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  1. NIArms Release Thread

    any news on the update for the all in one pack on the Steam Workshop? Thanks
  2. NIArms Release Thread

    @toadie2k hey man, any update on this error above? Hit 50k lines in the client report within a few minutes... EDIT: Client report hit 1.9m rows in 3 hours between my restart cycle. 140mb
  3. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0629

    Great work and you too @LordJarhead
  4. Server FPS limit testing

    No windows server version? All I can see on the link is client and linux server...
  5. Server FPS limit testing

    OK. The latest perf build is based on the 1.76 hotfix anyway if I read Dwarden's note on the perf build properly. So, all good. Thanks
  6. Server FPS limit testing

    @dedmen Are you planning to make a version for the new 1.76 hotifx version that's just come out?
  7. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0629

    10972. 11:33:56 Sound: Error: File: jsrs_soundmod_p_environmensounds\sfx\wrack_2.ogg not found !!! 10973. 11:33:56 Sound: Error: File: jsrs_soundmod_p_environmensounds\sfx\wrack_2.ogg not found !!! Couple more client.rpt errors
  8. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0629

    hope you're ok now? please don't overdo it and get all rest necessary. Don't worry about us...the mod is great! :)
  9. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0629

    Hey @LordJarhead as always, love your work man. Just thought I'd point out that even after the last udpate getting these in the client.rpt Just thought I'd let you know. :)
  10. Look at the original ones... Basically, rename the originals to append 'backup' at the end or, just delete them as verify will bring them back, and copy the original name to the new perf exe.
  11. Many thanks for confirming. That's what I thought but, just wanted to check as it's not included in the later version folders on dropbox.
  12. @dwarden I've been meaning to ask this question for a while but, which allocators would you recommend running on a server with v19? The general 1.66 release version, the allocators included in the v7 performance release or, windows/system? Thanks
  13. "3FPS Issue" - Call for Help

    I've found that running the parameters below helps in my tests so far. This is the case over the last 4-5 days. Before I used to get the bug nearly all the time between 1-2 hours. Now it's at about 3-4 hours. -malloc=system -maxmem=2047
  14. One crash with perf build 16 on my Exile Altis server. Server.rpt and crash dumps: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e2nfft1fxyx8vaf/AADvCy6PPPCqU7o3QP4aUKzda?dl=0