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    Zero Dark Zero

    How about Poltergeist, although that is a mouthful, you could also go with something like Revenant, Visitor or Incubus.
  2. rmp21400

    Zero Dark Zero

    I've noticed that ever since the nexus update, their seems to be an issue in which the glowing orbs that are used for illuminating the lamps in the Blacksite are visible, unlike in earlier versions, as well as the particle effect for the fire that is being used for the ambient lighting in the C-130 on the way to the dropzone and there also is the lack of the sound of the engine in both the C-130 and the XHR-1
  3. rmp21400

    Objects for Tanoa

    Here are Some ideas that aren't entirely Fiji specific, but would be good for a general East Asia/Pacific vibe Tuk Tuk/ Auto-rickshaw: those three wheeled covered motorbikes, good for the denser urban areas Kayak: There could be military and civilian variants of these Buddhist Shrine or miscellaneous other religion's artifacts. Miscellaneous Driftwood for beaches Washed up seaweed shells, fish, maybe even sharks or whale carcasses Smaller house type structures (reference image is an Indonesian tea house) Inflatable pool, just for the hell of it Reference Images Auto-Rickshaw https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auto_rickshaw#/media/File:Autorickshaw_Bangalore.jpg Tea House http://hamptons-magazine.com/get/files/image/galleries/Gadens-hamptons-1.jpg Inflatable Pool https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9b/US_Navy_100925-N-7103C-128_Lt._j.g._Dave_Sanchez%2C_from_Parsippay%2C_N.J.%2C_and_Lt._j.g._John_Geary%2C_from_Crested_Batte%2C_Colo.%2C_relax_in_a_pool_during.jpg
  4. rmp21400

    Zero Dark Zero

    I've been experiencing a few issues regarding the D.A.R.K and SOCOM Modules. These all have been found when testing out some scenarios that I have been making, and in preview mode in the editor. One being that I haven't encounter any ground based units from the DARK module, occasionally there will be an ambient helicopter flyby, but that's about it, I haven't come across any patrols or convoys. The problem is similar for the SOCOM module, when assigned to an objective, such as recon or assassination I will not find any forces at the location of recon, or simply just an officer sitting out at the location that the Intel places him at. I'm not sure if this is because I am running it in the editor preview mode, possibly some way I haven't configured the spawn rates on the DARK module, or maybe even just a conflict of mods. Any help is much appreciated though! and once again, keep up the good work!
  5. rmp21400

    Zero Dark Zero

    what kind of features will be included in the Ops-Center?
  6. rmp21400

    Zero Dark Zero

    Alright man! sounds awesome, cant wait to see it!
  7. rmp21400

    Zero Dark Zero

    Hey Goblin, Big fan of the project you have going here, I think it brings a whole new dimension into the game. I had one suggestion regarding your ops-center idea. That would be to roll that idea into the HMS Proteus,by allowing access to other parts of the sub like the bunks, mess hall, briefing room etc. from here you could enhance the pre-op aspect of the module. I understand this is likely to be very far off from being realized, but I think it would be awesome if you could pull it off. Thanks, and keep up the outstanding work!
  8. rmp21400

    SDV Mod

    I think it would be a good feature, although I'm not sure how attainable, to have a water purging system inside the SDV. So you could drain the water within the sub while the doors were sealed, this was a concept by the U.S navy back in the 90s it was stopped. It would seem that by the 2030s the concept could be perfected and actually deployed in the field.
  9. Is there any way to revert to a previous update and use it there?
  10. I downloaded the ship of Armaholic, and when I placed it down in the editor and tried to preview it it would give me the message "entry .model not found". I was wondering if there was a way I downloaded it that was wrong, or if there is a way I installed it incorrectly that I could correct.