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  1. More likely in the neares ground, and crash)
  2. dmorok

    Arma3 Videos

    Hi. Yesterday we made an even with Russian, Checz, and German Community And here is some of the gameplay captured : more of it you can find here https://wogames.info/?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=1627&page=16#comment-81765
  3. yes - vanilla a3 damage system istead of old complex dmg system. why ? because old system ported from a2 to ifl1944 to a3 caused huge fps drop and memory leak. in future plans - redo complex system and optimise with a3. simplified models - less resurce dependent. more vehicles less lags. poly, lods etc.
  4. mod team is not the dev team. not a single person.
  5. Especially when ppl don't need to buy Iron Front specifically, to play the mod.
  6. Post will be updated soon. as team finish work on changelogs and some other work. Also yes. Full is no longer supported and it was dead actually. Do not mistaken - we are not the original devs, we are mod team. so there only 3 options: play converted version - an hope that someone someday will fix it. and since it was original game on a2 engine, and completely dead with last Hard Mode russian server, dont even mention gamespy. or ppl can forget about owning if1944liberation game - and look at this mod as a new. and give at least a support to the team. have fun on KOTH, FT2, and other servers. or Get a team and make your own game\mod with blackjack and hookers © Bender xD
  7. dmorok

    Line Drawing

    great fn - but this is like put a huge water gun in front of kids, and tell them not to use it. fn - should be upgraded with author and time stamp. or at least RPT logged with same params.
  8. New logo (temporarely or not)
  9. you have to start it like in a batch file. not just -mod=@mod1;mod2;mod3; but like -mod=@mod1; -mod=@mod2; also if you have separate folders for mods, its must be like : -mod=pathtofolder\@mod1; it will be possible after we got ACE support. it cant be done with default code.
  10. Can you specify which ones? Also guys, grab this - This is from WOG games. Pretty much based on original IF
  11. dmorok

    Static Line Parachute Mod

    Hi. great mod, especially for ww2 games. but i have a problem with ace3 and falldamage. when i get landed ive got seriously injured or killed. can you allow to modify your mod and\or tell where to fix this? all credits will be keeped as is.