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  1. 1stMRB has opened and is inviting people to follow us on Instagram! Here are a few of the posts we share:
  2. 1stMRB

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    Broken as of the 1.66 update for us. Any movement on this?
  3. Squad name: 1st Marine Raider Battalion Timezone/location: International. Military Zulu Time. Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Tactical Military Simulation (Coop) Contact email: msocalpha@gmail.com Website address: http://1stmrb.us Short description: Standards based Military Simulation community with focus on brotherhood, loyalty and good team play. Language: English
  4. WARNO: We don't normally release documentation, but this is an example of a WARNO (Warning Order) from Operation Frostbite. For more information on how we do this, feel free to ask or PM.
  5. Youtube: This is a trailer for our upcoming video 'Death Comes Knocking'.
  6. Squad name:- MSOC-Alpha Timezone/location : International Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): MILSIM Contact email: msocalpha@gmail.com Website address: msocalpha.us Short description: Marine Special Operations Company - Alpha (MSOC-A) is an Arma 3 Military Simulation unit with a desire to meet the highest of standards. MSOC-A is given a simple directive: Be elite. Be exclusive. Language: English
  7. About 1st Marine Raider Battalion: The 1st Marine Raider Battalion isn't for everyone. It's not your average gaming community; you must earn everything you get at the 1stMRB. You must go through the 'Prep Course', and a two-week Assessment and Selection phase before you are accepted into the unit, and an additional Individual Training Course to make the cut as a full Critical Skills Operator in one of our Marine Special Operations Teams. There's always a task ahead for 1stMRB and our CSOs are ready to meet the requirements of any mission. Being a standards based unit, Candidate are required to act a certain way. Professionalism isn't optional. Outside of the military simulation, we are a brotherhood and a community with great spirit. We balance the 'train hard, work hard' approach with a relaxed community atmosphere. You will often find the newest Candidate talking to the longest serving members in the 'All Hands' Lounge, where we spend a lot of our free time just socialising with our friends. Because of that solid community ethos, we are extremely selective about who we accept into the unit because once you're in, you are family. Leadership: Leadership by experienced, dedicated individuals who enjoy playing ArmA and being part of the overall ArmA community. Milsim: To us, Military Simulation really means Military Simulation. From documentation adhering to the strictest Marine Corps guidelines, to a strong chain of command and use of military customs and courtesies. We have lots of members who are also servicemen, they have highest of military standards and virtues, and expect nothing less of you. Full Training Pipeline: With all members held to the same standard, every member is required to go through our extensive training courses. You only trust the man next to you on the battlefield if they know as much as you. We make certain all our members are competent and well trained. Operational Environment: Our team puts together comprehensive missions, operations, and campaigns for our members, offering an immersive in-game experience. We also always have other game modes running, like our private insurgency and patrol ops servers. Maturity: We are looking for more than just another random ArmA player to join our community, we want intelligent, funny, articulate members who can go on to become constructive participants in the community, willing to work towards building a quality unit and enhancing the experience for everyone. You must be an adult. This means no exceptions to our age rule of 18+ Dedication: We want people willing to play an active role within our community. This requires some of your time and dedication to interacting with the community. Be prepared to interact with your new friends - brothers - on TeamSpeak and Discord. Communications: You must have a working Microphone and be prepared to use TeamSpeak 3 & Discord. Website: http://1stMRB.us Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1stmrbmilsimunit/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/1stMRB_Milsim Steam PR Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/1stMRB-PR TeamSpeak:
  8. MSOC-A is a elite,mature group of guys looking do Mil-sim hardcore. We can't tell you where you might go. Or what your mission might be.MSOC-A Raiders embrace the unknown the unexpected. But for some MSOC-A Raiders this is the next step in a distinguished career. You will be unknown ,nameless,a shadow,it’s not about the glory or the praise. MSOC-A Raiders is not for those who need a pat on the back or be a special Snowflake,it’s for Marines who can fight effectively with their mind as with their rifle,it’s for Marines whos will can succeed, doesn't waver in the face of the unknown. Website - http://msocalpha.us/ Teamspeak -
  9. Enlist Today: Website - http://msocalpha.us/ Teamspeak -
  10. The first step in joining MSOC-A is putting a application on our forums. After that you will be ask to join Team Speak for interview,if you are accepted in MSOC-A ,you will sign up for : Assessment and Selection, commonly referred to as A&S, is the first step to joining MSOC-A. Consisting of two phases, you will be tested on more than what you know as an Arma player. In these phases, you will be reviewed on your individual personalities. We are a family here at MSOC-A, and we need to be assured that you are the right type of person to fit in. The rest of the required skills needed to perform effectively can be taught. Your abilities as a player come secondary in our selection process. Your attitude and character is the defining factor to be accepted into ITC. So Enlist Today: Website - http://msocalpha.us/ Teamspeak -
  11. We have a A&S training for Candidates on 18.06.2016 @ 1900EST come join us and lets make you a part of the team. Enlist Today: Website - http://msocalpha.us/ Teamspeak -
  12. We have a A&S training for Candidates going on right now. come join us and lets make you a part of the team. Enlist Today: Website - http://msocalpha.us/ Teamspeak -
  13. Marine Special Operations Company - Alpha is a special Operations military simulation group for ArmA 3. What you can expect from us: Strong leadership by experienced, dedicated individuals who enjoy playing ArmA and being part of the overall ArmA community. A solid foundation, with an unlimited, ultra powerful dedicated server for our missions, training, operations and teamspeak with no overhead costs. This offers a strong and lasting base upon which to build a unit with. Full Assessment and Selection and ITC training, vital for a well trained, knowledgeable force, taught by experienced tutors, and aviation training taught by a real-world helicopter pilot instructor. Most of all, you can expect to join a growing community of dedicated, loyal, mature, well-trained individuals who foster a tactical realism environment, What we expect from you: We expect you to be a mature, serious ArmA player looking to join a community and be a constructive member who is willing to work towards building a quality unit and experience for everyone. We expect only active, dedicated people to apply who are over the age of 18 years. There are minimum requirements to attend our operations on a Saturday at 1500EST, although we hope to see you much more often than that. That’s it. We can help even the newest ArmA players improve - we have lots of experience in doing just that. We are looking for the RIGHT player, not just the BEST player. If you’re somebody we are going to trust and enjoy playing with, your playing ability becomes secondary. Requirements: - Mature personality - Working mic & Teamspeak 3 - Age 18+ (VERY STRICT) - Willing to be active within the Unit and attend Saturday operations Enlist Today: Website - http://msocalpha.us/ Teamspeak -
  14. Amazing. I can't believe I overlooked that so many times. Thanks so much.
  15. I'm still having exactly the same issues, no matter what I try or who I ask. There's no help on this one, it seems. It's incredibly infuriating as I'm going to have to ditch TADST and learn how to make the bat files to launch the servers.