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  1. Unfortunately can't join in, will try to be here next time. Have fun guys ;)
  2. Damn, just when I was about to sign in with another guy...
  3. That feel when you're the only one left in the AO
  4. Okay, got 2 more people : REQ JOIN ALPHA - Chewie - TFI REQ JOIN ALPHA - Rochois - TFI
  5. REQ JOIN ALPHA - Mereck - TFI Sorry about last time, RL stuff happened at the very last sec. I'll poke my teammates to see if they're available.
  6. Asking my teammates about it but will probably be the same as last week
  7. We forgot to register for this evening... but at least I can register us for next week lol (for balancing needs we are okay with being switched to another team) REQ JOIN RED - Mereck - TFI REQ JOIN RED - Fab - TFI REQ JOIN RED - Chewie - TFI
  8. Hi SBP, we'll be here again for more! REQ JOIN - Mereck - TFI REQ JOIN - Fab - TFI REQ JOIN - Chewie - TFI REQ JOIN - Rochois - TFI
  9. Hi, I'd like to request 4 slots. We're fine with being treated as "individual" if nothing else is available. REQ JOIN - Mereck - TFI REQ JOIN - Chewie - TFI REQ JOIN - Lambdadeltroll - TFI REQ JOIN - Fab - TFI