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  1. geotrooper

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    thanks for your replay, you didn't sound like an @$%le at all :) well.. I know what you mean, I see, I read that they're trying, they write that they're trying and changing, but it never had any serious effect on gameplay unfortunately. I play arma series since 2011. I remember how "horrible" ArmA2 was and how much time did it take to turn into a great game for its time. I know neither it's easy to just push a button and fix these problems about what I wrote, but we players would like to see more effort for AI fixing instead of just funny "units" and when I say "we, players" I mean A LOT which means A LOT OF MONEY as well.. if you play for a long time, you'd know that these problems are coming since OPF and nor arma2 was perfect with that.
  2. geotrooper

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    most of newbies like me have a lot of problem, trouble and obstacles with AI "behavior" the AI is extremely stupid and idiot since operation flashpoint.. I wonder why you never thought about fixing it. we, players, have to add several non official mods like "Asr AI" and ect. for making the ai behavior "normal" but they stay the same stupid as they were.. AI can't drive,it's horrible when you set AI in ANY KIND OF VEHICLE. DOES NOT MATTER WHAT KIND OF WAYPOINT YOU GIVE, THEY GET JAMMED EVERYTIME, EVERYWHERE. AI can't approach its waypoint. if you want to give a waypoint, you have to include millions of scripts and unofficial mods which causes a lot of unexpected errors, FPS drop, lags and even game crash almost constantly.. mission making takes a lot of effort, time, neurological resources and skills, I understand, but mission making should be enough from ARMA instead of adding a lot of non-official things which causes game total crash. instead of adding ridiculous, stupid mods like "shinny spaceship" and ect, you MUST BE fixing the AI BEHAVIOR. I hate to play with official arma3 mods because it's horrible and I will NEVER play arma3 with its official units because they are total unrealistic and stupid. so, we, players HAVE TO DOWNLOAD A LOT OF UNOFFICIAL MODS which are horribly suitable for arma3. please fix it and give more time and effort for making the AI better and when I give waypoint "seek and destroy" I want them to find the enemy and destroy instead of getting jammed in the middle of the waypoint and saying stupid commands in radio like "dear commander where are you?" thanks.
  3. This stupid "negative, out of range" error kills my mood. I tried different locations but I've got the same error. also I tried to use arty after this error and worked well. but after I added some more BM-21's they didn't fire. I found one "buggy?" thing. I changed rounds when I was getting "negative, out of range" error and arty worked. but usually the Grad fires 40 rounds. I wanna use them to fire all rockets. btw thanks a lot. now artillery has its own beauty with this mod but if you change and fix these errors this will become AMAZING. thanks
  4. just amazing. today started using it in mission editor and just learning how to use... I'd love to see this for RHS units. especially with a BM-21 GRAD. I'd love to see real russian power ЗÐЛПОВЫЙ ОГОÐЬ!
  5. geotrooper

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    can you people stop "trolling" and help me with grad script? for triggered artillery barrage?
  6. geotrooper

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    potatos are forbidden. especially nuclear potatos since WW2...
  7. geotrooper

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    thanks a lot for the answer. but this script worked for regular 2s9 SOCHOR unit :\ can someone tell me what is wrong with this? Im a fan of MLRS's I'd love to see BM30 smerch too... but right now I want to use my grad BARRAGE not a few rockets flying
  8. geotrooper

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    first of all sorry to everyone if this question was already asked. my question is : I'm using mission editor. I placed BM-21 GRAD. I named my unit grad and in trigger used grad doArtilleryFire [getmarkerpos "arty_target", "RHS_mag_40Rnd_122mm_rockets", 40]; and used trigger for this unitname doArtilleryFire [getmarkerpos "markername", "ammoclassname", numberofrounds]; I did everything correct it worked on 2s9 SOCHOR but when I tried to use grad I placed "RHS_mag_40Rnd_122mm_rockets" in "ammoclassname" I found a video on youtube "Arma 3 editor: triggered artillery" {cant add link I've made this account today} and followed this guy's instructions. worked everything great but when I tried on grad it did nothing.