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  1. Is anyone able to give Podagorsk a try? I'm getting "Error: Map 'fdf_isle1_a' is not installed"; although it is.
  2. MangosHead

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    Excellent, thanks for checking that out. If you don't mind me asking, what turned out to be the issue causing the freeze?
  3. MangosHead

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    If this is how you react when people take the time to post issues they are experiencing within a mod, I highly suggest stepping away from modding. I understand the issue that exists in the 3D editor when you place objects, however this is far beyond when it comes to placing one through Zeus whilst simulation is running. I won't bother responding to this any further. I have ran with the Tornado but I don't experience issues with that. It just strangely seems to be the Eurofighter for me and many others. I gave disabling initialisation scripts a go but had no luck. As has been stated before, once you place it once there are no major issues thereafter; however it is a substantial freeze (running with TFAR kicks all of us from the Task Force channel). I did find that when I had them down in my mission file a few nights ago it caused the Zeus to freeze up every time he went into Zeus (again, a while to the point his channel changed in TeamSpeak from TFR). Removal of the aircraft rectified this issue. I'll continue trial-and-erroring some scenarios. Unless there is any development to the thread, I'll probably just edit this post with any findings. I know my info is fairly limited, and don't have much of a solution, but hopefully it'll be of some use when testing on your end.
  4. MangosHead

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    Misread the direction initially but I'm not talking about in Eden myself. I am very much aware of the initial freeze you can get, however I'm referring to whilst playing. Place it down in zeus for the first time and you'll freeze up. More so than other mods, to the point that everyone in TFR crashes from the channel. That's not a game issue.
  5. MangosHead

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    I'd disagree to this and point the issue towards the mod. I'm experiencing the same issue also, once the aircraft is placed down. Possibly a script that runs on initialisation of the aircraft? I don't know. I first found this issue when I placed it down in zeus. All 16 odd other people in the server froze too (dedicated). Definitely something within the mod itself causing it.I'll take a deeper look myself tomorrow. Side note: Apologies if this message looks strange. I'm posting from mobile and experience font size issues sometimes.
  6. MangosHead

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    It's not articulated in the way you may think. It's as serjames stated, the carriages pivot and act as a 'wheel'.
  7. MangosHead

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Right, after a play around with what you've suggested it seemed to be a cock up on my end though a mod confliction. Still not quite sure what caused it, but base pack is fine. Ignore that issue, thanks for the help! The best video I've found thus far that demonstrates it is here: CUP Weapons have moved their L85 over to Kiory's one too, as you can see in the video.
  8. MangosHead

    3CB BAF Equipment

    In terms of reproducing, this is all I am presented with if I select it in the Arsenal. The version I am running is the Armaholic one. Others within my group are also seeing this, both in the editor and on a dedicated server. Another strange thing we're encountering is the EMAGs on the Osprey Mk4. In the editor, or singleplayer in general there are no visible issues. However, when on our server we're seeing the transparency of the EMAG cock up. The images will explain it better. Again, this is the Armaholic version.
  9. MangosHead

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Hello guys, Appreciate the update that's been out, there's a nice array of kit to play with. I've got a list of suggestions or problems that I wanted to put out. I haven't had a chance to read through every response to the thread, so some of these might already have been mentioned. I will include some points on the weapons pack too, rather than starting the same post there too. If it's easier in terms of backlogging with it being on there, I'll do so. Equipment Berets: Is there a chance for the shades of green on the Commando beret, Rifles beret, and so on be adjusted further? They're currently the same shade, with my particular quarrel being the Commando beret which still feels fairly blue-ish as appose to the Commando green. DPM Boonie: Something I haven't tried myself, but was reported to me is that the DPM variant of the Boonie hat changes to MTP when one of the distant LODs load. Radio Backpacks: I can see some work is going into the radio antennas. Is there any chance to have these antenna variants independently? I'm not a particular fan of two antennas on the same backpack. Example: RM Wool Cap: Just a query about the reason for it being slanted? Might be something researched that I am not aware of, but it looks very out of the ordinary. Weapons Other than one issue I've noticed, I mostly just had suggestions. Minimi: The L110A2 without the rails is being held in an interesting manor. Might have already been picked up on, but would like to report it in-case it hasn't. Magazines: When removing the magazine from the weapon, could it be looked into having the magazine visually remove from the weapon? It may seem small, but my group are particular about making weapons safe etcetera, and would add to the 'immersion' having it remove. I've noticed a fair amount of the weapons in the back lacking this functionality, yet some do such as the Minimi. If there's a limitation on the L85A2 losing its magazine whilst having the EMAG, would it be possible to having the versions of the RIS without the EMAG to allow this feature? It's definitely a 'feature' we've been crossing out fingers for for a while. Animations: I've seen that some work is going into animations, such as the UGL reload. Out of curiosity, is there an intent to work on the L85A2 animations? The ones in CUP are stunning, would be a brilliant addition. L85A2 Training Variant: To my understanding there would be a engine limitation in having a 'type' of magazine show, depending on whether you loaded a standard 556 magazine or a blank magazine (please correct me on this if possible, I'd love to know). Therefore, would there be a possibility to add a 'training' variant of the L85A2 RIS with the yellow magazine? Again, small feature but it's the smaller details that make projects like this brilliant. I can't think of anything more from the top of my head, but would love to hear back about suggestions/issues I have raised. I'll visit back if I find anything more.
  10. MangosHead

    L110A3 - WIP

    That's nice to know, but how does that contribute to OP who's looking for assistance in creating one himself? Are you offering your assistance through the current one you've developed? I doubt so.
  11. MangosHead

    3CB BAF Equipment

    May or may not have been raised already, but has any note been made in regards to the RM beret? With the new lighting it's coming across as more of a turquoise green.
  12. Yes, I'm having that issue too. Must've been from the 1.6 update.
  13. MangosHead

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Brilliant, good to know. Thank you.
  14. MangosHead

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Hope all is going well with the equipment development. I did however have two questions, if any of you wouldn't mind answering: • Is there any chance of an MTP texture on the kitbag? Seeing the DDPM on it gives me some hope, just wanted confirmation on that? I find the BI version to work, but as expected it's somewhat different and darker. • Did you get to the bottom of the strangely bright Osprey body armour that was pointed out a few months back? Thanks in advance!
  15. MangosHead

    [1.60] Eden Interface too big

    Yeah, same across the board. I tried playing around with my interface setting also, but setting it to small is still huge.