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    Best PBO Extractor/Maker

    That is what i use, i love how you can right click the PBO file / folder to either extract or compress it.
  2. noilliz


    With the 1.68 update, the game does not seem to launch while "bwa3_vehicleweapons.pbo" is being loaded
  3. Yes, I do fly in the advanced flight model. I'll give it a go without it to see if that fixes it, thank you for the suggestion. Already tried doing so, sadly didn't change anything. But i do agree with you 100% about the awesomeness about this mod. Keep it up Firewill we love it.
  4. Not sure what was going wrong, i have been having trouble with it for a few days, decided to make a video to show you and during the recording everyone works fine.
  5. The issue is not that the camera does not open up, I lock it and then I use the scroll wheel. i do not get the message that the camera closes down.
  6. I have been looking around for a fix, or it being mentioned anywhere else and couldn't find any, so excuse me if I'm stating the obvious. The TGP MFD stays black when I try to enable it, even when playing with the PiP settings nothing changes, I am locking onto something. Cheers
  7. Keep up the great work, can't wait for it's release.
  8. First time doing anything in this field so I'm hoping it will be good!. Lil update, I have smoothened out the colour transaction between the 2 grey area's on the Engine's
  9. Firewill's A-10 retexture project "Sunglasses no longer needed" By Noilliz Description This is a retexture mod of Firewill's A-10 mod that can be found here. This is not a complete retexture but more an alteration of the original texture. For me, this is my first project so bare with me and let's see how far we can get. Changes - Darkened the basic texture - Added a metallic texture - KIMIs HUD is now darker and easier to see Todo - Smoothen out minor texture errors - Add a weathered effect - Make more variants - ? Features - ADES support - Darker Kimi's HUD Required addons FIR A-10 Standalone FIR AWS Credits Firewill for his amazing A-10 mod Download link Not yet released A comparison between the 2 versions More screenshots
  10. Hello Firewill, Thank you for you for allowing me to retexture your mod, and an even bigger thank you for the mod itself it's great. You can follow the progress on my texture here. ~Noilliz
  11. noilliz

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Hello Kimi, I must say that I absolutely love the mod, I have been playing arma for over 2 years now and I got no clue how it's only now that I find out about the mod. Quick question tho, the AGL meter reading seems to be off by 2 meters. Is there a way for me to fix that myself, or is that an error in the mod itself? Proof in the 2 screenshots below.
  12. noilliz


    Hello oOKexOo, First off thank you for this amazing mod, however i have a small question. Excuse me if it already has been asked but i was unable to find it. I'm a huge fan of the advanced compositions, i was wondering if i'm able to share them with my friend. by extracting/importing them from the game or them being saved to a file. Kind regards, Noilliz