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  1. flight1700

    MsMpEng.exe - High Disk Use with Launcher Open?

    Unfortunately, nothing there seems to be anything I've installed recently. Guess it's just an ARMA platform update that's done it in. Glad you found that solution above!
  2. flight1700

    MsMpEng.exe - High Disk Use with Launcher Open?

    I also have this issue, as well as SEVERAL individuals I was playing with last night. Today, I asked around on a KOTH server and found a few more guys struggling with it. Looks like someone's dumped a pile of garbage on us within the past few days. I'll be trying what's above. Also, lawman, what mods do you have installed? I don't really want to keep a mod around if it's the cause of this. Notably, Windows Update has not installed anything on my system since June 28th, so we can rule that out. Has ARMA updated in the past few days?
  3. flight1700


    In addition to this request above, please delete all posts after the quoted message and lock the thread. Seems I've arrived at my own answer, and I'd like to perserve the knowledge for future curious players.
  4. flight1700


    Well, I didn't find what you describe, but it's definitely not from lack of trying. The closest thing I found post-JetsDLC (because countermeasures were reworked in the DLC) is this thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/140837-development-branch-changelog/?page=41#comment-3181917. It's not very useful, but it is something. We'll link it here for future players to read. The important parts are Tweaked: The locking duration is now 3s for IR missiles, 1.5s for Radar missiles and ~0s for LGBs Tweaked: Resistance to countermeasures when locking has been decreased which we already knew.
  5. WOW! Paint me impressed and give this man a cookie!!! Jeez. This is one for the bookmarks for sure, this guy's done his homework and you won't find better compiled info on the real life counterparts of the ARMA weapons. This is great. One thing that was left out (very minor). The AK-12 rifle with the 7.62x39 round is going to be better than the 6.5 MXs at ranges of 400m or less, simply due to power. Assuming an armored man, a 6.5 takes 4 bullets to kill (body) and the 7.62x39 takes 2 to kill. This is no longer the case at 500m though, as the 7.62x39 loses velocity and accuracy, while the 6.5 is a 4 shot accurate kill out to 800m. So use the AK-12 if your typical engagement range is less than 400m and the MX if it's more. Generally speaking though, if your engagement range is greater than 400 meters, you probably wish to use something like the 7.62x51 DMRs, since mag capacity doesn't matter at that range. So we can narrow down your weapon choices, excluding snipers and (L)MGs, to the AK-12 and the MK1 DMR. ALWAYS use the MRCO for expected ranges less than 400m, and use the MOS (or I guess TWS if for some reason you have access to it) for expected ranges greater than 400 but less than what it zeros to (upwards of 1200m), which is as far as you're likely shooting. The MX is a good inbetween, if you're unsure. It's still probably better to take the MK1 over the MX though. The 7.62x51 is only accurate out to roughly 1000m. Anything past that and you want one of the real snipers. They all act the same(ish), but the .408 is my personal favorite. LRPS over MOS when shooting past 1000m, but only on real snipers and only when no contact is expected closer than 200m.
  6. flight1700


    Forum mod, mind removing posts #3 through #9 (and this post) from this thread? They are not relevant to the question.
  7. flight1700


    Okay. After that MASSIVE derailment, we return to the topic. Countermeasures. ARMA 3. Game mechanics. Anyone have any insight? From what I have observed after a few hours on the editor, this is what happens. Assume a radar guided missile is launched, let's assume an AMRAAM-D with a CMIMMUNITY value of 0.98. Each CM you launch has a 1 in 50 chance of stopping the missile from tracking you, due to the cmimmunity value, 0.98 out of 1. Let's say you launch 50 CMs and the AMRAAM's lock breaks. (It probably won't be a perfect 50 CMs to break the lock, could be more or less, it's a random value.) Great! However, there is still another issue. I BELIEVE, after much testing, that the missile will still guide to where it believes you are going, based on your aircraft's velocity and direction of acceleration at the time the missile's lock breaks. Now, not being able to tell WHEN your CM has been effective is quite the problem. The missile will still trigger your RWR even after it has been spoofed by CM. This leads me to believe the only way to tell if the missile has lost track is to turn hard to see if the missile tries to lead you in your new vector. This isn't confirmed though, as I've never seen the missile NOT attempt to lead me. More testing is required. So, in short, you're obviously at a disadvantage if you get launched at, both through the loss of CM and the loss of airspeed due to your (likely multiple) hard turns to attempt to steer out of the way of the (hopefully) spoofed missile. A new question then. Since you're pretty much a fish in a barrel if you get launched at, what are the mechanics behind using CM to break the actual aircraft's lock on you, BEFORE the missile launch? Seemingly launching CM in the "single" mode every 400 milliseconds will stop an enemy (tested against 7 Shikras attempting a lock at the same time) from locking you MOST OF the time. So, with the Black Wasp's 240 CMs, that gives you 48 seconds of near-invincibility, not counting the bursts you throw on the off chance you DO get locked. Plenty of time to do something about it. I doubt your average nub in a jet will know all this and counter it. Any thoughts? Different experiences in practice? I think I've solved it. If anyone can find the ACTUAL VALUES FROM THE CONFIG for the time it takes an AMRAAM-D to lock a target, or the value for the chance a CM has to spoof an enemy jet's target locking system, that'd be great. What I have is starting to look complete.
  8. flight1700


    I think it's about time we all sat down and discussed EXACTLY how countermeasures influence enemy missiles and radar. Too long we've been kept guessing. So, the idea is to post information here that is code-based; that is, not play-based (strategy involved in avoiding missiles in the game). I personally want the path and means to view the file that governs the missile guidance system. I've had a decent start, I suppose. CmImmunity, a value of CfgAmmo's missiles, is a primary factor in determining if a missile hits a target. For an AMRAAM-D, the value is 0.98. But, what IS the value? I know a value of 1 means the missile will never be spoofed by countermeasures, but how is that value used in the code? What other factors are involved? Any input would be great.
  9. flight1700

    Dynamic Vehicle Loadouts feedback

    Do we have any servers that have implemented a way for players to change pylons in game yet? I imagine this will come fairly quick, but I've yet to see any.
  10. flight1700

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Suddenly I find myself playing DCS World's F-15C and notice it's fire rate to be about 30 ish rounds per second. So basically, disregard my suggestion. I suppose I really have no idea how it actually works. Thanks for the jets devs :)
  11. flight1700

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Lol pretty sure the devs are no longer monitoring this, but hey, maybe they are silently stalking it .
  12. flight1700

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    I can't be bothered to dig through comments, but did you figure out that the pip you were lining up with the lead marker in the F-181 was NOT actually what is "supposed" to line up with it? What you want to line up is the lead marker and the -w- in the middle, who's name has momentarily escaped me. This worked for me, and I believe this is a bug.