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  1. socjoe

    Mission Packs

    Hello one and all, I'm looking for missions from true events - Mostly. Don't have to be. For example Black Hawk Down (I see a lot of BHD missions). However I'm looking for very action packed and not 15/20 minute game play. I do like missions that have like 3 to 5 parts to them. If anyone has some good suggestions, throw them my way. Coop based 4+ players please.
  2. socjoe

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    I'm looking for some good DMS missions, If y'all have any that you would like to share, please do.
  3. Updated and can now play. How do we get commander/Zeus working?
  4. I'm looking for a good Altis Life group or community, that works as a group and stays in contatc with each other during game. I can play either side Cops or Badguys. I do have Teamspeak 3.
  5. socjoe

    Coop Mission Cycle?

    Ah ok class Coop_mission1 Class Coop_Mission2 and so on? Or like Class Coop_AttackRogain Class Coop_DefendRogain ??
  6. I'm been some searching and seen few people here have some problems with this, as I am too (Total Noob) Setting up a coop server. // MISSIONS CYCLE (see below) class Missions { class MPCoop { template="MP_COOP_MarinaDefense.Stratis.pbo"; difficulty="Regular"; }; }; { class MPCoop { template="BATTLEFIELD-INF-COOP.Stratis.pbo"; difficulty="Regular"; }; }; { class MPCoop { template="co20_ofp-sky-hawx-day-1.stratis.pbo"; difficulty="Regular"; }; }; Here's what I'm lost, I started the server but server isn't showing up. I know for sure I did something wrong
  7. Interesting will have to try this out, thank's. :D