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  1. gogsworld

    NIArms Release Thread

    Thanks @toadie2k
  2. gogsworld

    NIArms Release Thread

    @toadie2k Thanks for the fix adding back the pack for the stgw. However, as dave_beastttt posted above, we are still missing hlc_muzzle_snds_HK33 & hlc_muzzle_snds_g3... Again, was this intentional? Just so we know to remove them if so.
  3. gogsworld

    NIArms Release Thread

    @toadie2k any reason the hlcweapons_stgw57 pack has been left out of niarms all in one? It's not in the workshop update... Apologies if I've skipped over a discussion on it
  4. @LordJarheadsorry to see you go. Have and continue to love your mod for years. Will you be leaving the mod up and just closing this thread or, pulling the mod itself as well?
  5. Any dialogue that has RscMapControl in it needs it or, you'll get a screen error pop up when you trigger it. Just search your mission for RscMapControl. Maybe you haven't got any. If you do, try triggering that dialogue in game
  6. gogsworld

    Enhanced Movement

    Also, remember that if you only upload the key, a3launcher won't show the mod as in use on that server and won't automatically launch the mod for players. The vanilla arma launcher will however show it as an optional mod.
  7. gogsworld

    Enhanced Movement

    @Tuskegee_99thboth. But in our experience of it on exile servers, it ran better when loaded and run on the server as opposed to just uploading the key.
  8. gogsworld

    Enhanced Movement

    heavens sake....I'm talking about at macro level with hundreds/thousands of players not, just a few community members of one server community. To your point "There is tons of people who do not play Exile ...", I agree there are tons but, about half the player base on Arma 3 are playing exile as you can see here: https://arma3.swec.se/game/statistics I'm just trying to help like I do for the exile mod giving up my free time to help others. I wasn't intending to get a whole bunch of hate thrown at me. Just forget it....
  9. gogsworld

    Enhanced Movement

    ok fine but, that's you versus every new player that uses it for exile which is the most played mod on arma. Don't want to cause problems, just saying that even experienced players get caught out on this and have to ask around because they don't look in the readme in the mod or even know it exists. exile actually uses 1-3 inclusive so, maybe 4 onwards? I'm not talking about just for my benefit on this or for my servers. I'm talking as someone on the exile mod support team who gets hit very frequently with player questions where they're stuck
  10. gogsworld

    Enhanced Movement

    hi @bad benson Thanks for this terrific mod. We've been using it for a while now on our exile servers. Couple of things I wanted to ask... The fact that it binds by default to custom control 1 & 2 clashes with some custom controls exile already uses which just makes for a bit of explaining with some players. So, I was wondering if there would be the possibility in a future update for the defaults to start at custom control 10? Also, is there any way to disable the enhanced interaction part of the mod server side? We only want to use Enhanced Movement. Thanks again
  11. gogsworld

    NIArms Release Thread

    any news on the update for the all in one pack on the Steam Workshop? Thanks
  12. gogsworld

    NIArms Release Thread

    @toadie2k hey man, any update on this error above? Hit 50k lines in the client report within a few minutes... EDIT: Client report hit 1.9m rows in 3 hours between my restart cycle. 140mb
  13. Great work and you too @LordJarhead