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  1. @lex__1 this error isn't related to ACE, if you are using ACE Arsenal this error should not appear as the function wouldn't be executed.
  2. @Glow @lex__1 If you have any issues with ACE3 can you please open an issue on our github issue tracker here or ask for help on our public slack here Also FYI MCC is known to be extremely unstable, I would not recommend using it alongside other mods.
  3. Go to addons option -> ACE Arsenal and tick "log missing / unavailable items", this will log the classnames of the missing items in the RPT and should help you find out where they came from.
  4. ACE Arsenal loadouts are saved in profileNamespace, same thing as vanilla loadouts. Copy the profile to your new SSD and everything should work out.
  5. ^ @senqa20 yourTag_baseHeadgear = [ "rhsusf_ach_bare_ess" ]; yourTag_baseVests = [ ]; yourTag_baseUniforms = [ ]; private _whitelist = []; { _whitelist append _x; } foreach [yourTag_baseHeadgear, yourTag_baseVests, yourTag_baseUniforms]; [box1, _whitelist, false] call ace_arsenal_fnc_initBox; You don't need to call addVirtualItems if you pass the items to initBox. tag your global vars and don't use global vars unless you need to.
  6. PAKs aren't required for stopping the limping, enable hitpoint healing. No, players won't have more health nor anything extra.
  7. choosing one from the identity should work, otherwise reproduce it without mods and report it on the BI feedback tracker. I removed those tabs in 3DEN because they shouldn't have been there in the first place, I didn't code them to work with 3DEN and the identity tab is there. They did NOT change anything in the mission.sqm and changes you did weren't visible after playing play or saving and loading said mission.
  8. Afaik IR flashlights aren't possible right now.
  9. Yes, that is wrong. Read the wiki / my post again, this doesn't have an underscore before it.
  10. The line RIGHT BELOW what you just posted:
  11. The answer is 5 posts above yours, TFAR will add compatibility for ACE Arsenal next update.
  12. The next version of TFAR will be compatible with ACE Arsenal, compatibility has been added a month ago to the master branch afaik.
  13. The face / language change doesn't persist through mission saving / actually playing the mission in 3DEN, it's a QOL I need to address but not something you should be worried about.
  14. Or read this: https://ace3mod.com/2017/12/20/cba-settings.html which is all the way up in the changelog.