sure.
  11. I connect the controller and listen to the sound through the earphone. Inside the game, the sound is only heard to the left and the 3d sound does not work except voice chat and announcer voice. What happened to my sound?
  12. Andipalle

    AI Spot distance

    While i was creating a scenario i noticed that when i tested it, the first thing i head was "Contact enemy soldier" and the closest enemy was like 2.1 km away. How do i fix this?
  13. Hey folks, I've got a glass canopy that's displaying oddly. For testing purposes, I'm using the glass .paa texture and glass .rvmat directly from plane_fighter_03. The rest of the plane has the Blender UV map texture but the body .rvmat from plane_fighter_03. Whenever you look through two layers of glass, the texture behind it displays very weirdly. Here's a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/4MMtfza (it is the same in-game) Any idea what's going on?
  14. I searched but couldn't find this specific problem or solution. During certain missions, at certain times, my friends and I will lose the ability to select action menu options with the scroll wheel. The action menu will come up, but will not scroll through the options. You have to choose the first one. So if I wanted to look at the inventory of a soldier, I would first have to rearm at him and then when I open up the action menu the next time, the rearm option being gone, I would be able to look at the inventory as that option would be on top. When it happens, it happens mid-mission, but I can't determine what triggers it. It is also inconsistent: in the mission earlier today, I was able to scroll through the seat assignment for my squad on a truck but not scroll through the options on a search a body menu. Has anyone else seen this or knows of a solution? It's kind of a pain in the middle of a fight... Thank you! RR
  15. Hello guys, I'm having a problem trying to command a Mechanized platoon with High Command. The problem is that when you're the high commander and the commander/gunner of the vehicle that you're in, when you try to select another unit from the map (by clicking left mouse over the unit's icon), your own vehicle is ordered to move to the location where you left clicked. So in order to use the High Command module to select units from the map, you need first to switch yourself to Driver position or get out of the vehicle altogether: very clumsy! Is there any way that I can work around this, perhaps reassigning somehow the map move command to some other key? Cheers
  16. Hello everyone! I'm Texturer and Mapper of a German RPG-Community and wanted to ask you here, if someone could help me with my problems. First of all, we started with a new Airport and wanted to create it's own airline for the fictive Island of Great Lakeside. So I started a while ago to make GreatLakesideRegio-textures for some planes. Sadly the planes got a few problems as Arma 3 was updated to a new version. I Think it was the last one.. The Problem is: The Boeing 737-800 retracts its wheels normally in singleplayer. So far so good. But in Multiplayer it retracts them, then by doing nothing they show up again, and that rhytm doesn't stop until I press G again, to normally let the wheels down again. We tried different ways to locate the problem but I really don't know why this is happening. And also just in Multiplayer... In Singleplayer it works all fine. The second problem is the typical issue that came with the Planes DLC. The well known CRJ-200 from Ivory is the problem. As many other models after the DLC-Update it bounces if you're rolling to the runway or want to start it. Ivory has stopped working on it long time ago, so I was wondering if someone of you guys could try to fix it. Download Links Removed by Moderating Team Thank you for reeding and accepting my bad English, Cheers!
  17. Radosovan


    Hi.Any hope for new update?I really love this game but i do not see any progress/updates in few months.Thanks for answer :)
  18. I'm making a mission in which you control the camera of the MQ-4A-Greyhawk drone. It's flying at about 1000m altitude above an enemy base. You are supposed to identify a certain target and call a strike. The problem is the AI keeps spotting the drone, but I don't want them to do that. So what can I do to change that? I have tried editing with the advanced Eden mod, but I don't think it has the needed features. Ty :) Edit: more details on the symptoms (idk, maybe it's important). When the drone arrives you can see two patrols and some stationary dudes (more arrive by truck later). After some time they start looking up into the air in the direction of the drone (This is what I interpret as them spotting the drone). A little while later they break patrol and crouch/go prone while still looking in the direction of the drone, but From what I can tell, they never shoot at it though.
  19. Marlon 'aLuFT' Martineli

    Arma 3 - Dedicated Server Problem

    I had a problem for about three days. I downloaded the "ARMA 3 SERVER" tool normally, I also downloaded the application to easily manage the "TADST v3.1.0" server configurations, put it in the Arma 3 Server folder as it teaches, I opened the ports on router 2302, 2303, 2304, 2305, 2306 and other necessary doors, I opened up too many doors, my "UPNP" is enable. But whenever I start the "dedicated server" it appears in my "ARMA 3 LAUNCHER" on the "RECENT" tab, but when I look in the "INTERNET" tab it does not appear. My friends have tried direct connection, searching in the search box and nothing, just does not appear to them the server. I've already tried disabling the "FIREWALL" completely, I already tried it in virtual marking with "WINDOWS SERVER 2012 R2" and nothing, just appears in the "RECENT", wanted to know if there is any solution to my problem, because all places say the same thing about opening ports or disabling the Windows firewall.My internet provider follows the "PPPOE" system, does it influence anything? Help me please, i need this server :( Prints Screens: https://ibb.co/bQHkPHhttps://ibb.co/g2H8dchttps://ibb.co/fApzjHhttps://ibb.co/hNmejHhttps://ibb.co/e2vuJchttps://ibb.co/jS4Arxhttps://ibb.co/hTPFPH or https://ibb.co/bQHkPH https://ibb.co/g2H8dc https://ibb.co/fApzjH https://ibb.co/hNmejH https://ibb.co/e2vuJc https://ibb.co/jS4Arx https://ibb.co/hTPFPH
  20. Hey guys, Don't know if this is in the correct forum, if it's not I do apologize. Anyways, I and my unit have switched over from session per session basis missions to a full-on ALiVE campaign, we had a game server and we ran ALiVE with no problem, it was using about 6GB of memory with quite a large amount of vAI, around 250-300 total. Now we switched to a server box in order to have more space on our server and more flexibility. Now here comes the problem, little test missions we did were fine and now we're stuck at launching our ALiVE campaign. We've tried adding -MaxMem to the extra parameters on TADST which we use to launch the server but it did not work. We are capped at about 4GB of memory no matter how hard we try pushing it, our server box is 64 bit, we use the 64-bit .exe to launch the server, and we have about 24GB of RAM on our server box because we host our TeamSpeak and the rest there. My question is how do we get rid of this cap, we are using 20% of our server box capacity, there is a way since the game server we rented had 16GB and had no problem of going up to 7GB of memory being used on large campaigns. If you need any more information about our server or setup feel free to ask we just need to get this sorted, its causing issues and making our favorite game mode, quite unenjoyable. Thank you all in advance to those who respond. EDIT: We believe that this, in fact, causes the delay in any actions happening, whether it is us trying to hit the AI, people's guns are shooting long after they actually stopped, and sometimes people just de-sync. Despite the 120-140ms ping for most of our members (due to the distance of the server from us) we strongly do believe that the issue is down to the capped RAM, since once it goes up it is literally stuck at 4,403.53MB and it moves maybe by .20MB here and there. We also believe that it is due to the capped RAM because once the server reaches the cap, is when the delay and other issues happen. Or at least, we need to test if it is indeed the RAM before we request anything from our provider, but a cap definitely exists.
  21. Hey everyone, whilst working on my custom re-skins of the RHS mods I ran into a bit of a problem. The issue is the following: Now I've tried fixing it and I know ArmA sometimes doesn't really properly specify the line but I can't seem to find the problem, it might be because I'm too tired, but if anyone can have a brief look at it I'd be thankful. Here are the contents of the config.cpp
  22. Komesar_Ristanovic

    Problem with tanks

    Hello i found long ago one great addon for arma 2 so i decide to import it to arma 3 and it work. But problem is when i drive a tank and when try to use break or just stop holding move key vehicle raises the rear and can overturn on other side. How to fix this problem ? By the way other staff like trucks and light mechanized armor dont have this problem. If somebody know how to fix this pleas help
  23. Joystick setting, axies window, there are diffrent curves 1.0, 1.5, 1.9, .... , 3.0. For some rison this window open only for the first, top axis and all others are not accessible anymore. I can edit files but I need to have those setting, accessible thrue menu. How to return to default state? Does anyone had similara issue? Delating those files does not help. It's a steepness[] line in file user_name.Arma3Profile I delete all user_name.vars.Arma3Profile files and start the game. Now I can access some more sliders but not all of them.
  24. Hello, I can join a all free missioned server ! This message will remain (waiting for the host to choose a mission) please help me !! and
  25. Can somebody please help me get this numpad working. I am stuck at the last part of strange meeting and I used my only save. And I lost all my progress after reinstalling Steam. I checked that my plug was working(in which it is) and also num-lock doesn't affect anything. I heard about editing notepad for the numpad but I am not sure how it's done This is the numpad. https://www.amazon.com/Numeric-Jelly-Comb-Portable-Computer/dp/B01E8TTWZ2/ref=zg_bs_2998471011_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=RKM1P7TNKQ7WP290XMFM