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  1. The memory allocators are very much personal to your own machine. One will work better than the others, and it has nothing to do with what one other people are using. This could change between arma updates, OS updates, graphics drivers, etc. Be thankful you have a choice :)
  2. 8LacK5naK3

    Forums Upgrade

    48 hours with no forum access at all. Could get to the main site, but any attempt to access the forums meant watching the browser seeking icon going round and round and round and round, and no forums whatsoever... What the hell is going on BI? This is the first time I`ve got on here in 2 whole days, and this is 2 days after a DLC was released. There`s simply no excuse nowadays whatsoever for a flaky website.
  3. What? So it`s absolutely fine to poke holes in the vietnamese with a range of weaponry and throw WP grenades in their face, just as long as there`s no low-res blocky 60s jugs on the walls? I suppose you`d like the playboys and condoms removed from the items too? It`a called immersion. The claustrophobic jungle, the horrendous close range firefights, the tunes, and yes... pinups on the walls.
  4. Well worth all the time and effort, guys. Delta was great fun, but Echo totally blows it away. It`s like a whole new game. Exhilarating and utterly horrific in equal measures... Welcome to the jungle.
  5. Party seems to be going just fine chas. Pretty sure you'll enjoy just the same (very) soon enough :)
  6. Very good things. Very, very good things..
  7. 8LacK5naK3

    Forums Upgrade

    Can`t say I`ve seen more than one or two little spam posts since all that korean nonsense a few months back. Certainly nothing about passports or hookers.... ...the 502s and the blank pages though, well they just never end. Still hoping there`s a fix coming soon for that.
  8. 8LacK5naK3

    Forums Upgrade

    This 502 Bad Gateway thing is getting pretty bad now. I`m seeing it maybe 15-20% of the time I`m browsing the forums here. As well as the 502, page access in general is ridiculously slow, and sometimes refreshing a page or clicking a new link simply leads to a blank page after about 30 seconds. PC/Firefox here in the UK.
  9. 8LacK5naK3

    Annoying with vanishing particles

    I take it that is blastcore, or something similar... the disappearing effect is the same, but default particles look much worse when it happens, due to being thinner. Very much hoping this gets picked up soon, and isn`t left in the same state as the permenantly buggered eyes in the final A2/OA release. A bug so obvious and in-your-face visible should never be allowed to continue. 64-bit is an actual upgrade, not a trade-off.
  10. 8LacK5naK3

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Steam users will always point out anything like that. It`s just the nature of having the widest distribution point available for what you do. You`ve got every single user, from the hardiest hardcore infantry realism guy to Buford T. Lifeserver with instant, updatable, in-your-face access to what you post up there. Just don`t worry about it... you`ll post new screenies eventually :P
  11. 8LacK5naK3

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    You`re doing a fine job, sir, and we salute you for it
  12. 8LacK5naK3

    Annoying with vanishing particles

    It`s not bad enough to stop me playing, but it is just so ridiculously horrible to look at. It`s not even like you can ignore it, as it`s so blatantly in-your-face. I really hope they can sort this one out sooner rather than later. Roll up, roll up, witness the burning village fill the sky with smoke, maybe, sort of, perhaps, oh, there it is, nope, yep, nope......
  13. 8LacK5naK3

    Important question

    100 million nothings on some awful arma life server, that you don`t even remember the name of, that nobody else give a toss about (given that in over a month, you have no answers). It`s far from an important question. A ridiculously quick google search using certain words in your original post should take you straight to the guy running your server...
  14. Are the bayonets and knives actually useable ? Not yet. How do you turn on the flashlights (nothing obvious like a mouse click or scroll menu seems to have an option) ? Same way as any default weapon flashlight or laser turns on. By default I believe it`s the "L" key. How do I use the Claymore Mines (I have the clacker and the mine in my inventory - no obvious way to place or detonate)... They`re just placeable manual/timer activated charges, used the same way as the other ones in the mod. Bring up your command menu and select "Put Claymore Charge (x left)". Once it`s placed on the ground, either set a 40 second timer, or detonate it manually, both available from the command menu. No clacker needed.
  15. 8LacK5naK3

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Yay. Finally making an appearance on the workshop. Thanks for that Dare I ask if the others shall be appearing there too at some point?