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  1. Hello Guys from Bohemia, I'am a C++ Developer in Borland C++, and i use this daily for programming. Now i have a Problem, with your implementation for the RVExtension, the RVExtension is Mangled to _RVExtension@12, and this Name comes only from VC++, and this is bad. Give it a Chance to fix the flawless of the Arma3server, to unmangle the RVExtension DLL Name to _RVExtension or only to RVExtension? This makes it very easy for other Compilers, and Developers there want to Develop new Arma3 Extensions. Thats a Big Wish from me, when you can change this in the next Fixes... or what is your statement for unmangle the RVExtension names for other compilers like Borland C++ etc.. ? Thanks and regards, Sany.
  2. Hello, We are Running a Arma3 Dedicated Linux Server on Debian 8 with daily 80 Players. And we have a big problem, the Linux Server is not using all CPU cores, but uses 1-2 Cores from 8 Cores. Our Startup Command is: ./arma3server -port=2302 -maxplayers=100 -cfg=basic.cfg -config=server.cfg -autoInit -enableHT -exThreads=7 -serverMod="@extDB2;@life_server;beserver" With 50 Players, is the FPS on the Server under 10 FPS. The Startup Command: ./arma3server -port=2302 -maxplayers=100 -cfg=basic.cfg -config=server.cfg -autoInit -cpuCount=8 -serverMod="@extDB2;@life_server;beserver" Changes nothing.... The Linux HC Client, gives Signature Check errors. I Am Wondering, The Linux Dedicated Server, has no Memory Leak Bugs, and running fine. The Windows Server of Arma3 hangsup every 1-2 hours, with Memory Leak Error. So, only Linux is playable, but the Core using is fail. Or i am to Stupid for that?
  3. Hello Torndeco, Thanks for you answer, I tryed compile poco as shared-library and as static-lib failes everythin on the testsuite / testrunnerd Without copy the changes from extDB2, compiles poco-lib fine. But extDB2 failed to compile. These files are missing in the github version: src/bercon.cpp src/bercon.h src/steam.cpp src/steam.h I am a c++ developer, think it's a shame if source code is available, it is either incomplete or does not work while the github source defective or incomplete. The binary lib of extDB2 works not on debian 7.5.. => Segmentation fault.
  4. Hello, I tryed to Compile extDB2 under Linux, with Poco 1.6.0 with the Changes from extDB2. Now i become this Errors by Compiling: Can you help me ? Thanks.