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  1. Hi! When using the Advanced Ai Command mod (https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/190793-advanced-ai-command/ ) there is a problem with remote controlling squads. When you jump back to the main player commander, the custom action menu adds the same options multiple times. So if you swich multiple times between squads and the commander, after while the action menu has like 15 options for "redeploy", "build" etc. This problem is shown in this video by woofer at 9:19. https://youtu.be/JXfFkcBov7E?t=9m16s I have also experianced problems with the mousewheel not working at all in certain situations, I know its related somehow to the bug listed above since I tried it without the mod. I have also tried only using Advanced Ai Command and no other mods, but the problem persisted. The mission was the altis one. Thanks in advance!
  2. demsity

    Drongo's Command Enhancement

    Hey Drongo! Love the mod and I use it alot. Is there away to exclude spawned in AI squads, used in mods such as Alive, from the command list? I´m making a mission using alive where you command a platoon, and I would love to use this mod in it :D Thanks in advance!